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Dark blonde hair – the easy-care hair trend in 2019!

Dark blonde hair blonde hair color shades dark long hair hair trends

Blonde is one of the brightest and most versatile colors and that’s why we can safely say that the blondes really have more fun! This year, however, especially the dark blonde nuances shine in a completely new shine. Neither blonde nor light brown, dark blonde is a mysterious color that creates a touch of natural elegance and femininity. Dark blonde hair is often perceived as brown. And the color actually changes between blonde and brunette. In this article, we have put together many valuable tips for coloring and care, as well as the best inspirations!

Dark blonde hair ombre light brown long hair with curls hairstyle ideas

Anyone who thinks that dark blonde hair is boring is mistaken. As long as they are properly and professionally colored. The light color has a very wide range of color nuances and is therefore suitable for all women. With the right haircut that moves freely, strands and a matching make-up, the color creates a natural and glamorous look. This shade needs dimension, in other words, the play of different undertones that make the dark blonde shine in various nuances and thus provide more tension. Depending on whether you are working with cool or warm reflections, the nuances for dark blonde hair can also be influenced. The hair color can shimmer in golden tones as well as take on cool ash tones. This not only makes them wonderfully multifaceted, but also universal and can be adapted to any skin tone.

For whom is dark blonde hair suitable??

Dark blonde hair ombre dark long hair hairstyle ideas hair trends women

Dark blonde hair comes in numerous variations – but how do you actually find the shade that suits your personal skin tone? If you are unsure about your skin tone, you can put a white cloth around your neck or over your shoulders. If your complexion looks yellow when you look in the mirror and the white flatters your skin, then you have a warm skin tone. He is characterized by a warm and gently tanned complexion. In the summer, this type tends to tan more quickly and the eyes are mostly green or brown. The best thing to do is to pick up the gold tone of your skin with the hair color because that will make you shine. Dark blonde hair with honey or gold nuances is the perfect choice!

Dark Blonde Hair Ombre Balayage Hairstyle Ideas Short Hair Long Bob Hairstyle

If you have a bluish skin undertone and look pale, you should go for the cooler dark blonde shades, such as dark ash blonde. So that your hair doesn’t look too artificial, opt for balayage, ombré or strands.

Dark blonde hair – the different nuances

Dark blonde hair brown strands hair color trends balayage blonde hair

Dark blonde hair with a hint of chocolate – This is a dark shade of caramel blonde that looks warm and breathtaking and sets golden accents. It’s best for medium skin tones, but by lightening or darkening the blondes and browns used, this color can be customized to suit anyone.

Dark Blonde Hair Caramel Blonde Hair Color Balayage Hair Trends Hairstyle Ideas Women

Caramel dark blonde hair are a warm, dark mix between a shiny blonde and a golden brown. The shade can look great on any skin type, but is most natural on darker skin. The color is created by starting with a dark, golden blonde base and adding soft brown lowlights and accents.

Dark blonde hair with red hairstyle ideas hair trends women

Red or blonde? And why not both? Dark blonde hair with a red cast looks vibrant and simply great and is a great alternative to traditional copper hair color. This shade is best for dark skin tones and dark eyes.

Dark blonde hair chestnut hair color balayage hairstyle ideas women

Chestnut dark blonde hair, which shimmer slightly in the sun make for a fabulous look! Chestnut blonde is usually a mix of darker hair with golden highlights. However, it can also be created on dark blonde hair by adding highlights of caramel or balayage. This earthy shade is suitable for dark complexions with dark brown eyes, but it can also look quite exotic on medium skin tones with blue eyes.

Dark Blonde Hair Ash Blonde Hair Color Balayage Hair Trends Women

Dark blonde hair in ash blonde are ideal for all women who have always dreamed of looking like the ice queens they are inside. But what exactly is an ash blonde? It’s a mix of blonde, brown, and gray hues. Since it is one of the cool hair colors, it is best for people with fair complexions and blue or green eyes.

Dark blonde hair in an ombré look

Dark blonde hair ombre bronde hair color hairstyle ideas women

Dark blonde hair in an ombré look has a special and unique charisma. Try strawberry blonde, dark brown, purple – there are tons of color combinations available to you!

Dark blonde hair ombre light brown long hair with curls hairstyle ideas

The most beautiful ombré looks are those in which the colors already merge and merge seamlessly. But as amazing as the mix of colors is, having a haircut to match is essential if you want to highlight your dark blonde hair.

