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Hairstyles with a headband – 30 ideas for a romantic look

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Hair bands are the perfect option not for a bad hair day, but also for an elegant updo for a party. It doesn’t matter whether you have short, medium or long hair. Hairbands are all-round talents and go with every outfit. Check out our great ideas for Hairstyles with a hair band and find out how you can give a strict bun or a loose undone look a very individual touch with this hair accessory.

Hairstyles with a headband – Half-open hairstyle

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A headband can completely change your look. Whether beautifully summery or elegant and formal, an updo with a headband enhances any style. If the headband is the highlight of your outfit, you can reduce your jewelry. For a romantic look, headbands embroidered with flowers and pearls are particularly good.

Hairstyles with a headband and pigtail


All you need for this elegant twisted hairstyle is a headband, a couple of bobby pins, and hairspray. Wash your hair and brush it through nicely. Make a middle or side parting. Hair band around your head – a little higher at the top of the head, a little lower at the back. On both sides, you can section off sections of hair just in front of the ear, which will later be braided into braids. Then twist in your hair, loop it around the headband and pin it. Fix everything with hairspray and you’re done.

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Hairstyles with a headband – instructions

Hairstyles with a hair band instructions-curling hairstyle-plait

Bride hairstyle with ribbon of flowers

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For a successful and concise hairstyle for the wedding, it is of great importance to choose a really nice and high-quality hairband. It should match the wedding dress and complement it visually. You also have to consider whether the headband fits the selected jewelry. The best thing to do is to use discreet stud earrings and do without a necklace. The bride can wear a bracelet for this. With lush hairbands, it is even advisable to leave out the jewelry and accentuate a romantic hairstyle. A hair band for a wedding is a beautiful accessory that stands for more individuality and style awareness.

Decorate loose hair with a headband

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If there is no time for an elaborate hairstyle, a headband is the perfect solution to give the look a fresh touch. Hairbands are available in countless designs, colors and models, so you are spoiled for choice. Of course, the selected accessory should match the entire outfit and harmonize with it in terms of color. It looks particularly playful when different structures are incorporated into the hair band. Pearls, rivets, bows and textures come into their own when the hairstyle is uncomplicated and you wear your hair open.

Sidecut hairstyle with a headband made of rhinestones

hairstyles with hairband sidecut casual elegant silver bangs

Beautiful hairbands are not just for women with long manes. Ladies with short hair can also benefit from the attractive headdress. Headbands with opulent embellishments, rhinestones, sparkles and rivets are a great choice for parties and especially when a rocky look is desired. We recommend opting for a somewhat simpler or at least one-colored outfit. No other jewelry is then required. Nice high heels or patent leather shoes will round off the glamorous appearance.

Headband embroidered with flowers


Hair bands are often designed like dolls to add a feminine, feminine touch to the entire look. Mostly floral motifs, embroidered details and opulent fabrics can be seen. They create that romantic appearance that almost every woman strives for on special occasions. It is also reminiscent of the headdress from the past, when women often wore flowers and wreaths in their hair. A headband frames the face and draws attention to the eye area.

Red hair band as a highlight


A headband embroidered with delicate flowers can wonderfully complement an outfit with floral accents and floral motifs in a way that no other piece of jewelry would do. In the photo above is British actress Keira Knightley. The delicate hair ornament with red flowers creates a connection between her dress and her hairstyle. No earrings or other jewelry distract from the accent in the whole look – from the red details. They are the focus of the vision and create an unforgettable appearance.

Idea for long, loose hair


Ladies with a large forehead generally avoid wearing hairbands that are close to the head, and not without reason. A hair band also accentuates the broad contours of the face. Nevertheless, you can conjure up a more advantageous appearance with a few tricks. Two things are particularly important: extra volume on the top of the head and a simple make-up that accentuates the eyes and / or lips. Olivia Wilde did it perfectly – the bright red lipstick and thick eyeliner draw the viewer’s attention to her pretty features. The hair is styled with extra volume on the top of the head and left open, which brings more movement to the entire look. Just beautiful!

romantic half-open hairstyle


Tender, narrow hairbands are dropped a little deeper and worn on the forehead. A casual boho-hippie look is conjured up without much effort. It is best to twist the hair in beforehand, let it cool down and then put the hair band on your head. Pull it down a bit, because it should be on the front of the forehead, directly in front of the hairline and a little lower at the back. Then take a large strand on each side and tie it around the back of the hair band. If necessary, fix it with hairpins.

Herringbone braid worn on the side

hairstyles-hairband-ideas-herringbone braids-worn-sideways-undone-look

Filigree golden hair band


hairstyle-ideas-middle parting-golden-hair-band



hairstyle with headband ideas-open-hair-curls


Hairstyles with hairbands-ideas-buns-flowers-hairbands-sienna-miller

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Hairstyles with a hair band ideas-broad-gold-voluminous-hair

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