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Cutting bangs – instructions for a straight and angled cut

If you are looking for a new hairstyle with a big change, but where not all hair is cut radically short, you usually opt for a pony. Pony hairstyles change the look immensely despite little effort and create a girly or cheeky look depending on the shape of the pony. Especially when you spontaneously decide on this hairstyle and don’t want to wait until the next hairdresser appointment, you quickly grab scissors yourself. So that this does not lead to disappointment, there are a few things to consider if you want to cut your bangs yourself. We have put together helpful tips and instructions on how to cut the bangs in this article. You are guaranteed to get the perfect look and you will soon be able to present your new hairstyle to everyone else.

Cutting bangs – helpful tips and necessary tools

bangs cutting tips-scissors-comb-tools-instructions

What to definitely avoid when cutting the bangs is using your kitchen shears. Other scissors that you use in everyday life are also taboo. They are not sharp enough and simply not made for this purpose, because the blunt blades cause split ends. Especially if you regularly create a pony hairstyle and accordingly cut the bangs again and again, it is worth investing in professional scissors. The result is guaranteed to be better.

cut bangs smooth-hairstyle-style-curls-brunette

You also need a comb. This is anything but expensive and is simply part of cutting. Don’t even try to use a brush instead. At most, this makes everything even more complicated. The comb, on the other hand, not only divides the hair wonderfully, but also makes everything much clearer thanks to its narrow design.

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bangs cut vertically-tip-hair-hairstyle-instructions

It is never cut horizontally! Even if straight bangs are desired, always hold the scissors vertically or at an upward angle and cut into the hair. You do this bit by bit and don’t risk removing too much of your hair all at once or even getting crooked bangs. You should also not pull your hair down too hard with the comb. Even then, too much can be cut off quickly and the bangs become far too short.

This is also the reason why you should cut a fringe when your hair is dry. The moisture makes the hair longer (albeit minimally) due to the heaviness. As soon as the hair has dried and pulled back together after the bangs have been cut, you will experience a nasty surprise because it becomes shorter.

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Cutting bangs – instructions depending on the shape


How exactly you proceed with the cut depends, of course, above all on the shape you want to obtain. The hair for straight ponies is kept and cut differently than with an oblique variant. We have two guides that are sure to help you if you want to cut the bangs. Always take your time. If you’re in a hurry, it’s better to postpone your new pony hairstyle to another day.

Cut a straight fringe


If you don’t have a pony yet, it is generally advisable to have the first cut done by a hairdresser. He can find the best shape for your face and in this way also best determine the correct length, width and density. Later on, all you have to do is trim the finished look regularly, which is of course a lot easier.

straight bangs cut yourself full bangs like Zoey Deschanel

If you don’t wait and want to create the pony hairstyle yourself from your still long hair, tie a ponytail first. From this ponytail, gradually pull several strands from the front sections with the comb or you first separate the strands and then tie the hair together. Let them fall over your face. This is the easiest way to determine how thick and how wide you want the bangs to be. You can also use the corner of your eye as you cut the bangs. The ends of the pony shouldn’t extend too far beyond the outer corners of the eyes.

cut and style full bangs yourself

If you are satisfied with the amount of hair, first cut the hair roughly down to eye level. It doesn’t matter here whether the cut is crooked, because you will continue to cut afterwards to get the right length. Now you can start trimming your hair little by little. Finally, they should reach below the eyebrows. Periodically check the length of the pony and that the cut is straight. Then you can continue to cut the bangs or finish with them.

Cut an oblique fringe


If you want to cut the bangs diagonally, the procedure is again different. You can cut an oblique pony yourself with the same tools. If you cut such half bangs yourself, care should be taken here too that the shortest part does not extend beyond the lowest edge of the eyebrow. Trimming an oblique bangs properly is not a particularly easy task. If you dare anyway, do the following:

Cutting oblique bangs yourself instructions

An oblique, half-pony is achieved by first combing the desired sections of hair forward and tying the remaining sections together or pinning them up. When you gather the front strand for the bangs, two partings are created on the left and right of it on the head, which form a triangle, so to speak. The tip is at best in the middle of the head, but that depends mainly on how much hair you want to cut off or how thick you want the bangs to be. The parting is a great tool. Depending on which side of the face a side pony is cut on, the opposite parting serves as a parallel to the cut, so to speak.

