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Hair colors 2014- the latest trends and highlights


Change the hair color and keep the length of the hair, why not? !! Up-to-date hair color is a great idea for your new look. Be in step with the latest trends in Hair colors 2014 and the hair color highlights.

Hair colors 2014- It should Ombré be


The ombré in your hair is topical again, but it also brings a little change with it. It is no longer about colors flowing into one another on a dark-light scale and strongly lightened tips of the hair. According to the Hair colors 2014 Trends, you can try the horizontal line with an ombré effect by also wearing caramel tones with hazelnut nuances.

Hair colors 2014 among the stars


Fans of these Hair colors 2014 -Trend and highlights are Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek and Kim Kardashian.

The lushness of the platinum blonde hair

hair-colors-2014-trends-platinum-blonde-kim-kardashian-middle parting

If you have decided to become a blonde, you should definitely choose the platinum blonde as your hair color. The icy and mysterious attraction that this hair tone exudes is a very strong argument why platinum blonde nuances are chosen as the 2014 hair color highlight by many stylists and stars. But don’t forget your skin complexion – platinum blonde hair is recommended for women with porcelain light and rather cool skin tones. Anne Hathaway (before she got on the brunettes), Donatella Versace, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani and Michelle Williams fall under this category.

A classic brunette


The classic in the genre has a special value and is preferred by many well-known personalities. If you don’t want to take the step of big change, go for the brown hair shade. Try warm chocolate brown, intense chestnut brown or bright hazelnut nuances. You can also try a flowing combination between dark blonde and brown. The most famous brunette is certainly Kate Middleton.

Red and its nuances

Perm-red-nuance-hair color

The red hair color is demanding but very effective for women who want to change their image in one fell swoop. Golden red, with which reddish and blonde nuances are alternated, as well as carrot red, which as a hair shade does not suit every woman and every skin tone, are very topical. You can draw inspiration for this exotic hair color from Jessica Chastain and Kristen Steward.

Highlights in pastel tones

Long hair pastel shades

If you’re a little artist by nature and a fan of diversity, and you’re not afraid to experiment with your looks, then this trend is for you. Purple, blue, green mint streaks of all shades appear under the blonde hair. Pink hair colors 2014 are a highlight. Popular examples of this are Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lily Allen, and Nicole Richie.

Hairstyles with highlights of all variations

different-hairstyles-pastel tones-hair color

Ponytail Fur Bolero Earrings


Platinum blonde, glaumous and bold

Bangs Lady Gaga platinum blonde


Actress Michelle Wlliams Platinum Blonde Hair

Porcelain Skin Tone Hair Color Choice

Pinned up-platinum-blonde-Gwen-Stefani

Kissed by the Sun– light pastel colors

long-dark-blonde-hair-skin tones



Studs-Miley-Cyrus-Pastel Tones-Hair Color-Piercing-on-the-ear

sideways-look-long-blonde-hair-hair tendency

Hair color-chocolate brown-long-hair

Carrots red is also current



Red is inGlittering-top-red-hair-Kristen-Steward


colorful highlights fashion jewelry summer trend

light-brunette-ombre-hair tone

long-hair-jewelry-platinum blonde

Natural brown Kate Middleton hair color

Dark brown hair chocolate brown hair color

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