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Helen Mirren Hairstyles: 20+ of the Hollywood Legend’s Most Beautiful Looks!

Without a doubt, Helen Mirren is one of the greatest Hollywood beauties of all time. The British actress has won many prestigious awards over the course of her career and has achieved basically everything that an actor can achieve. But not only that – in 2003 she was named “Dame Commande of the Order of the British Empire” by Prince Charles. In other words – the female counterpart to the accolade. Even at the age of 75, Helen Mirren still scores with trend awareness and a sense of style. The queen of acting is a real trendsetter and nothing can stop her from experimenting with your looks. For the past year she has embraced her natural beauty and let her gray hair grow out. Whether it’s a beautiful dress, her makeup, or her haircut, the Hollywood legend has always caused a stir, inspiring women all over the world. Although her style has changed over the years, she still looks fabulous to this day! Would you like to change your hairstyle and need some inspiration? From the wild curls in her 20s to the fantastic pixie cut – in this article we have put together the most beautiful Helen Mirren hairstyles for you!

Helen Mirren Hairstyles: The Hollywood Legend with Long Hair

What a surprise! Even though Helen Mirren’s short hairstyles have become her trademark in recent years, the actress had rocked a long, curly mane in her 20s! Whether super short or long and wild – the Hollywood legend certainly knows how to play out its strengths and highlight facial features.

Helen Mirren hairstyle in 1987

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 1987 Retro Hair Trend

Casual hairstyles with bangs were all the rage in fashion in the late 80s and Helen Mirren looks just gorgeous with her honey blonde mane.

Helen Mirren hairstyles in 1992

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 1992 Retro Hairstyle Trends Women

The British actress rose to fame when she played Detective Jane Tennison in the 1992 murder miniseries “Prime Suspect”. The combination of wild curls and a pony adds body and volume to the hairstyle and Helen Mirren looks perfect as always.

The short bob has become her trademark

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 1997 Bob with Bangs

A few years later, the Oscar wearer said goodbye to her long mane and instead opted for a super slim short bob. The short haircut and cool bangs are the epitome of elegance and give the actress a unique French chic!

Helen Mirren’s bob in 1997

To pick up her “Golden Globe” for the film “Losing Chase”, the Hollywood legend wore a very chic feathered hat, which she called “my bird’s nest”. Helen Mirren’s hairstyles always created a buzz and the actress has never shied away from experimenting with her looks.

Chic and elegant: the French bob

French Bob with Bangs Helen Mirren Hairstyles

The Helen Mirrens hairstyles are clear evidence of just how versatile a classic bob can actually be. Styled in no time, but incredibly chic and glamorous – the French bob is still one of the most popular short hairstyles of the year and enchants us with its naturalness.

Helen Mirren’s curly bob in 2007

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 2004 Curly Bob Style

In 2017, the British actress had every reason to celebrate – during the year she won an Oscar, an Emmy and a pair of Golden Globes. We’d say pretty impressive! The curly bob looks very flattering and elegant in combination with the subtle eye make-up and literally makes Helen Mirren shine.

In 2007, the actress rocked the long bob with side bangs

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 2007 Bob with Side Bangs

The long bob is hands down one of the many stunning Helen Mirens hairstyles that we have seen over the years. With her wild curls and side bangs, the Hollywood legend just looks flawless.

Chic and timeless: Helen Mirren’s pixie cut in a sleek look

Helen Mirren hairstyles are clear proof that you can wear any hairstyle at any age. In 2013, the actress decided on a cheeky pixie cut in a sleek look, which is a nice change from her classic look. The bright red lipstick was all she needed to take her outfit to the next level.

Evening Standard Awards 2013

Helen had opted for an asymmetrical bob that was surprisingly elegant and chic. The actress looked stunning again and was certainly the star of the evening.

Woman of the Year Awards 2014

Helen Mirren received the “Icon Award” in 2014 and her pixie cut with the voluminous bangs looked breathtaking.

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 2015

Helen Mirren’s hairstyle and outfit were perfectly coordinated for the premiere of “Eye in the Sky” and the actress has once again shown herself to be a true trendsetter.

The actress has had pink hair before

Helen Mirren Hairstyles Coloring Hair Pink

The British actress is clear proof that age is nothing more than a number! And who can forget when Helen Mirren dyed her hair pastel pink? Pink hair is on trend and the soft shade gives the Hollywood legend a unique and youthful glow.

In 2020, she let her gray hair grow out

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 2016 Bob Haircut Gray Hair

2020 was certainly the year of big changes. Numerous celebrities and stars have embraced her natural beauty and let their gray hair grow out. Whether Jane Fonda, Sharon Osbourne or Helen Mirren hairstyles – they all showed us that turning gray is not only normal, but can also look beautiful.

Helen Mirren Hairstyles: The Actress’s Most Beautiful Looks

Bob with curls style Helen Mirren hairstyles

Helen Mirren Hairstyles over the Years Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

Helen Mirren Hairstyles Short Hairstyle Gray Hair Pixie Cut Style

Short hairstyle gray hair celebs with short hair

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 2011 short bob with bangs

Helen Mirren Hairstyles 2017 Pixie Cut with Bangs