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Hair color for green eyes: these shades perfectly accentuate your eyes!

As women, it is not always easy for us to find the right hair color. The hair color trends in the last few months are more varied than ever before. The color palette seems endless and newer and cooler nuances inspire us again and again. Did you know that only around 4 percent of the world’s population have green eyes? Green as an eye color is something very special and has something magical about it. Do you have naturally green eyes? Then you can count yourself really lucky – you are a rarity in the beauty world! But so that the steel power of our eyes is shown to its best advantage, we should not only apply make-up properly, but also wear a suitable hairstyle that harmonizes perfectly with the color. Have you ever wondered which hair color is best for green eyes? In order to find the perfect balance, in addition to the eye color, the skin type also plays a decisive role and there are of course big differences. To make your life easier, we explain below how to find the perfect shade for yourself!

what hair color for green eyes hairstyle trends 2021

Before we dye our hair we should consider two factors – our eye color and of course the color of our skin. Our hair color not only has to match our eyes, but also flatter our skin tone. You have probably heard of the different skin types. You can only choose the right hair color when you know exactly which season you belong to. Green eyes are very rare, but not all green is created equal – there are an incredible number of shades. If you’ve already adjusted your makeup and clothes, then it’s time to start thinking about the best hair color for green eyes. Should you try a Chocolate Brown, something lighter, or would you rather be completely brave with a bright gray? Since so few people have green eyes, it’s not easy to get inspiration from the streets. But that’s why we are there for you and show you the most beautiful hair colors that will literally make your eyes shine!

What hair color for green eyes and fair skin?

which hair color goes with green eyes blonde hair with strands

In order for our eyes and hair to really come into their own, the color of the skin is of great importance. Of course, we can’t dictate how to dye your hair and you can go for whatever shade you want. But it wouldn’t hurt to share some helpful tips with you. The bright spring type is characterized by a light skin that shimmers peach-colored or golden-yellow. Do these characteristics also apply to you? Then you would be in good hands with different shades of blonde! Rose gold and strawberry blonde look very playful and modern and are definitely an excellent and stylish way to accentuate the green eye color. Or how about blonde hair with dark strands – the play of colors really warms up our looks and looks very flattering. So that you don’t look too pale, you should avoid using ash tones and make sure that the strands are not too dark.

Gray hair hairstyles best hair color for green eyes

The skin of the bright summer type has a bluish to purple skin undertone and a delicate, rosy appearance. If you are one of them, your best bet is to go for ashy shades of blonde. Whether dark blonde, light blonde, platinum blonde or the trendy salt and pepper hair – everything is possible as long as the color nuance has a beautiful, silvery shimmer and no yellow or red tinge. Are you more of an autumn type and have light skin and green eyes? You will look best with red hair. But if that’s too brave and flashy for you, then you can spice up your hair with dark brown or honey blonde highlights – they frame the face perfectly and put your green eyes in the limelight.

Hair color green eyes black hair trend

It almost sounds like a cliché, but the bright winter type will always remind us of Snow White. Well, what hair color for pale skin and green eyes would be best for you? You won’t be surprised at the answer. A deep black or very dark brown are made for you! But that doesn’t have to mean that you only have to wear dark hair colors from now on. Very light shades such as platinum blonde are also possible. It may take a bit of courage to do this, but if you just venture out once, you’ll see just how flattering the color actually is! However, if you decide to make a change this big, pay attention to the small details and maybe brighten your eyebrows a little too. Otherwise the contrast will be far too strong.

The perfect hair colors for dark skin to show off your green eyes!

light skin green eyes what hair color balayage for brown hair

You have probably asked yourself several times: which hair color goes well with green eyes and dark skin? The green eye color can also be found in dark-skinned women, but does not occur in all types of the season. For example, there is no spring type with dark skin and green eyes, and neither are there people with dark skin who belong to the summer type. In some cases it can the autumn type have dark skin with a fine bronze shimmer and naturally dark brown hair. But what if you don’t like your natural hair color or want to freshen up a little? Fall types can rock a lovely deep red too, and an intense dark red would be the perfect hair color for green eyes. If red hair isn’t for you, there are of course other great and equally chic options. A rich mahogany brown with some reddish highlights also looks beautiful and accentuates your eye color perfectly. A warm honey blonde looks more natural, while a shimmering caramel blonde creates a romantic and dreamy look.

