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French braid – the trendy hairstyle explained step by step

 Braid modern hairstyle Stars Rihanna red hair color

All ladies with long hair know the problem – finding a fresh and playful hairstyle for everyday life is difficult. In the end, not only should it look good, it should also be pretty simple. In this case there is only one answer – French plait! Stars like Rihanna or Beyonce love him. We offer you a quick guide

French braid – the hairstyle from 2014

 rihanna french braid instruction video

A modern hairstyle these days would be for example  French plait from Rihanna, for example. We have discovered your method and offer it to you! If you want to be trendy, get yourself a modern hairstyle like the stars. We are talking about a braid that falls sideways. Would you like to bring joy to you or your daughter? She will feel like a little princess – just like the cute girl from the video tutorial below.

The inspiration for this modern hairstyle comes from Rihanna and Beyonce, two of the hottest singers out there today. It consists of a double-sided braid. The braid consists of 2 parts and unites laterally, then it falls over one shoulder.

French braid – small instructions for medium-length hair

Braid step by step explains quickly the original hairstyle 2014

Romantic and playful French braid

Braid instructions step by step explained instructions photos

Beyonce loves the French braid

Beyonce French braid step by step guide

A quick video tutorial can be found below

quick video tutorial french braid girl small sideways