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Hairstyles for curls – 4 effective ideas for hair styling


It doesn’t matter whether you have natural curls or you shape yourself with curlers, a curling iron or in any other way, they are extremely attractive in each case and ensure a unique look. Curly hair, like straight hair, offers the possibility of creating a wide variety of hairstyles. You can for Hairstyles for curls Wear your hair open, half-open or pinned up and also decorate it with accents such as hairbands or plaits.

Hairstyles for curls


Such hairstyles for curls we would like to show you in this article. The advantage is that you can wear them without any problems even on regenerating or humid days when naturally curly or frizzy hair becomes even more frizzy. Now, get inspired by the hairstyles for curls and start with braided half-open hair. After you’ve washed and dried your hair, work a curl mousse into your hair and create a center or light side parting. This way you will start all hairstyles for curls. Now take a front strand and braid it in a braid. Repeat for the other side. Then let the braids run back over the back of the head and secure them with bobby pins.

Hairstyles for curls – the popular updo

a-bun-with-curls-free-highlights-in front

For elegant hairstyles for curls as an updo, the first thing you should do is shape the parting again. Divide the hair in half. Take the first part and twist it around itself, creating a kind of loose bun that is on the side. Repeat with the other part and secure it next to the first bun with bobby pins. You can also leave a few strands hanging on one of the front sides to frame your face.

Hairstyles for curls with a hair band


Another example of effective hairstyles for curls is this variant. First of all, leave your hair open. Take a hair band, which is best a little elastic. You can now either put it around your head as shown in the photo or in a hippie way. Next we get to the part where the hair is wrapped around the ribbon. To do this, first take a strand and wrap it around the hair band. Repeat for the next strand and until you have wrapped all of your hair. You also don’t need to worry about the strands unraveling again, as the headband ensures that they are securely in place. As a precaution, however, you can fix the upper part of the band with hair clips so that it cannot slip.

Hairstyles for curls – casual bun with braid


Casual bun and braids are the perfect ways to create hairstyles for curls. And when combined, they look even better. For such a hairstyle, first form a side part. On the side that has a larger proportion of hair on it, braid a pretty braid that goes down first and then backwards. Take the hair to just this side and form a casual, side bun. Fix it with bobby pins so that they cannot be seen.