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Haircut for long hair – 30 examples of a step cut

Long hair never goes out of style. But long hair can be quickly damaged by perms, straighteners, curling irons, and a host of other products. This is why it often looks best when the hair is cut in layers. Levels create more volume and can freshen up the haircut. But what kind of levels are right for you? Here we have 30 layered hairstyles for long hair that could help you make a decision. Hold steps long or short? Which look do you like best?

Hairstyles for Long Hair – Long, natural layers


Whether you have straight or curly hair, long cut layers will blend seamlessly, making the hair appear long and flowing. You can part the hair on one side or in the middle, gently wave, curl or straighten it for an elegant look. This cut is ideal for everyday situations and you can wear your hair open, pinned it up and style it interestingly for a glamorous evening.

Hairstyles for Long Hair – Heavily Tiered

Hairstyles for long hair tiered-ideas-middle parting-short-tiered-salma-heyek

For beautiful, instantly noticeable layers, cut them shorter so that they can frame the face nicely. Although the longest step extends all the way down the back, the shortest step could be cut above the chin. For a punk look, you can have the hair cut extremely layered. For an updo, however, you will need extra bobby pins to hold the hair pieces in place.

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 short layered blonde hair


A layered cut makes thick hair lighter and more tame, while thin hair looks fuller. Levels can also highlight the benefits of your face shape or hide imperfections. Half a pony (curtain bangs), for example, can visually expand a round face. A step cut with angled bangs, on the other hand, is great for women with an oval, elongated face.

long hair with layers middle parting balayage

layered hair examples of haircut with layers from behind

tiered cut long hair back and front wavy

tiered cut long hair tiered thin hair

Minka Kelly

Hairstyles for long hair side parting-wavy-hair-minka-kelly

Jessica Alba

Hairstyles-long-hair-long-tier-middle parting


Hairstyles for long hair step cut-side parting-curls

Hairstyles-long-hair-straight-two-tier-middle parting

Hairstyles for long hair -layered-ideas-side parting-anne-hattaway

with golden highlights 

Hairstyles for long hair tiered-sloping-bangs-highlights-jennifer-love-hewitt

Sienna Miller

hairstyles-long-tiered-middle parting-sienna-miller

Megan Fox


wavy big hair with curtain bangs

Hairstyles for long hair layered-middle part-honey blonde

Layered cut for long, thin hair

Hairstyles for long hair tiered-short-cut-tiered

Tuck the bangs backwards


long hair cut in layers


long hair tiered in front


slightly stepped cut from the back


hairstyles-long-tiered-ideas-middle parting-waves

Layered cut for long hair with angled bangs



hairstyles-long-tiered-ideas-curls-honey blonde


long hair in layers

Hairstyles for long hair tiered-ideas-demi-lovato-short-stfen

Chest-length hair – levels or not?


layered hair straight


Haircut long hair

hairstyles-long-side parting-long-layers-brown-hair

Long tiered cut from the back


layered hair with half bangs


Long hair with layers and sloping bangs