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Hidden rainbow hair – color combinations and styling ideas for the cool hair color trend

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Hair trends are constantly changing and are no longer what they used to be. Nowadays people experiment with color, which creates interesting hairstyles. From “glow in the dark” hair to pastel tones to stylish gray hair color, everything is allowed. The crazy hair colors, however, are more worn by beauty bloggers and students and are not considered suitable for the office at all. In today’s post we present one of the hottest hair color trends right now – Hidden Rainbow Hair offers the ultimate solution for colored hair that can also be worn in everyday life. With the cool hair trend, only the bottom layer of hair is colored so that it can hardly be seen with loose hair. How is the hidden rainbow hair colored and which hairstyles bring them to their best advantage, read in the following sections.

Hidden Rainbow: Hidden hair colors are all the rage

hidden rainbow rainbow hair in trend

Rainbow hair is a trend that has been all over Instagram for the past couple of years. The hair is colored brightly – often even in all colors of the rainbow. At the link given, we will show you how to get colorful hair with temporary hair color for a day. In this way you can test whether the rainbow look suits you or not. Only then is permanent hair coloring recommended.

hair color trends hidden rainbow hair blonde top hair

What distinguishes the Hidden Rainbow Hair Trend from the classic rainbow hair is the difference in the coloring technique. A hidden rainbow is created when the hairdresser does not color the entire hair, but only the lower part of the hair. The trend is still known as “underlights” – that is, highlights or strands that are hidden under the top hair. With such an original hair color, you have the choice between a classic look for the work day and crazy unicorn hair for more casual occasions. Just put your hair up and your look will change instantly.

underlights trend highlights blue purple

It doesn’t have to be the rainbow colors, however. You can try the trend with any hair color. In principle, however, the following applies: the more striking the difference to the main color, the more effective the hairstyle will be.

Dyeing hidden rainbow hair – what to look for?

cool hair color trend hidden rainbow hair

If you have decided to try the cool trend yourself, then there are a few things to consider. The first thing you should do is choose a professional hairdresser who has experience with brightly colored hair. This is especially important if you want to dye the lower layer of hair one or more bright colors. Some hairdressers do not work with such hair colors at all in everyday life and the result can be disappointing in the end.

hidden hair color blue purple bob front long back short

If the appointment has already been made with a trusted hairstylist, then it’s time to start thinking about the hairstyle you want. Will only the lower part of the hair be colored or do you decide to completely change the hair color? Which colors or color combinations are possible? How short is the hair cut, if any? You should prepare the answers to all of these questions in advance so that you do not waste time in the hair salon. Of course, you can get advice from a professional if you are not sure which cut and hair color would look good on you. Also, you might want to let the hairdresser know the colors you choose a few days in advance so they can prepare accordingly.

rainbow hair underlights blue purple black top hair

In order for the rainbow hair to work well, the hair is first colored extremely light. In this way, the bright colors adhere better and ultimately come into their own. If you have naturally very light blonde hair, the barber may decide that this step is unnecessary. In most cases, however, bleaching is an option.

ideas new hair color hidden rainbow colorful hair

It is important that the lower section of hair is only colored at the back. Otherwise the colored strands in front around the face are clearly visible instead of remaining hidden. For this, only the hair on the neck is separated and colored with brightly colored highlights. For the classic rainbow look, the hairstylist divides this section of hair into 6 or 7 smaller strands and colors them as follows in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. And so, in the end, the hidden rainbow is created in the hair. However, you should note that brightly colored hair colors do not last very long and must be constantly refreshed to avoid a faded look.

Color combinations for hidden rainbow hair

hidden rainbow hair hidden rainbow trend styling idea

The cool hair color trend started in the London hairdressing salon “Not Another Salon” in the summer of 2016 and has remained very high on the list of trendy hairstyles ever since. More and more hairdressers worldwide are experimenting with different color combinations and giving us great ideas as inspiration for the next visit to the beauty salon. We have selected some of the most beautiful ideas for hidden hair colors and presented them in the picture gallery. let yourself be inspired!

rainbow hair color the lower part of the hair colorful

Hidden rainbow under the natural hair color

If you don’t want a complete change, you can simply try the Underlights trend under your natural hair color. In this case, ladies with dark hair should definitely have the lower layer of hair bleached first, otherwise the brightly colored streaks are almost invisible.

