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Bun hairstyle like the stars – 45 hairstyles

Bun hairstyle-braid-spiral-nikole-kidman

A pinned up hairstyle gives your outfit a noble and stylish effect. Whether it is casual or sleek it is styled Bun hairstyle a wonderful solution for an occasion of special value. In this article we will inspire you with the stars on the red carpet with their fabulous pinned up hairstyles.

French bun hairstyle

Bun hairstyle hairband-instructions-pictures

Do you remember the trendy hairstyle your mom wore to your own wedding? It’s a well known one Bun hairstyle in the French way and is always presented up-to-date. The hair is usually blown dry with a mousse and pulled firmly sideways and turned inwards. You can use hair clips that stay hidden and hold. Free strands to the side or back of the face take on a bit of severity in the hairstyle if, for example, you are going to a party and still want to look stylish.

Bun hairstyle with plait as a headband

Braided bun-hairstyle-side braid

Bun hairstyle with a braid as a headband is a real eye-catcher this year. It looks elegant and a bit casual thanks to the braid over the forehead.

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Braided hairstyles with buns – a great guide to imitate

Braided hairstyle for loose hair – knots instead of braids

Bun with inserted hairbands and glitter hair accessories


With an evening dress made of glossy material, you can put hair accessories in the bun instead of a necklace. Rhinestones, such as rhinestones or crystal stones, as well as glass beads are a glamorous addition to your style.


Stud-bun-with-hair-jewelry-dress-in-gold shine

A bun made of pigtails that are tucked into each other


Twisted hair, pinned up at the back


Amanda Seyfried Off Shoulder Dress Made Of Lace

Bun right over the neck

Earrings-Hollywood star-strapless-dress-bun

Voluminous bun or topknot are a real hit


A natural look

Pyramid-earrings-bun-sideways-strand-on the face

Bun hairstyles with bangs


The curls give more volume to the bun hairstyles


Do-it-yourself bun hairstyle


A smooth bun

With-plait-on the side-green-earrings-red-hair

straight-hair-stud-bun hairstyle

Bun with several small pigtails, pinned quite high


Bun on the neck



Bun hairstyles with tiara

Bun-back-with-headband-tiara wedding dress

Hair accessories-up-hair-bun


Side bun

Dress-made-of-satin-with-flower-bun hairstyle

free-hair-blonde-highlight-bun hairstyle

Turquoise dress bun on the side

A playful bun



Diadem-crystal stones-playful-bun-on the side

casual bun hairstyle earrings

playful-bun on the side of the head

Up curly hair


long-swarovski-earrings-curly-hair-bun hairstyle

Braid tiara




Free falling strand of hair to the side of the face


Thin straps evening dress bun


long Swarovski earrings bun hairstyle

white-dress-open-cleavage-bun hairstyle

French-style hairstyle with bun



A pretty DIY bun hairstyle for every occasion