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Festive women’s hairstyles for a glamorous New Year’s styling

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You have already got your festive clothes, now all you need is the ideas for your perfect hair styling? We’ll show you a few more beautiful suggestions for festive women’s hairstyles to match your sparkling make-up and glittering evening dress.

Women’s hairstyles with an elegant effect

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At the turn of the year you can style your hair particularly effectively. Updo hairstyles, elegantly coiffed bob hairstyles, gelled short haircuts, voluminous manes, romantic braids – all these variants are suitable for festive occasions and can be enhanced with eye-catching hair accessories. In order for your look to survive the wildest party, of course, the hairstyle not only has to look good, it also has to last for a long time.

Women’s hairstyles with braiding elements


If the pony section is carefully braided into a French braid, it will look great with romantic locks of hair draped over one shoulder. With other hairstyles, too, individual braiding elements can increase the wow effect. If you want to add a little more glitter and glamor to your styling, you can add sparkling glitter hairspray to it. And the party can begin!

Updo with a curled up pony section

updo-chic-practical-new year's eve-party-make-up

Do you want an exciting party hairstyle? Here is an extremely glamorous idea for your New Year’s styling. If you want to wear your hair braided on New Year’s Eve, this hairstyle is right for you. It can be implemented with many hair lengths.

Styling for hair with volume

ombre-hair-look-side-swept-curls-volume-ideas-new year's eve

If you have shiny long hair, you can also wear it open. With a little hairspray and a hair comb, you can conjure up a mane with lots of volume.

Side braid with ribbon

Braided hairstyle-casual-sideways-braided-ribbon-colorful

This braided hairstyle can also be styled undone.

Party braided hairstyles for re-styling


Romantic-playful hairstyle with jewelry


Styling variations for the ponytail


Lots of volume on the top of the head makes the New Year’s look perfect 

ideas-new year's eve-hairstyling-extravagant-great-bun-hairstyle

Festive women hairstyles- shiny waves


Lower bun

women-hairstyles-new year's eve-side-swept-bun-low

Ornate updo


Elegant sleek look with bangs


Structured pony sections and side braid






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