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Layered bob – a classic haircut doesn’t have to be boring

The bob hairstyle is perhaps one of the most sought after among modern ladies of all ages. It is one of the classic haircuts and stands for class and individual style. Because of its medium length, it is practical, does not require too much maintenance and fits almost every face shape. A layered bob is perfect for women who don’t have a lot of time to style but want to look well-groomed.

Layered bob – long at the front, short at the back

Tiered bob-front-long-back-short-nicole-gale-anderson

The layered bob hairstyle can vary in length, but usually the hair is chin length on the shorter variants and the shoulders on the slightly longer ones. Thus, this haircut is one of the practical, medium-length ones that also offer several options for styling. Basically, the tiered bob obeys the motto: ‘long front, short back’. Depending on the hair structure and the shape of the face, the appropriate length and the degree to which the hair is layered is selected with the assistance of an experienced hairdresser.

Angled bob

tiered bob at the back of the head, long at the back, short silver-blonde

And here you can check out a few examples of what the angled bob looks like from behind. The hair on the nape of the neck is cut shorter so that the party on top looks much fuller and voluminous.

layered bob back of the head blond thick hair

tiered bob short mahogany hair color at the back of the head

Layered bob visually creates more volume

Graduated bob-volume-back-of-the-head-star-cheryl-cole

In the absence of volume, the stepped bob may be the best solution. The hair is cut in many stages, especially at the back of the head. The volume is achieved through the relatively short strands. Blow dry once with a round brush and the perfect hairstyling is done. In order to really bring out the great hairstyle, it is advisable to incorporate highlights into the hair color. Go for natural golden tones.

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Modern women’s hairstyles for women from 30 years

Many variant of the classic haircut – layered bob


Layered medium-length hair can be styled in a variety of ways. For this reason, many stars opt for a change or simply to treat themselves to a fresh appearance. Model Gig Hadid recently shortened her long mane significantly. At the last American Music Awards, she wore her hair combed back and with a slightly wet effect. In keeping with this, she has a very natural make-up.

Layered bob for thick hair – messy look


A layered bob is a great choice of hairstyle for an angular face, like that of Hollywood star Keira Knightley. The actress has thick hair, which is why the hair is left a little longer and not much layered so that it falls nicely and naturally on her shoulders. A simple ‘massy’ look is achieved to match the boho dress made of fine lace in nude tones. Tousled hair is not necessarily unsightly.

Layered bob with natural curls or curly hair


Women with naturally curly hair usually find it difficult to find the right haircut for their sassy hair and to style it afterwards. Then stylists recommend simply having them cut in several stages. However, you should only rely on experienced hands, otherwise you risk appearing as a bushy nest. Above all, it is important where the levels begin. On the other hand, medium-length layered curly hair looks wonderful. You should just try.

Layered bob with the tips turned outward


It looks particularly chic when the strands around the face are left longer on the long bob. Blow-dry on the outside or simply twisted with the curling iron to achieve the immediate boho look. It looks particularly nice when this strand is also a little lighter than the basic hair color.

Layered bob with side parting and romantic rose blonde highlights

stepped-bob-blond-rose-side parting-Sienna-Miller

A layered bob is often a transition length to long hair. It is also a good solution if the long hair is damaged and looks unhealthy. This medium length is the perfect statement of modernity and independence, qualities that every contemporary woman possesses.

Varied hairstyles – layered bob


Although the bob hairstyle is very well defined, there is an incredible amount of variation and scope. The steps offer several options for styling. A nice example is Kristen Dunst, who stays true to the popular hairstyle. Smoothed or with light waves, the haircut always presents a well-groomed look without much effort.

Layered bob with platinum blonde hair color


The functional length leaves a lot of scope for experiments with hair color without the hair having to really suffer from it. Often ladies opted for bold colors if the hair is not very long. It makes sense, not only because of the maintenance, but also because of the effort involved in monthly coloring.

Style a layered long bob – inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence


We can collect inspiration for possible hairstyles from Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence. In the picture you can see three variants of the same hairstyle – smoothed, with side parting and with medium. Thanks to the shorter steps on the top of the head and on the top layer, the hair can be easily styled.

Short Layered Bob with Bangs – Taylor Swift


A straight cut pony adds a strict note to the look. At that time it conveyed independence and is a statement for emancipation. Thus, the attention is drawn to the face and eyes, as the stylists of singer Taylor Swift made it possible.

Short layered bob with no bangs

layered-bob-back of the head-thick-hair-brown-brunette

The special thing about this hairstyle are the incorporated levels, which merge gently into one another and seem to conjure up a limitless volume. For this reason, it is ideal for women with fine, thin hair. Even full hair can never be too voluminous. It is only recommended to choose a length up to the shoulders.

Layered bob-side parting-blond-julianne-hough-

Asymmetrical tiered bob with side parting


To accentuate the asymmetrical haircut, you can do a side parting and blow-dry your hair nice and smooth. The tips can be beautifully shaped inwards with a round brush and bent around the contour of the face. So the classic cut never looks boring or old-fashioned.

Layered bob with top hair – undercut, sidecut and etc.


For the brave women, there are also versions with an undercut or sidecut. You can cover the shaved or very short cut area with the longer steps. The shaves on the neck, which can be seen when the hair is tied up, have become very trendy.