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Color hair according to the lunar calendar for a great result

Coloring hair according to the lunar calendar brown-hair-tones-curls

Everyone knows the strong influence that the moon has on the sea. And with all this power it is only logical that it also has a certain effect on the water balance in the human body. At least many people are convinced of it and also notice changes in their mood. It is believed that the moon also affects beauty and health, and so does hair. Depending on the phase of the moon and the zodiac sign that the moon passes through, the hair can grow faster and the styling is often better or worse, depending on the situation. Care products also work better. The cutting and Coloring hair according to the lunar calendar can therefore have both a positive and a negative effect on the structure of the hair. For this reason, it is also advisable to cut your hair according to the lunar calendar, but also to dye it. So he can help you make the right appointment with the hairdresser. Whether it’s superstition or the power of the moon has been scientifically proven – just give it a try! It can’t do any harm and who knows, you might even notice a positive result. Now learn the most important tips for coloring hair according to the lunar calendar. But not only the actual phase plays an important role, but also the zodiac sign in which the moon is located.

Coloring hair according to the lunar calendar – what result do you get?

Hair coloring according to the lunar calendar strong-long-hair-lunar calendar

– If the moon is in the zodiac sign Aquarius, the Keep hair color longer. This also applies to the waning moon phase. This zodiac sign, like Gemini, leads to a shiny hair color.


– You’d prefer one more intense hair color? Then color the hair when the moon is waxing and it is in the zodiac sign Aries, Virgo or Sagittarius. Libra is also suitable. In this case, the hair is less stressed. If you dye your hair in this phase of the moon, you don’t need to leave the color on for so long.

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Coloring hair according to the lunar calendar – what else is important?


– To the Lighten hair, choose the waning moon or even better the full moon day.


– When the moon is in the zodiac sign Scorpio, it is the perfect time for upbeat and extravagant hair colors.


– The moon in the zodiac signs Gemini and Libra is perfect for Tints.