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Flippy lob hairstyle is the new summer hair trend that we all want to wear!

All the hairstyles that are trending this year look familiar to you? Well, that’s because you’ve seen and probably worn these looks before. From a cool shag to a wolf cut hairstyle, every style that’s trending right now has been a real hit in the past! The retro hairstyles are making a big comeback and have captured the hearts of all fashionistas. The bob is without a doubt a timeless classic that will never go out of style. But when we have a long mane, the decision for the chic short hairstyle is anything but easy. For those of you who can’t decide between long and short hair and still want a little hairstyle change, we have good news! This summer we’re just doing half-length because the flippy lob hairstyle is the look of the hour that everyone is obsessed with! Find out here what exactly is behind it and give the hairdresser a quick call!

What exactly is the Flippy Lob hairstyle?

Hairstyles for medium length hair Flippy Lob hair trends summer 2021

Always well-groomed, modern and super stylish – we all know and love the long bob! The classic always ends somewhere between shoulders and collarbone and is the perfect choice for everyone who doesn’t want to part with their long mane, but still wants a change. As the name suggests, the flippy lob hairstyle is a variant of the long bob. The hair is worn with a slight outer wave and the “flip” gives the look a certain retro charm.

Flippy Lob Hairstyle Hair Trends 2021

The flippy lob hairstyle is actually not a new phenomenon in the fashion world and caused a sensation in the 60s and 70s. The most iconic wearers of the hairstyle include the first lady Jackie Kennedy, the actress Sophia Loren and of course the fashion legend Jane Fonda. The cut became popular again in the 2000s, when stars like Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon styled their bob hairstyles outward.

The Flippy Praise from Ariana Grande

Flippy Lob Ariana Grande Hairstyles Trends 2021

We’re used to seeing singer Ariana Grande with her signature super long ponytail. But like many other stars, the 24-year-old loves to experiment with her look and last week surprised her fans with a new haircut. The pretty singer made her new Flippy Lob hairstyle public with a post on Instagram, bringing the classic back to life. The pop star already had praise in November 2018, but returned to her classic ponytail look shortly afterwards. While we love her long mane, we have to admit that the Flippy Lob suits her really well!

How is the Flippy Lob styled?

Long Bob Hairstyle Trend Flippy Lob Hairstyle 2021

The nicest thing about the glamorous Flippy Lob hairstyle? It is not that difficult to get, and you can achieve the wonderful wow factor in less than 10 minutes! In addition, the outer wave flatters the face, so that absolutely every woman can wear the look. However, if you have a square face, you should opt for a softer variant or style the Flippy Lob a little more tiered.

Hair trends summer 2021 style flippy lob hairstyle

With the flippy lob hairstyle, long hold is the be-all and end-all. We therefore recommend that you work some mousse into your damp hair. You can achieve the typical flip with a straightening iron as well as with a round brush while blow-drying. Smooth and beautifully shiny hair provide the perfect basis for the stylish look. So before you style the outer wave, you should first straighten the hair from the roots. Then swing the ends of your hair outwards with the straightening iron and voilà – you are already wearing the glamorous Flippy Lob hairstyle!

Flippy lob hairstyle 2021 style medium length hair

To give the hair a little more curl and volume, you can style the Flippy Lob hairstyle with hot rollers. To do this, roll the individual strands outwards and carefully comb the hair with a coarse comb after taking it out. For a longer hold, fix the hair with some hairspray at the end.

Flippy lob hairstyle: the most beautiful looks at a glance

70s hairstyles flippy lob hair trend summer 2021

Numerous stars have tried the retro hairstyle over the years and brought it to life

Flippy lob hairstyle style lob haircut trend

The light outside wave is a great and easy way to add volume to your hair

Lob with side bangs like medium length hair style flippy lob hairstyle

In a more subtle version, the hairstyle is absolutely suitable for everyday use and looks incredibly flattering

Flippy Lob Hairstyle 2021 long bob with side bangs

Flippy lob hairstyle in the trendy wet look is a real eye-catcher

Bella Hadid Hairstyles Flippy Lob Hair Trend 2021