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Hairstyles for a round face – tips and inspiration from the stars

Hairstyles for round face -face shapes-tips-ideas

When it’s time for a new haircut, think about whether you really want to change something and treat yourself to a new look for a change. Similar to make-up, the shape of the face also plays an important role in hair styling. Little tricks help to hide the disadvantages and to showcase the good things in the best possible way. Stars present theirs Hairstyles for round face and we reveal the stylists’ tips to you.

Hairstyles for a round face – choose hair styling according to face type and shape


First, the face shape should be determined. That doesn’t come to mind that easily, as different features apart from the facial contour have to be taken into account. The shape of the hairline, the chin, the distance between the eyes, and whether the carriage bones are easily visible or not, have a relationship with determining the shape of the face. Basically, a round face is the same width and length as the circle itself.

Hairstyles for round face – short haircut like that of Ginnifer Goodwin

Hairstyles for a round face -stars-sunglasses-ginnifer-goodwin

The round face has long or short hair that creates movement on the head and surrounds the face. Ginnifer Goodwin is known for her short haircut, which she styles well and very varied. She adheres to the advice of the stylists – little volume on the sides and smooth transition in the lengths of the hair.

Hairstyles for a round face – different styles possible even with short hair


Here we show three excellent examples of successful and simple styling for short hair. It is very important for short hair that they look well-groomed and airy. We advise against strictly styled, angularly cut hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Round Face – Jennifer Lawrence Metamorphoses 


Top Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence has a typical round face and her stylings can serve as an example. She shortened her hair significantly in 2014 (in the first picture) and appeared with a pixie cut with long side bangs. Long, blonde strands at the front and light brown color predominated at the base, which creates optical volume and movement in the hair structure.

Hairstyles for round face – medium length hair


At the Oscar 2016, the actress appeared with a slightly grown mane that reached the shoulder. The shoulder-length long bob is perhaps the best choice for ladies with a round face, as this hairstyle stretches its contours, the middle parting balances the width.

Hairstyles for Round Face – Pixie Cut 


Actress Kaley Cuoco has been experimenting a lot with her hair in recent years. We still remember her amazing change and the pixie cut in particular. It looked really good on her and gave her round face a fresh, youthful touch.

Hairstyles for Round Face – Kaley Cuoco


She has stayed true to the blonde color, as if kissed by the sun, and also to her casual, casual style. The light strands that fall around the face create movement and attract attention where the lightest are – around the eyes. The dark hair coloring and the steps are a trick used by the hairdresser to draw attention to other points rather than the contours of the face.

Hairstyles for a round face – bright highlights frame the face


Today the sympathetic comedy actress has opted for the optimal hair length to match her round face shape. The medium-length hair can be styled in a variety of ways and at the same time is not very maintenance-intensive. For round faces, stylists advise to create more volume on the top of the head and avoid the very geometric, straight haircuts – to put on steps.

Hairstyles for Round Face – Miranda Kerr on the red carpet 2016


If a parting should be recommended for the round face, this will be the middle one. Depending on the appearance and proportion of the face, however, you can experiment with it. Curls, waves and layers loosen up the haircut and create a new appearance.

Hairstyles for round face – tie your hair up


The lovely Miranda Kerr recently cut her long hair short to her shoulders, creating a summery, fresh and really youthful look. In the second picture she is with her hair tied up in a bun. This simple hairstyle is relatively easy to make yourself, perfect for a party. For round faces, it is advisable to put the hair on the top of the head high and voluminous, which visually elongates the face.

Hairstyles for a round face – casual waves like Hayden Panettiere’s


Hayden Panettiere looks really fresh after motherhood, and her new hairstyling is sure to help. The highlights in shades of blonde create a real play of light and, in combination with the natural waves, movement on the head.

Hairstyles for round face – vintage curls


Regarding the waves on round, plump faces, like that of Katherine Heigl, it is advisable not to exaggerate. Big, typically Hollywood waves are unfortunately too heavy and make the car look even wider. This is exactly how the straight-cut bangs accentuate the full face. Much more suitable are ponies cut diagonally on one side, which make the hairstyle appear A-symmetrical.

Hairstyles for a round face – volume on the top of the head


If you have a round face, style the classic and very popular ponytail a little more voluminously on the top of the head. Toupe beforehand so that the hair is not too flat on the head and fix it at the back. This little trick is perfect for quick styling that visually elongates the face

Hairstyles for round face – have long hair cut in stages


Of course, the long hair also works great on round, wide faces. The stepped strands around the face are a must. These can be lightened a little to optically draw more light into the face.

Hairstyles for a round face – pinned hair and volume on the top of the head


Updo hairstyles and those with braided accents are also very popular here. An important tip is not to frame the face – for example, two symmetrical Heidi braids would have this side effect. Hairstyles that develop in length and thus make the face appear narrower are more suitable.

Hairstyles for round face – medium length hair frames the face


What is a no-go with the round faces is the modern bob cut with a length to the chin and even worse – with straight bangs at the level of the eyebrows. This strict, straight cut frames the face and emphasizes its shape. Rather, opt for a long bob and bangs that are gently extended down to the chin.

Hairstyles for round face – falling strand


The perfect hairstyle for a round face appears more voluminous on the top of the head and remains narrow on the sides. Airy, natural strands fall around the face and flatter it. A perfect example is the simple but effective hairstyling by Emma Stone in the picture above.

Makeup Tricks For Round Face


In addition to the hairstyle, the make-up is also decisive for a successful appearance. It should pay attention to the peculiarities of the structure and the effect of the personality. This schematic representation will help you with the correct contouring and highlighting. Basically, the broad cheeks are concealed and the line is emphasized exactly above the cheekbones with bronzer and highlighter.