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DIY herringbone braid with wreath in Victorian Gothic style

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At Melbourne Fashion Week for Spring 2015, one particular hairstyle stood out among all the others. Kevin Murphy relied on a braid, which was kept in a Victorian-Gothic style. This DIY herringbone braid radiates femininity and elegance. If you like it so much, you can easily imitate it in just 7 steps.

DIY herringbone braid from Kevin Murphy

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1. The first thing you need to do is use a texturizing spray to get your hair off the hairstyle DIY herringbone braid prepare.

2. Then divide the hair into four equal strands.

3. Next, you need a curling iron. With its help, add a kink to the hair.

DIY herringbone braid hairstyle instructions-kevin-murphy

4. For the DIY herringbone braid need a middle parting. After you’ve shaped it, braid both sides of the hair into a loose braid.

5. When you get to the back of your head with the braids, tie them up with a hair elastic and braid the rest of the hair into one DIY herringbone braid.

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6. To do this, divide the ponytail into two strands. Take a thin strand from the right side, place it over the right large strand, and pick it up with the left. Repeat the same thing with the left side, only that there you place the thin strand over the left, large strand and pick it up with the right. Repeat this change until you get to the end of the braid.


7. Fix the finished DIY herringbone braid with a hairspray and decorate the hairstyle with a suitable accessory of your choice.

DIY herringbone braid video

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DIY herringbone braid Kevin Murphy key chain

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