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Hairstyles for medium-length hair – styles for autumn

cool haircuts medium length hair hairstyle styling

We’ll show you 20 cool stylings and Hairstyles for medium length hair – the trendy haircuts in combination with the matching hair color can accentuate the face. There is a large selection of hairstyles available – and if the woman chooses the right style with the help of an expert, it is often enough to simply use the blow dryer to shape the hair.

Hairstyles for medium-length hair – chic stylings for the cold season

medium length hair golden blonde waves long face

In autumn and winter, hair suffers much more than in summer and spring. Wind and rain make the hair look brittle. And if the woman still dyes and blow-dries her hair regularly, then care is urgent. Because of this, women often decide on a change at the beginning of autumn – the long curls are cut off, instead hairstyles for medium-length hair are searched for. But at the latest when you go out from the hairdressing salon you notice – the dream hairstyle doesn’t really sit for long. And nobody has the time for time-consuming styling.

That is why the experts advise you to get detailed advice before the haircut. Questions like

– How can I style this hairstyle quickly in everyday life

– How can I properly care for my hair

– In how much time can I decide on a different haircut

– How often do I have to go to the hair salon

can greatly influence your decision. You should also choose a hairstyle that suits the shape of your face and hair structure. Take a look at the image gallery below for inspiration, but don’t forget what looks good on you doesn’t look good on others and vice versa.

Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair – Bob

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medium length hair hairstyles ideas styling

 Waves can also be made using a round brush

Strand of blonde hair color without bangs

Even the stars like to shorten their long hair this season

Hairstyles fall winter 2014/2015 waves with a casual look

The right hairstyle for the autumn season is easy to care for – the hair has shape thanks to the cut and you don’t have to style it every day

medium length hair gold waves pink lipstick

 Short hairstyle for everyday office life

Side parting waves oval face trendy hairstyles

 Well structured cut and strands

asymmetrical blonde straight bangs

 This asymmetrical cut is perfect for more volume

Ideas strands side parting medium length

medium length hair ideas brown hair color

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