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Cord your hair – instructions for cord braids, styling tips and beautiful hairstyle ideas

Cord braids on the side make long hair yourself

2-strand braid, French cord, rope braid, rope braid or twist braid in English. The hairstyle that we would like to introduce you to today is super simple and works with long, medium length and short hair too. In contrast to conventional plait hairstyles, the cord braid can be conjured up by twisting instead of braiding and looks breathtaking. If you want to tie your hair, you just need a sure instinct and some inspiration. In the following we will show you how to make a cord braid yourself. This hairstyle is simple but can be styled in a variety of ways.

Braiding French cord

Make cord braids yourself Instructions ponytail

First comb your hair well and tie it in a ponytail. And this is how the hair works:

Part the hair in half. Twist both parts to the left and then twist into each other in the opposite direction. This is how a cord is created. Repeat this step and cord the lengths of hair to the tips. Then tie off the cord with a hair tie. If necessary, loosen individual hair loops to give the braid extra fullness.

how does a cord twist in the same direction

If you turn in the wrong direction, you will surely notice – then the strands dissolve. With a little practice, you can master this simple braid hairstyle quickly! Cord braids are also perfect for beginners.

Cord long hair – casual and girlish hairstyle

At the Teen Choice Awards 2014, actress Nina Dobrev wore a long cord that was laid over the shoulder. The hairstyle does not look strict, but casual and sweet.

Tip: Women with thin hair in particular can create a little more volume by loosening the braid or pulling out individual strands.

Cord braid in sleek look in combination with a headband

Cord braid hair band festive occasions center parting Olivia Palermo

In 2015 the It-Girl Olivia Palermo appeared on the red carpet of the “An Evening Honoring Valentino” show with an ultra-elegant and chic hairstyle. The stylist Lacy Redway opted for a deeply tied cord in combination with a black latex-look hair band.

Tip: A strong, fixed hold is very important for an elegant sleek look. To avoid flying hair, it is best to knead a little more hair gel into lengths.

Mini cords – a hairstyle with an ethnic flair

Cord braid hairstyle catwalk trends ideas

The models who presented Fendi’s fall-winter collection at Milan Fashion Week in 2012 also wore magical mini cords. Two strands were draped over the head, the remaining braids were tied into two pigtails.

Tip: If you don’t have the patience to make so many small cord braids, you can use a twisting device.

Hair cord French Fendi Show long hair

Cord hair on the side – instructions

French cord braid on the side ponytail

The cord technique offers many ways to style your hair. One of them is the cord on the side. That is how it goes:

Comb the hair well and part it on the side. Take a strand of hair from the front section and divide it into two strands. Now place the lower strand over the upper one and twist. Then always add one to the lower strand of hair and twist it again. Continue this step to the back of your head. Then continue on the other side. Then tie both strands of cord into a common ponytail. You can find out how to continue in this video:

Turn away bangs

Cord braid short hair bangs turn away hairstyle

The cord technique also works with short hair. Simply twist the two strands (as explained above) and tuck them away on the side with a bobby pin. The easiest way to do this is to work with a side parting. The individual steps should not be too short for twisting.

Beautiful cord braid hairstyle – sporty and chic

Hair draw cord braid hairstyle summer sporty

Summer is always a time of travel and adventure! This hairstyle is a great way to braid your hair off your face and manage the summer heat. The “French braid / cord braid” combination is a great sports hairstyle that also looks very chic and works perfectly with long hair.

Hair draw cord braid instructions hairstyle

First brush your hair properly and then comb it backwards from your face. Divide a lot and divide it again into two equal-sized strands.

Take the left strand and twist it three times to the right (clockwise). Then cross the right strand and turn it three times to the right again.

Now take a thin strand of the front hair before the two strands are crossed. You can see exactly how this works in this video:

Hair cord hairstyle sporty cool instructions summer

Repeat this procedure until you reach the neck. Then divide the hair in half and braid a cord. Then tie off the braid with a hair elastic. To prevent the braid from coming undone, a thin rubber band can also be used at the top of the braid. And done!

Curls with cord braid overnight

hair cord braids curl overnight

If you would like to get Beach Waves but without a curling iron and straightening iron, you are welcome to try cord braids. The curls are not so round, not made that way, but casual and beautiful. After showering, while your hair is still damp, you can braid your hair into a few braids and let them dry overnight. How to do it step by step is shown below.

Cord hair curls overnight instructions

Divide the hair into four large sections – two on the front and two on the back of the head – and put away.

Loosen the hair clip from the front section on the left side. Apply some hairspray for a better hold. Now divide the strand into two even parts and cord the hair. Rotate both in the same direction, then rotate both around each other in the opposite direction. Fix with a rubber band at the end. Repeat this step for the other three sections of hair.

Hair cord curls over night beach waves

Now cross the two cord braids at the back of the head, shape them into a neat, flat bun and secure with bobby pins. Take the two braids at the front, wrap them around the bun and secure again with bobby pins. Let hair dry overnight.

Curl hair overnight without heat

In the morning you can undo the cord braids! Use your fingers to loosen hair so that it falls over your shoulders in perfect, gorgeous beach waves. And done!