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Dying hair gray – The “gray hair” trend has its price

Coloring hair gray -trend-silver-lilac-color-nuance-delicate-pastel color

Dye hair gray – yes, right, don’t color the gray hair. It has been the hip trend in hair styling since spring 2015 and different nuances of silver, rose gold, purple and green still prevail today. However, this tendency is difficult to counteract alone at home (recommended because of possible failure) and can really damage your hair. Why is it particularly important to properly inform yourself about the whole procedure.

Coloring hair gray – risk to the hair structure and important tips

Coloring hair gray -trend-silver-trendy-fashion-hat-boho-style

Yes, there is a long way to go before the desired tint is achieved. The hair is not simply colored in silver, as with the other shades, such as brown, red or black. First of all, hair that is as light as possible is required, or bleached. Then the right color should be found and regular maintenance follows to ensure that the beautiful color appears.

Dying hair gray – first step: bleaching


Bleaching is probably the worst thing that could happen to your hair. It is because the pigments have to be extracted from the hair structure in an unnatural way and that will definitely damage them. You should only rely on the experienced hands of a professional. Professional products are required and it takes a while to finally get an even blonde result, which is the best base for the gray hair color so sought after. When bleaching, it is important to know that the hair becomes brittle, loses its shine and healthy appearance. Afterwards, regular care with sustainable building products is desired so that it looks good again and not used.

Dyeing and maintaining gray hair costs a lot of money. The prices for the procedure start from 60 euros. With a good hairdresser you could expect 100-200 € – for the bleaching (possibly several times depending on the hair color) and the tint so that it turns silver. There are additional costs for the hair care products afterwards.

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Dyeing hair gray – second step: dyeing – starting color

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For the subsequent coloring in the desired shade, one should first pay attention to the original color. The lighter it is, the nicer and more intense result is ensured. As light hair as possible is required as an ideal condition to get a really perfect result. Dying blonde hair gray is relatively easy. The different hair structures absorb the pigments differently and keep them for different lengths of time. Dying dark hair gray is really very difficult. If you have black hair and achieve a gray hair color, you could end up with yellowish-green hair.

After bleaching, the hair is treated as usual and colored in the desired shade. But you should know and be prepared in advance that some of the color will be lost after each shampooing. A possible advantage is that you can look forward to a different shade of hair every time.

Dyeing your hair gray – third step: grooming your hair

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The third step takes the longest and is usually the complicated one. The hair no longer needs care that keeps it healthy, as it did before, but also helps it to keep its color for as long as possible. A silver shampoo ensures that the hair does not appear yellowish over time. Products that build up the hair structure, strengthen it, make it thicker and give it its shine are required because it has been treated very heavily with chemicals. Try different brands until you can tell from your own experience what works really well and what doesn’t.

Dyeing hair gray – extreme and fashionable


As a conclusion, you can get acquainted with the nickname of the artificially achieved gray hair color – “weekend color” – translated as weekend color. It really doesn’t last long, which is why this hair needs regular tinting and maintenance.

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Coloring hair gray for naturally dark hair


Coloring hair gray – examples from the celebrity scene


Kendal Jenner – youthful and fashionable with a gray ombre effect


Lady Gaga with platinum blonde hair and a slight silver glow


Rihanna with dark gray hair


Kelly Ozbourne – silver hair with a lilac-colored effect

hair-gray-color-trend-soft pink-lilac-color-silver-kelly-osbourne

Dye hair gray or have extensions woven in