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Hairstyle with bangs- trends in autumn 2014


the Hairstyle with pony is very up-to-date for this season and is presented with glamor by the stars from Hollywood. We are seeing an upward trend in hairstyles with side bangs. Whether you have long, short, or medium length hair, you can almost always perform the girl next door look with a cute pony. Take a look at our small picture gallery and decide for yourself which look your heart beats.

 Hairstyle with bangs and natural hair waves


Keep the natural hair waves and create new ones Hairstyle with bangs trying out gives you a younger look. Either use a hair curler overnight or massage a small portion of mousse into towel-dried hair and style with a hairdryer. The fresh, natural look of your Harare is ready. If you have longer bangs, you can side-style them too. With straight bangs, you should smooth it in a little and tease it lightly so that it doesn’t lack volume. Almost everyone knows Zooey Deschanel’s tousled hair and admires the casual way she appears on TV with this hairstyle. Now is the time to try this hairstyle.

Hairstyle with bangs


Hair with layers or with a straight cut is considered this year Hairstyle with bangs carried. Many stars on the red carpet are proud to show off their pony. A pony hairstyle with volume would particularly suit an oval face shape and hide a round one. The bangs don’t necessarily have to be straight or sideways. Find out what would suit you best and make your own creation out of it. A few helpful suggestions are listed in our picture gallery for your assistance.

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Great ideas for bangs hairstyles that bring elegance


Pony hairstyle trend is always up to date


Faux bob hairstyle with side bangs


Classic, smooth, shiny

pageboy brown hair necklace

The famous and well-known page hairstyle returns


The natural line of hair with bangs


Brunette with bangs


Boyish look


Half-open hair with bangs and volume




longer strand of hair faux bob hairstyle


Bangs-hairstyle-with-blond-hair Sandra-Bullock-with-ponyround face bangs hairstyle

Svarowski earrings-up-hair-with-bangs