Now take the strand over to the opposite side of the selected one and comb it smoothly. So if you want the bangs on the right side, take the strand to the left for cutting and vice versa. Now you determine the cutting line. As already mentioned, this runs parallel to the crown of the head and should be roughly below the cheekbones. This can of course vary, depending on how long the pony should be. It is better to leave the strand a little longer and then shorten it piece by piece than to cut a fringe that is too short.

Alternatively, a razor can also be used if you want to cut angled bangs. You can find out exactly how this works in this video:

Cutting short bangs – the micro pony

Very short micropony with balayage coloring

The micro pony is without question something for the brave, because it is extremely conspicuous, extravagant and above all not suitable for every face shape. Therefore, it is particularly advisable for him to go to a hairdresser rather than lend a hand. This is not only the best way of assessing whether the micro bangs are suitable for you at all, but can also determine the correct length afterwards.

Angled micro pony for short and long hair

Furthermore, the right cut is particularly important here. While an oblique pony automatically hides flaws by falling loose, the mini bangs are located directly on the forehead and that makes every strand, every oblique cut and other flaws visible. If we were still unable to dissuade you and you still want to cut a micro bangs, it is best to proceed as follows:

  • First, do the straight bangs instructions above.
  • Then gradually remove more hair from the bangs by cutting vertically again.
  • In this way, shorten the bangs piece by piece until you are happy with the length. After every cut, check in the mirror whether the length fits you and only then cut more if necessary.
  • In principle, there is no precise rule for the correct length, because everyone has something different. Some wear it down to the middle of the forehead, others even shorter. There are also inclined variants.
  • Remember: once off, it stays off until the hair has grown back! Don’t be too hasty with the cutting, be patient.

Irregular and long micropony for black hair with red accents

The micro pony looks great on oval faces, while round faces should be avoided. The reason for this is that the ultra-short cut makes the face look even wider. The same goes for angular faces. Those marked by a heart-shaped face might be lucky. In some cases, the short bangs can actually flatter the face.

Tip: If you are not sure, you can easily test it once. Gather your hair together as if you were about to tie a braid and simply hold the ends in front of your forehead like a fringe. This also works if you tie a high bun and pull the ends of your hair out of the hair tie to just above your forehead.

Half pony – Cut the trendy French cut pony

Shag hairstyle with a voluminous pony cut in the 70s style

The trendy French cut, also known as the shag hairstyle, which is reminiscent of French beauties like Brigitte Bardot and especially their hairstyles from the 60s and 70s, is a very popular trend that you have probably noticed several times or that you will soon see more often will. So it doesn’t surprise us if you’ve decided on this look and want to cut some French bangs.

French cut pony hairstyle looks casually elegant, even with a ponytail

And the likelihood that you will land a good hit with it is very high, because the attractive bangs fit almost every face shape and are suitable for both bob hairstyles and long hair. Only if you have a high or broad forehead should you be careful and seek advice in advance. Curly hair is also less suitable. Nevertheless, we recommend a visit to the hairdresser first. If you still want to cut the French Cut bangs yourself, you can do it as follows:

Half pony hairstyle in French cut style for straight hair

  • Form a center part.
  • Take the hair that you want to turn into a pony to the front (the same amount to the left and right of the parting) and pin the rest to the back or tie it up.
  • Part this section of hair in the middle so that you get two sections.
  • Start with one of the two. Pick them up with the comb and gradually cut off only a very short piece on the inside from top to bottom. The shortest point should be just below the eyebrows when you take the bangs to one side. The longest is at chin level.
  • Be patient as you cut and cut just a little bit at a time, then double-check the length before putting the scissors back on. There should be an even step cut.
  • If you are satisfied with this half, repeat the whole thing with the other half as well. The first half of the pony serves as a template.

Trim and trim bangs regularly


It’s best to trim the pony’s hair every few days instead of waiting weeks for it to grow too long and catch your eyes. That just makes work easier. If you haven’t found the time after all or have simply forgotten, simply proceed according to the respective instructions, depending on the type of pony: When dry, pick up part of the hair with the comb and trim a little. After that, check the length to see if there is any more cutting that needs to be done. Again cut vertically and NOT horizontally!


Incidentally, it should be mentioned that many hairdressers now also offer the post-cut free of charge after you have carried out the basic cut with them. It is best to ask your hairdresser for more information. It may even turn out to be unnecessary bothering yourself.