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Long Pixie Cut 2021 is THE trending hairstyle of the year that you should try!

Buzzcut, mushroom head or the gelly bob hairstyle – short hair is easy to care for, stylish and is undoubtedly one of the most popular trend hairstyles for 2021! Especially in the summer heat, short hairstyles feel super modern and refreshing and look so chic that they can easily keep up with any long haircut. Celebrities, too, have come to appreciate the beauty of a short haircut and cut off their long mane. A timeless and classic look that is loved by women of all ages is the good old pixie cut. There is hardly a decade in which the cheeky cut did not end up in the hairstyle trends and is making it big again this season! The Long Pixie Cut 2021 is the new darling of all fashionistas and rightly so! Whether elegant, with bangs or slightly tousled with an undone look – the pixie is a real all-rounder and always looks fabulous. To convince you, we’re going to show you 20 of the coolest looks for your next hairdresser visit!

Long Pixie Cut 2021: This is what defines the trend hairstyle

Trend hairstyles 2021 long pixie cut with bangs

The pixie cut was already a real hit in the fashion world in the 50s and has been an integral part of it ever since. Style icon Audrey Hepburn and British model Twiggy led the way, and their short hair sparked plenty of discussion. Such a cheeky cut for women was almost a scandal back then, but luckily it looks very different today! Would you like a little change, but don’t want to cut your hair so short or do you want to give your short hairstyle a little oomph? Then you are well advised with the Long Pixie Cut 2021! The haircut is slightly shorter than the classic bob and is characterized by long top hair and shorter sides. At the back, the hair is usually classically short or cut in a trendy undercut, which makes for a wonderfully light feeling.

Long Pixie Cut with Bangs Trend Hairstyles Short Hair 2021

Above all, what makes the Long Pixie Cut 2021 so unique and popular is its versatility. Because this is not just a haircut – the short hairstyle is actually hardly surpassed in variability and can be styled in all imaginable variations. Sometimes classic as a hairstyle for wedding guests, sometimes playful and curly or spiced up with hair accessories – the pixie always looks fantastic and also brings out our facial features perfectly! And the best thing? The short hairstyle can be adjusted pretty well and is therefore suitable for all face shapes and hair structures. Whether for a round or square face, with fine or thick hair – you can’t go wrong with the long pixie cut!

Chic and elegant: long pixie cut with bangs

Long Pixie Cut 2021 Celebrities with Short Hair Pictures

Admittedly, it takes a little courage and self-confidence to cut your hair. But once you take the plunge, you will definitely not regret it! For us there is no other cut that accentuates our feminine facial features as well as the long pixie cut. Pony hairstyles are really fun and short hairstyles with bangs are more trendy than ever this year! It doesn’t matter whether you want to hide your little wrinkles on your forehead, make your facial features look a little softer or just want a little change – there is a suitable pony for absolutely every taste!

Curly Pixie Cut Short Hairstyles Trends 2021

Combined with long bangs, the Long Pixie Cut 2021 is perfect for hiding a high forehead. Since shorter bangs will visually stretch the face, making them the best possible choice for women with a round face. An oblique and slightly wavy pony, on the other hand, gives your short mane a touch of romance and feels super modern and girlish.

Long pixie with an undercut for a sassy look

Pixie with Undercut Trend Hairstyles 2021 Short Hair

Give your Long Pixie Cut 2021 an edgy and sassy touch by combining the hairstyle with an undercut! The undercut has a cool and rebellious look and was once more known as a men’s hairstyle. Fortunately, this has changed and an undercut hairstyle for women looks surprisingly good and chic! With the haircut, the top hair is a little longer than the bottom hair – a pretty daring style that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

The perfect short hairstyle for curly hair

Long Pixie Cut 2021 short hairstyles for curly hair

Short hairstyles would be practically impossible for women with curly hair? But we see it differently! The Long Pixie Cut 2021 actually looks perfect even with natural curls. The haircut looks pretty casual and yet very chic and exudes a very special elegance.

The pixie bob

Pixie Bob Hairstyle Trending Hairstyles 2021

Can’t decide between a pixie and a bob? How about if you just combine the two classics? Neither too long nor too short – the pixie bob is the latest appearance in the fashion world and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful trend hairstyles of 2021! The playful haircut gives your look a wonderfully refreshing and modern touch and looks breathtaking!

The stars also love the Long Pixie Cut 2021

Long Pixie Cut 2021 Nicole Kidman Hairstyle Short Hair

Even celebrities who could spend a ton of money on their hairstyles can’t resist the charm of the long pixie cut in 2021. Take a look at the photo above – did you recognize her? Hollywood legend Nicole Kidman recently said goodbye to her honey-blonde mane and replaced the long curls with a pixie cut. But the list goes on. Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, etc. – all of these celebrities are clear proof that the long pixie cut is THE trend hairstyle of the year!

Long Pixie Cut 2021: The most beautiful looks to re-style!

Dye Hair Pink Long Pixie Cut 2021

The short hairstyle brings out your facial features perfectly

Blondes 2021 Long Pixie Cut 2021

The pixie with an undercut for a bold and cheeky look

Hairstyles for Short Hair Long Pixie Cut 2021

Pink highlights give your hairstyle a summery touch

Hair Trends Summer 2021 Long Pixie Cut Hairstyle

Long Pixie Cut 2021 is the favorite hairstyle of the stars

Short Hairstyles Trends Summer Long Pixie Cut 2021

With long, side bangs, the short haircut looks incredibly classy

Short Hairstyles With Bangs Style Long Pixie Cut Hairstyle 2021

And of course the fashion legend Rihanna rocked the trend hairstyle years ago

Rihanna Hairstyles Short Hair Long Pixie Cut 2021

Opt for a gentle layered cut to add dimension and fullness to your hair

Celebrities with Short Hair Long Pixie Cut 2021

The long pixie with undercut is one of the hippest and boldest trend hairstyles for 2021

Undercut Hairstyle Trend Long Pixie Cut 2021