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Dip dye hair: the new hair trend for 2021 looks so refreshing and cool!

From shadow roots to board balayage to vibrant pink hair, the range of dyeing techniques that refresh our hairstyles seems to be endless this year. Hair trends are now a dime a dozen and there is certainly something for every taste. But the great variety sometimes feels quite overwhelming and you can quickly lose track of things. Would we like to change our haircut or would we rather try a new hair color? And just when we thought we’d seen it all, a whole new hype is coming from the USA, namely Dip Dye Hair. With the eye-catching dyeing technique, the ends of the hair are dyed in a contrasting hair color and the look is perfect for everyone who wants a change but doesn’t want to dye their entire mane right away! Numerous stars and fashion influencers have already dared to take the step and show us how much fun colored hair can be! Have we piqued your interest? Then read on and find out everything you should know about the edgy hairstyle trend!

What is Dip Dye Hair?

Pink Hair Trend Dip Dye Hair Ideas

The term Dip Dye Hair comes from English and so “dip” means dipping and “dye” means color. With the dyeing technique, as mentioned, the ends of the hair are dyed in a contrasting color and the end result should look as if we have dipped our hair in a color pot – hence the name. As for the colors, there are absolutely no limits to your creativity and you can choose any nuance you want. Think pastel pink, blue, purple or why not dye your hair green – anything you like is allowed! And the best thing? Whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, there is guaranteed to be a shade that can instantly freshen up your entire look.

How to find the perfect shade for you

Gray Hair with Purple Tips Hairstyle Trends Spring Dip Dye Hair Pictures

Just like with Two Tone Hair, it’s not about a natural look, but about being conspicuous. The brighter and brighter the ends of the hair, the better! But in order to show off your hair to its best advantage, you should choose a shade that matches your hair and skin tone. Bright colors such as pink are suitable for lighter and blonde hair, while dark-haired women should prefer darker shades such as green, blue or purple. Gray hair is one of the hottest hair trends of the year and can also be perfectly combined with the Dip Dye Hair. If you’ve bleached your hair before, you can use any shade you want and create your own piece of art. However, the role of our styling and outfits should not be underestimated and ideally the color of the tips can also be found in our clothes. In this way, the Dip Dye Hair becomes a real statement and the overall picture looks much more harmonious.

What is the difference between Dip Dye Hair and Ombré?

Dip Dye Hair Ombre Difference Hair Colors Trends Spring 2021

Tie dye hair is often confused with ombré hair, and although it involves dyeing the ends of the hair a different color, the two techniques are very different from each other. The ombré look is characterized by a natural color gradient and should look as if we have just come back from our beach vacation. With tie dye hair, on the other hand, gaudy and eye-catching hair colors are used and more emphasis is placed on a striking statement look. The basic rule is “the brighter and more colorful, the better”.

 This is how you can achieve the trendy look at home

Make colorful hair tips Trend Dip Dye Hair yourself

Dip dye hair is fun and looks great – that’s for sure. Although the dyeing technique is not that complicated in itself, we would recommend that you have your hair colored by a professional. Depending on how dark the starting color is, the hair may have to be bleached first. In addition, the hairdresser can recommend a hair color that matches your skin tone and ensures that it is evenly distributed when you dye it. But if you feel brave enough and can do Dip Dye Hair yourself, we will explain below how it works best.

  • First, buy a bright hair color of your choice.
  • Fill a large bowl with water and add a large dollop of paint and stir well until it has completely dissolved.
  • It is best to wear an old T-shirt and put on gloves to avoid any stains on your hands.
  • Before submerging your hair in the water, think carefully about where to start the Dip Dye Hair and how much of it you want to dye.
  • Now carefully dip the hair into the colored water and leave it for a few seconds.
  • For a bolder effect, mix a little hair color with some hair conditioner and brush the ends of your hair with it.
  • Wrap the tips with aluminum foil and let the color work for the prescribed time.
  • Rinse with shampoo and voilà – your Dip Dye Hair is ready!

Dip Dye Hair: An overview of the most beautiful looks for re-styling

Do it yourself black hair with red tips Dip Dye Hair

Green hair is gaining popularity and it looks very refreshing

Dye Hair Green. Hairstyle Trends. Spring Dip Dye Hair

The combination of red and blonde looks a little more subtle, but just as chic and eye-catching

Red Hair with Blonde Tips Hairstyle Trends 2021 Dipy Dye Hair

Blonde hair with pink tips is a match made in heaven

pasatell-colored hair tips Trend Dip Dye Hair Instructions

Dip dye hair in blue is a wonderful way to add some vibrancy to your black head of hair

Dip Dye Hair Coloring Hair Tips Home Hairstyle Trends 2021

Want to try the hairstyle trend without doing anything too extreme? Then do like Alexa Chung and go for brown hair with blonde tips

Brown Hair With Blonde Tips Dip Dye Hair Hair Trends 2021

Pastel pink tips give your bob a refreshing and summery touch

Blonde hair with pink tips Dip Dye Hair Trend