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Hair jewelry trends 2018 – with these hair accessories every hairstyle succeeds!

Hair accessories pearl side braid accents

With hair accessories you can quickly and easily spice up any hairstyle. Even if the hair is difficult to style, hair accessories prove to be a great help. Whether worn with loose hair or in a braid, they are always a great eye-catcher. We show you the hair accessories trends 2018, which no fashionista can ignore this year. Be it a simple hair clip or a playful bun cuff – this season’s favorites combine sophistication with boho flair.

Hair accessories trends 2018 – pearls

Hair accessories trends 2018 pearl bobby pins

Hair jewelry with pearls is not only a wonderful accessory for the wedding. Beaded bobby pins in different sizes now offer the right thing for every occasion. Whether in a line or in a messy way – the pearls give every hairstyle that certain something.

Rhinestone hair accessories

Rhinestone hair accessories bobby pins colored

If you want to add color accents, then these bobby pins with crystals are ideal. Some are brightly colored, others are transparent, but together they look wonderful. If you cannot buy these ready-made as a set, then consider whether you can upcycle an old necklace or earrings.

Loops in the hair

black satin ribbon loop hair half open

A ribbon made of satin or velvet gives every hairstyle an elegant touch. Not only can you quickly spice up a ponytail with bows, you can also upgrade a braided hairstyle.

Minimalist hair clips

minimalist hair clip gold hairstyles examples

Minimalism has not only developed into a living and lifestyle trend, but is also finding its way into the world of fashion and hairstyles. The hair clips in 2018 are discreet and noble, for example with a round or geometric design or narrow and long.

Hair rings add boho flair

Spice up hair rings boho mini tassels braided hairstyles

Hair rings add a playful touch to any look and are perfect as festival accessories. Most used for braids and updos of all kinds, they are available either in the form of simple rings or in combination with beautiful ornaments.

Bun Cuff – a different kind of bun

Dutt ring topknot long hair half open

The top knot or, in other words, the knotted hairstyle on the top of the head has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. In 2018, the ultimate updo gets an upgrade and meets the bun cuff. The hair jewelry makes the messy bun appear more festive in no time and is a real eye-catcher!

Duttring hair accessories trend 2018

Duttring metal summer trend updo

Egg rings summer hairstyle rosegold center parting

Take a look at the most beautiful styling options and hair accessories trends 2018 in our picture gallery!

Hair Accessories Trends Pearl Pins Kate Midleton Bun

Hair accessories trends updo beaded hairpins

Hair accessories trends 2018 pearl bobby pins mermaid

Spice up hair accessories pearl bun 2018

Hair jewelry pearls half-open hairstyle highlight

Spice up hair accessories pearls bobbypins bun

Hair accessories pearl hairstyle high bun highlight neck

Hair accessories bridal beaded hairpins

Hair accessories pearls caramel hair color

Hair accessories beaded Rihanna hairpins

Hair accessories Rihanna pearl rhinestone hairpins

Rhinestone bobby pins hair accessories simple hairstyle

Rhinestone bobby pins spice up short hair bob hairstyle

Hairpins rhinestone stars

Hair accessories summer rhinestone boby pins accent

Hair accessories prom rhinestone hairpins half open

Hair accessories trends 2018 hair bow colorful rhinestones

Bow hair accessory trend elegant romantic

Spice up hair bow velvet satin ponytail

Black hair bow different styling options

black bow hair accessories trend catwalk

Hair bow pink long hair half open romantic

Velvet hair bow summer hairstyle long hair

minimalist hair clip gold hairstyle elegant

Hair clip silver minimalist bun

minimalist hair clip circle wavy hair half open braids

minimalist hair clip geometric design

minimalist hair clip gold geometric triangular

minimalist hair clip gold gray hair color

minimalist hair clip oval ponytail

Hair rings boho plait summer trends 2018

Hair rings clips boho hairstyle braids 2018

Hair rings hairstyle half open Simer Boho 2018

Braid hair rings jewelry trend medium length hair

Hair rings summer hairstyle side braid

Hair rings star pendants updo summer with braid

Hair rings trend wreath braid of medium-length hair