hair color trend underlights blue purple black hair color

Combine colors correctly

When choosing the right color combination for your new hairstyle, you should take a look at the color theory. Successful combinations are created from colors that go well together or possibly contrast directly with one another. Since the gradient should be subtle in this trend, combinations of similar colors are recommended. With a dark main color, colorful highlights that are also colored in a dark shade are suitable.

cool hairstyles hidden rainbow hair blond top hair

If, on the other hand, your hair is naturally colored light or blonde, then light underlights are recommended for the lower layer of hair. This way, there is no intrusive contrast and the playful hair color goes unnoticed with loose hair.

underlights trend style bob hairstyle curls

Form contrasts

If you want, you can of course opt for contrasting underlights. Blue, pink, orange and red in this case offer great options for coloring that just look great under the natural hair color. However, you should note that even small, brightly colored streaks appear from time to time.

hair color trends 2018 underlights blue pink

Colorful highlights in pastel tones

Pastel colors are another hair color trend from the last few years that is still very popular. You can combine both trends and get hidden rainbow hair with highlights in pastel colors. The look works best for women with fair complexions and blonde hair.

Style hidden rainbow hair the right way

hidden rainbow rainbow hair trend

Although the first impression counts, with the Hidden Rainbow Hair Trend it is actually the second look that counts. Because the colorful highlights are not immediately noticeable. You should comb your loose hair or brush your hands through it to discover the hidden rainbow. There are also a number of hairstyles that bring out the hidden pops of color well. But if you have a “serious” job, we recommend that you only bring out the colorful side of your hair after the workday and on the weekend.

The everyday look

hidden hair color cool trend styling idea

If you work in the office and are not allowed to wear crazy hair colors, the hidden rainbow hair trend is perfect for you. Above all, it is important that you have a haircut without layers, because these would reveal the colorful section of hair. So that the colorful underlights remain a secret for your colleagues and bosses, you should always wear your hair open and, preferably, straight. In this way, you can make the brightly colored part of your hair disappear under the natural hair color.

hidden rainbow hair bob hairstyle modern

blue-orange hair color dye the lower part of the hair

hidden hair color trend brown hair purple hair section below

hidden hair colors trend blonde hair green underlights

Wear hidden rainbow hair half-open

hidden rainbow hair style semi-open braid hairstyle

Half-open hairstyles bring out the hidden rainbow hair perfectly. Simply pin up the undyed part of the hair or braid it nicely and leave the colorful underlights open. This look is perfect for leisure and also for parties.

hidden rainbow hair trend styling variant braid

hair colors combine dark brown red hidden hair color

hair color trend two-tone coloring of the lower part of the hair

hidden hair color trend color combination blond purple

Up rainbow hair

style hidden rainbow updo

Another great way to showcase your rainbow hair is with updos. These can be styled casually and even have a messy look. Top knots, ponytails, and space buns are some of the most popular ideas for this.

hidden rainbow hair properly styling updos

hidden rainbow hair styles updo colorful

Colorful braided hairstyles

hidden rainbow hair style braid hairstyle

Braiding your hidden rainbow hair creates beautiful braids in several shades. Braided hairstyles just look great with underlights and are the perfect option for a summer party. Let yourself be inspired by the ideas in our picture gallery!

styling ideas hidden rainbow hair braid

hidden rainbow hair hairstyle braided ponytail

braid hidden rainbow hair

More ideas as inspiration for hidden hair colors

bright hair color trend hidden rainbow blue hair color

bob a line hidden rainbow under blond

hidden rainbow hair make your own temporary hair color

hidden multicolored hair color combination blond pink

colorful hair trend hidden rainbow pink blue

colored hair hidden dye blonde pink

make hidden rainbow hair yourself temporary color

hid colored hair purple pink under blonde

hair color two tone hidden hair color

hidden rainbow hair color combination blond blue bob a linie

hidden hair color color combination dark brown blue green

two-tone hair trend color combination brown blue green

Coloring lower hair blue trend bob hairstyle

colorful hair hidden new hair color trend

colorful hair trend underlights brown hair

colorful hair ideas color combinations underlights

hidden hair color trend black hair orange underlights

hidden rainbow hair color combination dark blonde orange