Dark blonde hair balayage for the perfect summer look

Dark blonde hair brown balayage hairstyle ideas women hair trends

There is no coloring technique more popular for summer than balayage. The hairdresser applies the desired color to your dark blonde hair freehand with a brush. This creates strands of different intensity and strength, which creates a delicate and natural effect.

Dark blonde hair balayage short hair hairstyles hair trends women

Balayage works with all hair colors – including dark blonde hair. Thanks to the hand-painted technique, your hair can really look like a work of art full of dimensions. A selection of very fine highlights can result in a nice, subtle balance that looks totally stylish.

Dark blonde hair with delicate highlights

Dark blonde hair Ash blonde hair color Strands of long hair

Whether you want to go bold or subtle with large strands, the options for dark blonde hair are absolutely limitless. For example, you can choose between honey blonde, ash blonde, dark or light brown and even black.

Dark blonde hair balayage brown long straight hair topknot hairstyle ideas

Ordinary and straight dark blonde hair can be turned into a real work of art by adding a few fine highlights in honey and gold blonde. Isn’t that the perfect hairstyle for the beach?

Mushroom Blonde Hair as the new hair trend that you will fall in love with!

Dark Blonde Hair Mushroom Blonde Hair Color Hair Braiding Instructions

Mushroom Blonde is a dark ash blonde or light brown. The new color is perfect for blondes who want to go a little darker and also for brunettes who want to try a new hair color but are afraid of going completely blonde. Thanks to the perfect mix of blonde and brown, this hair color is suitable for absolutely every skin type. Plus, it just looks totally fresh and spectacular!

Lightening Dark Blonde Hair – Tips 

Dark Blonde Hair Caramel Blonde Hair Color Balayage Hair Trends Hairstyle Ideas Women

If you want to lighten your dark blonde hair, the options to do so are endless.

  • The best known and fastest method is that Bleaching. But since this is particularly harmful, your hair needs very intensive care afterwards.

Would you like to lighten dark blonde hair, but are afraid of damaging your hair as a result? Then try one of our gentle methods!

Dark blonde hair with brown strands hairstyle ideas long hair curls hair trends women 2019

  • Lighten dark blonde hair with honey – Honey has long been known to support the natural moisture in hair and is also used as a lightener. A honey hair mask will make your hair a shade lighter. When honey is heated, the enzyme peroxide, which is also contained in the bleaches, unfolds. To prevent this enzyme from being lost, you should heat the honey in a saucepan and not in the microwave. After it has cooled down a little, mix well with water and apple cider vinegar. Apply the mask to your hair, cover it with cling film and leave it on for 2 hours. After that, wash them as you normally would.

Dark blonde hair light strands long hair curls hair trends women

  • Lighten dark blonde hair with Chamomile tea and lemon – First, squeeze half a cup of lemon juice and add about 50 ml of water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. After about 30 minutes, rinse them off with shampoo. The same procedure works with chamomile tea as well. To do this, boil 4 bags, let the tea cool down and simply use it like the lemon. To enhance the effect, sit in the sun and let your hair dry outside. However, you should not repeat this procedure more than twice a week – lemon juice permanently dries out the hair and scalp.

Dark blonde hair honey blonde hair color hairstyle ideas women

  • Lighten dark blonde hair with Baking powder – Yes, baking soda can do a lot, even lighten hair! Take 2 packs of baking powder and dissolve them in 250 ml of lukewarm water. Leave on dry hair for 20 minutes and then rinse off with shampoo as usual.

Dark blonde hair care tips

Dark blonde hair with blonde strands hairstyle ideas long hair hair trends women

  • Avoid green cast – Freshly dyed dark blonde hair can turn green from salt and chlorinated water. Before swimming in the pool or ocean, pin your hair up, taking extra care to keep it dry as possible. And here’s a little insider tip – before you jump into the water, wet your hair with mineral water beforehand – this way you won’t suck up the chlorine.
  • Check with your hairdresser  Olaplex – With constant dyeing, dark blonde hair mostly becomes brittle and loses its shine. Olaplex strengthens the hair structure again and helps to protect the hair from the inside out.

Dark Blonde Hair Mushroom Blonde Hair Color Trend Hairstyle Ideas Ladies

  • Instead of a towel, use a t-shirt to dry dark blonde hair. Rubbing with a towel can cause frizz and unnecessary dryness, but the soft cotton will help keep the natural moisture in your hair. There are also special hair turbans made of soft microfiber that dry the hair gently.

Mushroom Blond Hair Color Dark Blond Hair Balayage Hair Trends Women

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