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Hairstyle trends 2017/2018: 13 suggestions straight from the catwalk


Famous designers such as Dior, Chanel and Valentino have already presented their designs for the autumn / winter season 2017/2018. And even if fashion should be the focus of the catwalk shows, the hairstyling of the models also drew the attention of the audience. In this article you can find out which hairstyles were popular for the catwalk and which hairstyle trends can be developed from them.

Romantic waves: Dior


Christian Dior models wore black leather berets on their heads. This charming accessory gives every outfit a French touch and looks particularly elegant in combination with long, wavy hair. The trend in hairstyling is towards “natural looking, soft waves”. To create this natural look, stylist Guido Palau used kitchen paper instead of a curling iron. He separated the hair into 8 to 10 large sections, wrapped each strand around the paper and made it hot with a straightening iron. Then he let the strands cool for 20 minutes and unwound them. In the end, the curls were gently brushed apart.

Hairstyle trends at Versace – colorful highlights


The hair extensions in bright red, yellow and navy blue give the Versace models a touch of individuality. And that’s really what we see on the street today: More and more women are spicing up their manes and grabbing colorful strands of hair. However, if you want to try the color blocking trend yourself, you don’t need colored extensions. There are now many products on the market such as hair chalk, sprays, tints and the like, with which every single highlight strand can conjure up your own head. The color disappears after three washes at the latest.

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Jason Wu


While XXL hairstyles and a lot of volume from the roots to the tips were typical for the eighties, nowadays elegant, simple hairstyles are in the foreground. The ponytail is more popular than ever. Whether low, sideways or tied up – this classic hair styling always looks very different. Its versatility makes it suitable for both daytime and sophisticated evening events.

J. W. Anderson


At the J.W. Anderson’s ponytail was tied to one side under his ear and fell loosely over his shoulder. This variation of the classic hairstyle looks particularly girly and playful, but also very elegant. Thanks to the shoulder space, opulent earrings come into their own.

Tory Burch

hairstyle trends-2017-2018-satin bow-black

In her fall / winter 2017/18 collection, designer Tory Burch makes clear reference to the late 60s and early 70s. In addition to the shift dresses and shed blouses, the black bow has also found its way back into the limelight. This makes the deeply tied ponytail look classy and special in no time at all. The best thing about it: The look can be easily re-styled.

Creatures of Comfort


Braided low buns are also one of the stars’ most popular hairstyles and are guaranteed to stay en vouge in 2018.

Part in the middle and tie a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Braid a loose braid and pull a hair elastic over it. Bend the end of the braid into a loop and secure it under the ponytail. Tie the ends of your hair around the hair elastic to hide it. complete!

Josie Natori


This year, too, models wear casual, unmade-looking hair in all variations. The classic ponytail can also be worn in the undone style.

Tie your long hair in a low ponytail at the back of your head. Pull a strand of hair out of the ponytail and make a loop in the undone look, wrap it around the hair elastic once and secure the hairpiece with bobby pins. Let the end of your hair stand out.

Chanel Cruise Collection


At the Chanel Cruise Collection Show, Karl Lagerfeld’s models appeared as Greek goddesses. Hair expert Sam McKnight opted for eye-catching hairbands that emphasized the modern princess look. Half-open hairstyles created the perfect frame for the hair accessories.

Hairstyle trends at Andrew Gn


If you want to make a statement with your styling, choose boxer braids. The unusual trend hairstyle conveys a special tough girl flair. Basically, boxer braids are two parallel braids, but they can also be four or six. Andrew Gn’s models had seven braids. First one braid was braided in the middle and then three on each side. White pearls were attached to the end of the braids.

Tightly braided mohawk style at Balmain


The braided ponytails at the Balmain Show in Paris, inspired by the Mohawk hairstyle, became real highlights. On the top of the head, the models wore three tightly braided pigtails, which were tied in a ponytail at the head end. The sides were combed smooth. So that the scalp is not so visible, the hairstylist used colored dry shampoo that was a shade darker than the hair color.

Hippie braids with loose hair at Valentino

hairstyle-trends-2017-2018-baby-braids-middle parting

With his fashion collection, Valentino takes us back to the hippie times in the 70s. In keeping with this, hair stylist Guido Palau opted for open hair and mini braids as an accent.

Braided pony at Jenny Packham


Hair stylist Oile Gilbert simply braided the bangs into the main hair to one side. The look is rather casual, but still elegant. To conjure up texture and volume, the stylist first puts some foam mousse into freshly washed hair and lets it air-dry. She twirls each strand of hair and then wraps it around the curling iron. The waves in the hair lengths make the look look even sweeter. Dry shampoo is used for extra volume at the roots. Then she pulls a deep side parting and turns in the pony section. Gradually, hairs are added from below and twisted in as well. She does the same on the opposite side and connects the twisted strands with a knot on the side at ear level.

Hairstyle trends at Alexander Wang


The legendary tomboy cut from the 90s is experiencing a revival. At Alexander Wang’s show in New York, the models wore the short haircut in a modern variation. Strong, individual and chic! When you’re ready for a makeover, this bold cut can be tried out. In combination with straight bangs, it lets the chin, cheekbones and neck stand in the foreground.