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Hairstyles with Ribbon – A simple accessory for the perfect new look

Various accessories can be used to spice up a hairstyle in no time at all. Whether hair clips, headbands or hair ties, the hair styling accessories are reliable tools that are happy to be shown. A great accessory is the hair band, which is easy to use and creates wonderful effects. The good old bow is celebrating a revival and allows us to realize a lot of trendy hairstyles and various styling ideas. In today’s article you will find inspiration and instructions for cool hairstyles with a ribbon, all of which are great to imitate. We have also provided video instructions.

hairstyles with ribbon hair accessories fashionable accessory herringbone head ribbon twisted

Of course, hairstyles with a ribbon do not only include those with the classic hairband that runs over the top of the head. From the barely visible, filigree ribbons to satin ribbons in different colors to flower-studded bows and ribbons, all these hair accessories leave nothing to be desired and make many hairstyles possible depending on the occasion and hair length. Whether it’s the classic ponytail, herringbone braid, bun or a pigtail crown, the fact is that no other hair accessory enhances hair style in such an elegant way.

rita ora dutch braid hairstyle colorful ribbons color accent

If you want to feel lightness in your hair in warm weather, the braided hairstyles with ribbon are an ideal solution. Spice up a boring braid with a braided bow or headband. And if you choose the ribbons to match your clothes, you can add a great accent to your outfit.

Braided hairstyles with ribbon – ideas and instructions for re-styling

quick hairstyles with ribbon side braid fashionable accessory

Particularly chic, simple or elaborate braided hairstyles can be refined or loosened up with a ribbon. Let yourself be inspired by the various braiding techniques and adopt the one that suits you best. Our first suggestion would be to turn a traditional braid into a romantic and playful summer braid. First, tie a high, low, or side ponytail as desired.

hairstyles with ribbon braided long hair jewelry

Now attach one end of the band to the rubber band. Now braid the braid by dividing the hair into three strands and then taking the ribbon into a strand and simply braiding it all the way to the end. Make sure that the bow is always above the strand of hair and not below it. If the ribbon is a little longer, you can use it to tie a nice bow that will give your look that certain something.

simple hairstyles braided with hair band ladies girls

Hairstyles with a headband or with a braided bow are suitable for everyday use, but can act as elegant and feminine jewelry for a chic evening dress. The style depends on how you tie, twist or braid the ribbon. If you wear this accessory as a headband, then you have a simple but modern hairstyle that is suitable for every day. For a long party night, to go with a beach dress, or for a walk, ribbons in your hair enhance any style.

Hairstyles with a ribbon in your hair – a simple guide

hairstyle hair band braided crown braid instructions easy

User next suggestion for a great hairstyling with braided ribbon is this pretty pigtail crown, which is pretty easy to imitate. The hairstyle is suitable for festive occasions as well as for leisure. Part your hair in two and place the tape on top of your head. Now braid two low and loose braids and tie them with an elastic. Use the rest of the bow to tie it together to form a pigtail crown at the top of your head.

braided hairstyles with ribbon tutorial head crown braids

The chic hairstyle with ribbon, which can be seen in the step-by-step instructions above, does not differ much in implementation from the previous instructions. The hair band itself is the accessory that is the focus here. This is where the slightly longer fabric ribbon with black and white stripes on the red hair comes into its own and makes any other hair accessories superfluous.

waterfall side braid loosely elegant hairstyles ribbon twisted

A special variant of the low braid that not only goes well with a dirndl, but also an elegant dress and why not enrich a wedding dress with a romantic touch, would be the waterfall braid. The hairstyle is suitable for every hair length and suits every season. Choose a hair band in the color of your dress and braid the band into the elegant braid. The colored band accentuates the individual loose hair strands in a subtle way.

simple hairstyles with hairband braids ponytail

The hairstyles with ribbon are incredibly versatile and changeable. Of course, styling variants are not only available for long hair. There are a number of fascinating hairstyles for short and medium length hair too. Take a look at the photo collage above and get inspired by the six different ways to style a hairstyle with a ribbon. Why not embellish the absolutely timeless high ponytail with a huge, charming bow. Use a long ribbon with the ends hanging loosely and exuding a nice, girlish charm.

everyday braided hairstyles with ribbon pigtail crown bun

You can see an equally chic and elegant idea for a hairstyle with a headband in the picture above. The bun with ribbon is an excellent idea for both a casual look and a business look. With a little practice and if you follow the individual steps, you will quickly get the hang of it. In a few simple steps you can tie a great bun to match your office outfit.

hairstyles with ribbon bridal updo curled up

A wedding hairstyle can be taken to a completely different level with a headband or a bow. The variants for this are also diverse. If you have decided on a simple braided wedding hairstyle, then you can simply thread the ribbon through your hair. Or maybe you want to wear a cream-colored headband as an accent, but fear that the band could slip, then stick a nice satin bow on a simple plastic headband and simply tie the ends of the bow together at the back of your head.

waterfall cord braid hairstyles with ribbon twisted long hair

Those who do not feel powerful enough in the various braiding techniques will certainly be able to conjure up a great look with a cord braid. As soon as you get the hang of it, the hairstyle succeeds in no time. If you want to conjure up volume in your fine hair, you can simply loosen the cord braid with your fingers. And if you twist in an elegant satin ribbon, then your hairstyle will be a real eye-catcher.

elaborate hairstyles with ribbon blue accessory hair styling

hairstyles with long hair braided hair band

pigtail crown hairstyle with ribbon twist in crown updo elegant

side braid hairstyles with ribbon make long hair yourself

How to braid French braids with ribbon – instructions