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Coloring hair silver – 70+ stylish inspirations and lots of care tips!

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Red, brunette and blonde were yesterday! There is a new trend color that has hit social media lately and that is silver hair! It’s no wonder that more and more stars and fashionistas are daring the look – it looks chic and extremely cool! Not to mention that there are so many different nuances and variations – from black to pink to blue or purple-gray – there is something for every taste. But is the look worth it? How you can gently dye your hair silver and what you should pay attention to as well as many care tips – we will tell you all this and much more in our article! Let yourself be inspired by our picture gallery!

Coloring hair silver – what you should pay special attention to?

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Even if the silver hair is totally trendy, it is only for the very brave of you. Before you even think about dyeing your mane gray, there are a few important little things to look out for. In principle, the lighter your starting color, the more beautiful and easier the result will be. If you are dyed platinum blonde, then you can count yourself lucky – since there are almost no color pigments left anyway, you will be happy about your silver hair after just one visit to the hairdresser! All women who tend to have darker hair should arm themselves with a lot of patience and time. Unfortunately, a direct transition from black or brown to silver is not possible – in order to successfully remove the dark melanin, bleaching is definitely necessary. Since bleaching is very damaging to your hair, we recommend that you do this step with a very good hairdresser.

Other helpful tips for dyeing hair silver

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The darker your hair color, the more sessions it will take to achieve the result you want. Since the whole process is very exhausting and demanding for your hair, you should only seek advice first. Only a good hairdresser can tell you exactly how much hydrogen peroxide is needed and how often it has to be re-colored in order to avoid a yellow cast and to get the right shade.

  • It is very important that you give your hair a break of at least 3 days between appointments. Get lighter in color within 3-4 months rather than breaking your hair all at once.
  • In addition, when dyeing hair silver, the shade of gray should always be adapted to your skin type – otherwise you run the risk of looking far too pale and tired.

Dye hair color gray long bob style hairstyle Make curls yourself with straightening irons

  • Healthy and strong hair is a must, so it is recommended to avoid dyeing and all chemicals for 3-4 months before bleaching. Although this is very demanding and a real challenge for many, an even bleaching is only possible when the previous color has grown out as much as possible.
  • It has long been no secret that heat is harmful to your mane – so you should try not to use straightening irons or other styling implements too often.
  • Since not everyone can tolerate bleaching, it is recommended that you avoid it if you have a sensitive scalp.

Coloring the hair silver – these options are available to you

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Have you already lightened your hair to the shade you need? Now we are going to introduce you to the different options you have to get gorgeous gray hair. There are now hundreds of different ones on the market Toners and tints, with the help of which you could dye your mane absolutely any color. The effect washes off after about 3-4 washes. Still, it’s an excellent option to try out the new trend first.

Dyeing black and brown hair gray 

Coloring hair silver purple gray hair color strands applying eyeliner easy hair trends women

If you want to dye your brown hair gray, you should expect at least 2 hairdresser visits – depending on how dark your color is. In the first step, a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Olaplex is applied to your mane and it remains on it until it is completely dry. Olaplex is a special hair treatment that protects and cares for the hair structure during bleaching. In order to successfully remove the yellow tinge, the hair must be bleached again immediately and only then is it colored gray. The process is very time consuming but definitely worth it – the end result is just stunning and beautiful! Since gray usually fades very quickly, you will need to re-dye it every 4-5 weeks.

Coloring hair silver – what are the hottest nuances and effects?

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Purple-gray hair is one of the most popular hair trends this year, and for good reason. The combination of a cool gray and smoky, pastel-colored purple is just breathtaking and absolutely Instagram-worthy! The best thing is that the hairstyle can be adapted to any skin type. Regardless of whether you opt for a beautiful ombré look or fine highlights – either way you will attract all eyes.

Beautiful blue-gray hair

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Color your hair silver and add a few cool blue strands and you will look like a real mermaid. A small styling tip – the two shades are brought out in a unique and beautiful way with casual beach waves.

Black gray hair

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Even if this look is not that easy to achieve, the result is undoubtedly gorgeous. If you want to protect your hair structure and slowly approach the trend, you could first have a few gray strands dyed into your dark hair. A subtle ombré also looks really nice and chic and is definitely worth considering.

Stylish dark silver hair

Hair silver color gray hair color dark approaches hair trends women

Dark silver hair is the perfect choice for all women with black or brown hair!

Gray highlights on brown hair

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Gray strands on dark hair are easy to care for, look great and are all the rage this year. Therefore, all brunettes are very well advised with this look. To keep the silver nuances shining, we recommend using a purple shampoo.

A few important care tips for shiny silver hair

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Proper care is of great importance to ensure that the hair color stays beautifully shiny and lasts for a long time.

  • To prevent yellowing and to extend the durability of the color, always use special silver shampoos.
  • After bleaching, the hair usually becomes dry and brittle. Regular use of various hair masks and treatments is an absolute must.
  • Split ends and hair breakage can also be avoided if you have your hair trimmed every 4-5 weeks.

Coloring hair silver – for whom is the trend suitable?

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To find the right shade of gray for you, the first thing you need to consider is your skin tone.

  • For women with light skin and a purple undertone, the light silver nuances are particularly suitable.
  • Showcase your gorgeous green or blue eye color by coloring your hair dark gray.
  • With dark skin types, the light tones look more artificial and natural – so you are very well advised with a darker gray or just strands.

Silver hair – many more great inspirations!

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