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Hair tattoo for women and men – trendy motifs for your new tribal styling

hair tattoo blue purple bob with sidecut colored

If you love to be in the spotlight and aren’t afraid of making big changes in your appearance, then a trendy hairstyle is for you. If you want to turn your hair into a real eye-catcher, then you can create a fresh, new appearance with the totally trendy hair tattoo trend. The hair tattoos make something very special out of the ordinary haircuts that do not particularly stand out. Browse through our picture gallery and be inspired by the attractive patterns and tribals. You can be sure that such an eye-catching hair design will grab the attention of others. We have selected hair tattoo templates for women and men, among which you are sure to find something suitable for you.

Hair tattoo for women

rainbow colored mermaid pattern colored hair tattoo bun

A tribal hairstyle has countless variations. Mostly the tribals consist of straight or curved lines and various symbols. The lines usually run parallel to each other or intertwine with each other. The patterns that offer you an excellent opportunity to set new accents in your hair styling are almost endless. Symbols like stars, hearts, snowflakes, flowers, diamonds, animals and geometric figures are only a small part of this fascinating hair art. A hair tattoo can be simple, graduated, or colored. With the simple tattoo for hair, the desired pattern is simply shaved in. Basically, the surrounding hair should also be trimmed briefly so that the motif is clearly visible.

short bob sidecute pastel color zigzag hair tattoo

With the graduated hair tattoo variant, the desired pattern is first shaved off and then the hair within the figure is trimmed to a shorter length. The hair outside is left longer. With the colored tribals, the respective shape is colored in any color, which creates great contrasts. A hair shade that contrasts with the scalp is particularly advantageous.

pastel color sidecut rhombus hair tattoo for women

If you are new to the enchanting world of hair tattoos, let a competent hairdresser advise you and choose a great pattern for you together. If you are not entirely convinced, you should not be afraid to try it out. Be creative and brave. The trendy hairstyle tribals will disappear on their own in a few days. Just let the hair grow out and soon the motif will no longer be visible in your hair.

hair tattoo women undercut pattern dyed hair

Those who like to experiment can shave a stylish pattern into their scalp hair with the help of hair tattoo stencils. Depending on the shaver, these are placed directly on the hair and the hair inside the template is then simply shaved out. Incidentally, there is another possibility of applying certain patterns or colored symbols to your hair and that without shaving. You can create a beautiful and extravagant hair tattoo with color sprays or hair chalks.

neck area blond top hair pink pastel semicircles pattern

blond hair flowers hair tatto colorful woman

hair tattoo color purple lines light hair

geometric figures hair tattoo woman undercut

asymmetrical haircut woman trimmed short hair tattoo

ladies hairstyles templates tattoo hair color

hair tattoo color lines curlicues brunette

haircut short blonde pattern evenly distributed

long hair bun undercut subtle pattern lines

long hair ladies haircut undercut lines

women hair tattoo blond hairstyle

woman blonde hair tattoo circles templates sides shaved

short tattoo hair woman triangle lines

woman hairstyle short hair tattoo lines

braids undercut blonde hair design ideas geometric pattern

tattoo hair woman undercut rectangles geometric pattern

cube 3d hair tattoo cover hair blond woman

petals short hair ladies hair design

double bun neck shaved flower

undercut women long hair bun tribal fisur pattern

snowflakes motif short hair ladies hairstyles blonde hair

medium-length hair sidecut asterisks women hairstyle trends

sidecut woman star pattern hair tattoo

neck area shaved tattoo hair flower shades

elaborate pattern lotus lines woman short hair

butterfly sideways short hair tattoo women

dream catcher hair tattoo neck shaved woman

sidecut women heart pattern shaved dark hair

long hair trend hairstyle ladies tattoo shaved hearts

Hair tattoos for men

bleached top hair haircut man pattern

man tribal hairstyles shades wave pattern

heartbeat pattern cover hair long tattoo hair man

parallel lines nape of the neck blonde hair tips trimmed short

spiral hair tattoo top hair long sides shaved off

men hair tattoo beard long top hair sides trimmed pattern

short hair men hairstyles lines tattoo

man hair tattoo feather pattern neck shaved

hair design tattoo hairstyles pompadour man

man 3d hair tattoo cube pattern bun

chris brown haircut lines star hair tattoo hairstyle

men hairstyles tribal hair design sides trimmed short long top hair

pattern shaved soccer lines elaborate pattern

hair cutting pattern hairstyle trend diamond

Hair tattoo for children

hair tattoos for kids sidecut long hair lotus

tattoo hair children boy star zigzag line

boy hair design kids shaving pattern