What hair color for green eyes and freckles?

Copper red hair what hair color to green eyes

Freckles look really cute and are mostly found in the spring, summer and autumn types. Which hair color for green eyes should you choose to bring out your freckles even better? If you have light skin with a golden undertone, the golden tone should always be retained and colors that are too dark should be avoided. Shades like honey blonde, golden blonde and light brown look flattering and make your green eyes shine. Light shades like ash blonde or gray ombré hair are better suited for the summer type. Autumn types can combine the eye color wonderfully with warm copper and red tones. However, if you prefer blonde hair, then it is best to choose a golden blonde or set fine highlights with highlights in copper red or honey blonde.

Green eyes hair color: Pastel pink is trendy and looks incredibly beautiful

Coloring hair pink, hair color for green eyes

The combination of pastel pink and green has something magical about it. The soft pink hues perfectly complement green eyes in all imaginable shades. So instead of wearing a pastel colored outfit to accentuate your eye color, go for something bold and dye your hair pastel pink to really make a statement.

Green eyes hair color: Platinum blonde hair is making a comeback

Platinum blonde hair what hair color for green eyes and light skin

Silvery, super bright and shimmering – platinum blonde is an old acquaintance in the fashion world and has actually never really gone away since the 90s. While the icy hue isn’t for everyone, it’s an excellent hair color for fair skin and green eyes! If your hair is dark blonde, then nothing stands in the way of your change. Dark brown and black hair, on the other hand, should be bleached several times and is usually very difficult to recolor. However, the color tone not only requires a lot of courage, but also plenty of care. So that you can enjoy your platinum-colored hair for a long time, it is advisable to make some changes in your hair care routine. To neutralize the yellow tinge, replace your normal shampoo with the so-called silver shampoo. Use a nourishing hair mask once or twice a week and pamper the ends of your hair with a little hair oil after each wash.

Chocolate Brown for a natural look

Hair color for green eyes hairstyle trends 2021

If you’re a natural brunette with tan skin, you don’t have to do anything drastic to add that extra something to your green eyes. Dark brown tones such as mahogany or chocolate chai hair add more dimension and not only highlight the eye color perfectly, but also make the green appear lighter and more luminous.

Or how about a fiery copper red?

Hair color for gray eyes copper hair color trends 2021

Copper-red, green eyes and healthy, fair skin – we cannot pretend a better combination. Not quite red and not quite blonde – copper is an excellent and unique shade of red and is also one of the most popular hair color trends this year! If you want to show off your gorgeous green eyes to the full, copper red is exactly the contrast you need.

Green and green make a surprisingly good combination

Coloring hair green Hair color for fair skin and green eyes

And here’s something for everyone who likes to experiment with their hairstyles and try out new looks! How about you take the plunge and dye your hair green to get attention to your eyes? A head of green hair is cool, chic and makes a real statement.

The best hair color for green eyes: an overview of the most beautiful looks for re-styling

black hair trend hair color for green eyes

Light brown hair with blonde highlights is a very flattering and natural option for accenting your eyes

Pixie cut style what hair color to green eyes

Hair Color for Pale Skin and Green Eyes: You can’t go wrong with a rich brown

Hair color for light skin and green eyes black hair trend

Emma Stone went for copper red to accentuate her gorgeous green eyes

Hair color pale skin green eyes copper red hair trend

The black hair color for green eyes for a natural look

green brown eyes hair color bob hairstyle style

Blonde hair is flattering and adds a romantic touch

Blonde hair trend green eyes what hair color