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Caramel hair color – color and care for caramel nuances

Caramel hair color -caramel-modern-blond-straehnchen-natural-doutzen-kroes

Caramel hair color As a complete coloration, with highlights or as the hip ombre look using the balayage technique, is a trend. The complex gold tones flatter the woman’s face and make the complexion shimmer when the right shade is found. When properly applied to the hair, the caramel color gives a natural, feminine look.

Caramel hair color – what color is caramel?

Caramel hair color -caramel-candy-nuance-toning

What color is caramel exactly? You can take a caramel candy as an example and compare it. However, it is a shade that lies between blonde and a light, warm shade of brown.

Caramel hair color – find the right shade for your skin type

Caramel hair color -caramel + brown-blonde-natural-care

Caramel hair color is particularly suitable for women with a light type – light skin color, light blue-green or speckled eyes and looks very natural to them. Warm gold nuances also go well with the dark complexion and emphasize the look that has been kissed by the sun.

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Caramel hair color with highlights

Caramel hair color -caramel-straehnchen-natural-medium-long-light-brown

In order for the hair color to look really good, several different, warm nuances are often mixed. For best results, it is advisable to rely on the experienced hands of a professional, as the color shown on the packaging cannot fail with the finished coloration sets.

Caramel hair color with blonde highlights

balayage brown caramel straehnchen medium-long

The good result depends on the starting color. In the case of very dark hair, this would have to be lightened before the desired shade is applied. If you already have lightened or naturally light hair, you can first do a test with intensive tint and then decide on a permanent color.

From dark brown to caramel with a short haircut


When it comes to colored hair, care is essential. The golden nuances should make the hair shine and shimmer, so it is particularly important to be able to keep the shine. The right care products and treatments give hair moisture and make it look radiant. Regular cutting of the tips ensures a healthy, fresh look.

Caramel hair color highlights – the top modern balayage look

caramel hair color straehnchen balayage brown dark blond

Women with dark hair – dark and chocolate brown, do not have to do without the sought-after and trendy caramel color. They would look best with the ombrè effect and harmonious color gradients. The natural hair color remains as the basis and a very natural-looking look is achieved.

Copper caramel with a slight ombre effect


With darker natural hair colors, lightening and bleaching is the first step for the desired light shade. This breaks down the hair pingments and prepares the hair structure for the new color. Every hair reacts differently, which is why it is important to rely on experienced hands and not do this procedure at home.

From dark brown to caramel with an ombre effect for very long hair


The ombrè effect and the so-called balayage technique remain very popular, like last summer. With sufficient hair length, one could bring the two trends into one in a clever way. Characteristic is the dark color of the roots and tips with 3-4 tones lighter.

Achieve caramel hair color through ombre effect

balayage brown caramel waves dark long hair

When lightening or bleaching, it is recommended that it be gradual. In this way, the hair is attacked less and not as severely as with intensive treatment. The subsequent care should be more after the strong coloration than before.

Dye caramel hair yourself

caramel hair color caramel balayage brown caramel dark-ombre-long-hair-waves

The procedure for ombrè and balayage is similar – the hair is colored in two shades, so that a soft, natural color gradient is created. The light caramel hair color is not applied with a foil technique to the tips, about 10 centimeters below the parting, but with a free hand. The darker hair color is dabbed off with a sponge.

Natural look and caramel ombre look 


In principle, the ombrè and balayage technique can be used on all hair lengths – from pixie to bob and lob to long mane. The minimum length of a longer bob achieves the right effect.

Natural effect of brown on caramel blond 


The best thing about hair coloring with transitions from brown to caramel hair color is that you shouldn’t worry about the roots. After two months without a visit to the hairdresser, it would look just as good.

Caramel hair color – honey / copper blonde with ombre effect


The caramel color effect can be achieved by combining several nuances, which should not necessarily be very different. Copper and honey blonde with caramel brown highlights are good options for women who tend to have light hair colors.

Complete coloration in caramel color


The dark approach is not a must, but is a good alternative for women who are not native blondes. Experts recommend lighter highlights around the face and coloring the rest of the hair in a slightly softer tone.

Caramel blonde for blue eyes


The dull and golden nuances often lack gloss and shine. Because of the permanent coloring, the hair loses its elasticity and moisture. Take care of your hair regularly with hair masks and treatments, use UV sprays in summer and wear special oils on the tips.

Light caramel hair color also for curly “Afro” hair


Caramel hair colors are warm nuances between blonde and brown. This creates a casual, natural look that looks like hair that has become lighter in the sun.

Natural caramel shade for light skin types


A casual, inconspicuous hairstyle and cut go well with this hair color. Big waves, natural curls, volume and hair cut in layers would add to the individual look and youthful radiance that caramel gives color.

From light brown to caramel for a natural appearance


Caramel hair color stands for natural radiation that should look healthy and authentic. If you are naturally very pale, professionals recommend using some make-up around the eyes – mascara, eyeliner or not too noticeable eyeliner.

Waves and several caramel nuances in the hair – from brown to gold

caramel-hair-color-caramel-brown-waves-long-hair-of course

Women with a slightly tanned complexion should refrain from using make-up in intense colors and instead apply nude tones.

Hollywood stars love the caramel hair color


Stars stand for glamor, appearance and stunning looks. They try out the latest trends in hair, make-up and fashion first and present them to the public. Take a look at the different variants of the beloved caramel color on the stars and collect inspiration for your new hair style!

Caramel brown with a natural gradient to blonde – Sofia Vergara


Beyoncè has a preference for caramel nuances as a hair color


Dark caramel hair color for dark complexions – Nadya Rivera


From dark brown to caramel with a natural transition – balayage technique and Rihanna


Hair color from dark brown to caramel – Jessica Alba


Caramel blonde hair color for green eyes


Honey and copper caramel nuances for fair skin types