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Hairstyles 2017 – The most popular cuts and hair color trends

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The hairstyle is one of the most important accessories for every woman and rounds off her entire appearance in a special way. In principle, every woman has different haircuts and hair colors depending on the shape and color of her face. However, many women rely on the current trend hairstyles, which are determined during the Fashion Weeks in the largest fashion cities of London, New York, Milan and Paris. If you also think about what your next hairstyle should look like, then you can check out the hottest trends here. In the article we have collected the most popular hairstyles of 2017, as well as the hottest hair colors that make for a modern look.

The most popular hairstyles 2017 – an overview of cuts and hair colors

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The hairstyles 2017 are characterized by feminine cuts and elegant, sometimes bright colors. This year the bob is seeing its return, but it is often worn a little longer. The long hairstyles can be spiced up with several pigtails and elegant hair accessories, and the short haircut becomes shorter and therefore cheekier. In terms of color, natural hair colors are also making a comeback. Furthermore, dyeing techniques such as ombré and balayage remain in trend and the modern color palette is complemented by ashy blonde tones, pastel hair and colorful color combinations. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the most popular hairstyle and hair color trends. Whether you have a long mane, a feminine, medium length or a sassy short haircut, you can wear a trendy hairstyle. Let yourself be inspired for your next visit to the hairdresser!

Trend hairstyles 2017 for long hair

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Anyone who has a beautiful, long mane has a wide range of options for the hairstyle. In 2017, the wet look is one of the trend hairstyles for long hair too. Correct styling is important for this. You shouldn’t exaggerate with this, otherwise the whole hairstyle will look rather neglected instead of cool. Just style the sides slightly back with hair gel and the trendy look is done. Different variations of braided hairstyles are also trendy, such as mini braids in the hair, which occasionally interrupt the casual beach waves.

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With hairstyles 2017, the focus is on hair accessories. Different hair accessories spice up the trend hairstyles for this year and look really feminine. The hair band is an elegant alternative to the popular hair piercings and metal hair clips. The ribbon around the ponytail highlights your femininity and is one of the most popular trends among this year’s hairstyles.

Short hairstyles 2017 for brave ladies


The short haircut is in vogue and anyone who doubts this claim can check out the haircuts of some of Hollywood’s most famous ladies. Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart dared to do the very short buzz cut, with Katy Perry making a clear statement with a blonde pixie cut. And the best thing about these trending hairstyles is that they require almost no maintenance. If you are also one of those brave ladies who want to go through a big change, then you can opt for a short haircut.

The hairstyles 2017 for short hair rely on clear edges and statement looks. Graphic cuts are particularly popular and are often cut as a mullet (short at the front, long at the back). This is achieved with very short bangs and slightly longer hair on the back of the head and neck. The undercut for women is also experiencing a return and can be beautifully presented. The short hairstyles also offer some styling options, the most popular of which this year is the sleek look.

Medium length is trendy

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Not too short and at the same time not too long: Half-long is considered the best hair length because, unlike short haircuts, it can be styled in a variety of ways and is at the same time much easier to care for than long mane. You don’t need any other reason to get your hair cut medium length.

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The long bob, also known as lob, suits every woman and is an evergreen among modern hairstyles. Also this year, the medium length hairstyle remains high in the trend hairstyle list. The cut is also called the clavi cut because the front sections of the hair extend to the collarbone (clavicle). As with long hair and the shorter cut, sleek effects are also popular with this hair length. For this, the hair is best straightened and styled with a middle part.


A great addition to the sleek look for straight hair is the trend where the hair is tucked behind the ears. Only the front sides are styled with some hair gel or hair clips. This styling is suitable for both long and half-length hair and looks really great with a side parting.

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The hair accessories are also the focus of the 2017 medium-length hairstyles. Whether for the wedding or simply for a women’s evening with the girls, hair accessories are trendy and offer a wide variety of options for trendy looks. We don’t just mean the classic headband with flowers, but also the increasingly popular hair piercings with hair rings and safety pins.

Hair color trends 2017

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If we talk about trending hairstyles, then there is no way that hair color should be neglected. Multi-faceted blonde tones are again part of the hair color trends 2017 and offer a good variant for women with a very light complexion. Platinum blonde and ash blonde, which offer a wonderful change from the classic summer blonde, are particularly popular.


The popular dyeing techniques balayage and ombré are also part of the current hair color trends. The trendy balayage technique ensures a natural-looking color gradient and gives the popular sunkissed look. A distinction can be made between balayage blond and brown. Although ombré hair is no longer a new thing, it has remained a trend this year as well.


As for the colorful color combinations in the hairstyles 2017, the mixes are less noticeable and crazy than in previous years, but more colorful. One of the most beautiful trend hair colors is the pastel mix of blonde and orange – the so-called blorange. Anyone who chooses this color will definitely not go unnoticed.

hairstyles-hair-color-trends-pastel-hair-braid hairstyle

As already mentioned, a large part of the hair color trends 2017 is colorful. For such a trendy hairstyle, just as much courage is required as for the short haircut. Cheeky color combinations of pastel hair colors such as trendy mermaid hair, lavender hair, rainbow hair etc. may look pretty and attractive, but also require a lot of maintenance.