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Hairstyles straight hair- trends and ideas

straight-tip hair

Today are in focus Hairstyles straight hair and what tendencies are presented on the red carpet. Fashionable bob hairstyles, bangs hairstyles and those with layers are introduced again and again and worn in style. You can decide for yourself whether you wear them casual or solemn. Let yourself be inspired by our examples in the picture gallery.

Hairstyles straight hair-short haircut


Hairstyles straight hair with short haircut and styled asymmetrically give you a more youthful look. Short to medium length hair is styled with bangs or a side parting for the occasion. You will look fashionable if you re-style the front strand of hair from the side. You will achieve wonderful volume with a hair dryer spray, smooth to the tips. Short hair requires more maintenance every month, but is easy to maintain with the right styling products and you have the advantage of having a beautiful hairstyle every day and not worrying about how to style your hair.

Hairstyles straight hair- other styles


Stars on the red carpet keep wearing pony hairstyles or Hairstyles straight hair. You will wear the hairstyle medium or long with beautiful highlights; dark brunettes lighten the hair and give it an extra touch of shine. The icons of straight hair are definitely Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock. Women and girls all over the world keep following the trends among Hollywood stars and have their hair styled almost exactly. Why not, because straight hair looks elegant and stylish, especially on a party evening or at a business meeting in the company.

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 Side parting with beautiful caramel highlights

long straight hair Kate Hudson

Straight hair with layers


Dark hair with bangs


Whether blonde or brown, asymmetry gives you youthful freshness

medium-length hair straightened

Shoulder length and with a straight parting

Smooth-haired brunette

Straight haircut with highlights for more shine


Hairstyle for every occasion with bangs

Bangs hairstyle medium length hair

Wonderful, voluminous and styled with shine



Caramel highlights dark hair





Faux bob medium length hair