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DIY hairstyle waterfall braid for a pretty and stylish styling


If you like to style your hair and love braids, this article is for you. Here we will explain to you how you can make one of the most popular braided hairstyles yourself. What is meant is that DIY hairstyle waterfall braid.

The instructions for the DIY hairstyle waterfall braid:


1. Make a deep side parting.

2. Divide the hair just behind the ear into a front and a back part. Clamp the back part.

3. Form a diagonal part in the front area (above the forehead). Divide this in turn into three strands.

4. Now you can loosen the back part and start to braid a French braid. This is done as you are used to, by always adding a new strand, only that you do not take the outermost strand into the braid as usual, but let it hang freely.

DIY hairstyle waterfall braid – easier alternative 


5. Let the DIY hairstyle waterfall braid run diagonally down and then along the back of the head.

6. When you have reached the other side of the head and finished the braid, tie it with a hair elastic and hide it under your hair with a bobby pin.

DIY hairstyle – braid waterfall braid on the side 


And that’s the modern and stylish one DIY hairstyle waterfall braid, that you can wear at any time of day and for any occasion, done. Have fun copying!

DIY waterfall braid hairstyle also possible with shorter hair


DIY waterfall braid hairstyle for a special natural look with loose hair

Traditional hairstyles-modern-waterfall braids-to-do-yourself-romantic-a-bit-wild

A romantic hairstyle for hot summer days


Hairstyle to match the dirndl look




Waterfall braid-step-by-step-made-easy-pictures-instructions

Waterfall braid-tutorial-uncomplicated-braid-hairstyle-romantic

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