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How can a woman hide her high forehead with her hairstyle? Here are the best tips!

For many women, a high forehead is a cause of self-esteem issues. We can’t change our face proportions, but we can visually compensate for them with the right hairstyle. There are many hairstyles that not only hide a high forehead, but can also bring out other features. Face shape, hair type and parting type are just some of the factors to consider when looking for the perfect haircut. Read on to find out which hairstyles go with a big forehead.

How does a woman find the perfect hairstyle for her high forehead?

Hairstyle to hide high forehead

It all depends on the pony. If you have a high forehead and are looking for a hairstyle that conceals it, bangs are your best friend. Whether short, long, straight, fringed or stepped to the side – the bangs divert the focus away from your forehead.

All hair types can benefit from a few styling tricks and visually balance a prominent forehead. A deep side parting, for example, flatters round faces and makes the forehead appear smaller.

Long, straight hair with a center parting will add extra emphasis to a high forehead. Play around with different hair styles and wear the hair messy to make it look fuller! Curls, waves, disheveled updos and topknots distract the gaze from the forehead. Beach waves are always an eye-catcher.

Ideas for hairstyles with a high forehead

Idea for hairstyle with a high forehead - short bob with bangs

Below are 10 great examples of matching haircuts and hairstyles that will accentuate your features, make you confident, and earn you loads of compliments.

Mushroom head hairstyle

short hairstyle high forehead woman

This blunt cut short haircut is an excellent way to make a bold, fashion statement with your hair. This haircut is still known as the mushroom head hairstyle and oozes 60s charm. While the hair hides the forehead, the only thing we notice is the confidence it takes to wear such a pixie cut.

Fringed pixie

short hair with a high forehead - fringed pixie

This fringed tiered pixie cut is especially flattering for an oval face. The long top hair creates a lively volume that also goes well with the high forehead. You should just avoid having your hair parted in the middle.

Chin-length bob

Chin-length bob with long bangs on the side

With a shorter haircut, you are always spot on when it comes to hiding a large forehead. If you have an elongated face, optically your hairstyle should look wider. That is why it is better if you wear a chin-length bob, perhaps with side or straight bangs.

Deep side parting with long bangs

Hairstyle for a high forehead - chin-length bob with oblique bangs and side parting

If you want to hide your high forehead, you should place a deep parting on the side, because a middle parting is too symmetrical and brings out the forehead area. This is a brilliant quick fix when you can’t go to the hairdresser.

Low side parting with a high forehead - hair curls for more volume

A-line bob

Hairstyle for an elongated narrow face and high forehead

An A-line bob is still one of the hottest trends out there. It suits all women and gently caresses the features of the face. The asymmetrical edge in combination with a side parting and long bangs diverts the focus from the forehead and looks very appealing.

Clavi Cut / Long Bob

Long bob high forehead with side parting and curls

One of the last things you want when you have a high forehead is a haircut that stretches your face shape and features. When your hair ends above the collarbone and is styled with a deep side parting, your hairstyle can actually create the illusion of a shorter forehead. A few curls to it simply create a fresh look.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs - best hairstyle for a round face and high forehead

Any version of a longer pony is an easy way to hide a high forehead. This is a good example of a haircut for a round face and wide forehead. The bangs cut the length of the natural shape of a round face while concealing the forehead area. Two birds with one stone.

hairstyle for high forehead and long face woman

We mentioned earlier that the center parting is less beneficial for a high forehead, but some natural parting can be stubborn. If your hair is naturally parted right down the middle, long curtain bangs can help bring in the natural parting. The longer cut sides frame the face nicely.

hide high forehead woman

 See-through bangs

hairstyle for thin hair high forehead

A full pony is a huge challenge, especially for newbies. Blunt bangs need extra styling in the morning and if you don’t like them, letting them grow back out is an even bigger commitment. In order to avoid regrets later, you should first try wearing a “wrong” pony. Trimming bangs shouldn’t be an impulsive solution to boredom or defeat. Faux bangs help you get a realistic idea of ​​what life with a pony really feels like so you can go to the barber with excitement rather than uncertainty.

hairstyle for woman fine hair high forehead

The hair trend comes from Korea and is perfect for thin hair. As the name suggests, the bangs let a little glint through the forehead. It is not so full and heavy, but looks light and airy.

bangs with a high forehead and long hair

See-through bangs can make the forehead appear short. However, if you already have a narrow forehead and round face, see-through bangs can shorten your entire face, making it look slightly baby-like.

high forehead conceal hairstyle

Long hair with a layered cut

Long hair without bangs for an elongated face and high forehead

Longer hair looks less flattering on a high forehead, but there are still options for a hairstyle to match. A side parting and soft texture are two great ideas for sporting long hair while flattering your features. Keep the hair styling soft and loose and avoid updos that could expose the entire hairline too much.

Volume is an important factor when it comes to drawing attention away from the forehead. Thicker hair that has a lot of natural volume looks wonderful with a long haircut.

Face-framing steps

hairstyle for a high forehead and round face

Adding layers to your hair is an easy solution for any haircut or length of hair. This small change has a transformative effect as it opens the face and makes it look longer. Face-framing steps bring movement to the face and accentuate the cheekbones and the jaw line superbly.