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Brigitte Bardot’s hairstyle in trend: ideas and instructions for re-styling

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle ideas teased mane

Brigitte Bardot is a real icon who has been inspiring with her style for decades. The French actress, singer and model was at the height of her career in the 1950s and 1960s. It was a little more than 60 years ago, but its special look is still unmistakable today. The most striking thing about Brigitte Bardot’s appearance were her enchanting smile with gap between teeth, her long blond mane and her large eyes that were emphasized with kohl. Her haircut with bangs has become almost iconic and is making a big comeback in recent years. Lately, many of the celebrity ladies are showing up with a modern take on the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle. We show what is typical for the haircut and how you can style your unforgettable look.

The modern pony a la Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle bangs Bella Thorne

Trends come and go, but Brigitte Bardot’s pony remains timeless and currently very popular. The haircut is characterized by an effortless, casual look. The bangs are parted in the middle at the front and tapered downwards to the sides. The middle parting is not very clearly defined and looks casual. The steps in the lengths start at chin height.

The best thing about the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle is that it is generally suitable for every woman. A step cut for long hair always looks great and trendy, because it gives the hair more dynamism. The bangs, which fall loosely and casually over the forehead, ensure full volume.

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle variant pony Chloe Moretz

A modern pony a la Brigitte Bardot is great for women with a heart-shaped face. The bangs parted in the middle hide wide cheekbones and make the face appear longer. The actress Chloe Moretz knows exactly how the successful look works.

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle modern Alexa chunk bangs

If you have an elongated, angular face with high cheekbones, the casual bangs like Brigitte Bardot are for you because they can give the face a soft, feminine look. Especially when a few long strands run around the side of the face. It-girl Alexa Chung shows how you can skilfully bypass this look and style the perfect hairstyle. In the case of elongated faces, the side sections of the pony can be even longer in order to visually expand the face.

Brigitte Bardot's hairstyle interprets ideas in a modern way

One of the most famous pony bearers of all time, Zooey Deschanel, proves that the 60s-style pony fits perfectly with the oval face shape. Usually the actress wears thick, straight-cut bangs. But she likes to experiment with different styling variants.

Even celebrities with a square face, like Georgia Jagger, look adorable with a Brigitte Bardot haircut. The daughter of two icons, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, often receives compliments for her resemblance to the actress. The steps bring softness and some fullness to the cheekbones and make the lines of the face appear rounder.

Make the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle yourself

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle modern trend teased

Do you fancy a new haircut? Use Brigitte Bardot’s pictures as inspiration for your next visit to the hairdresser. The most important features: the tips are even more than shoulder-length, the softly tapering fringe ends under the eyebrows and is parted in the middle. The highlight of the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle are the teased top of the head and the long waves.

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle half-open bangs teased

To style BB’s hairstyle, you need to part with a center part at the beginning. To make the bangs look natural, let them air dry without using a blow dryer and brush. Then volume is conjured up on the top of the head with hairspray and a comb. To do this, gently tease the hair and spray the hairspray overhead. Then carefully smooth the top. Instead of wearing your hair down, you can simply pull it back loosely and pin it at the back of your head.

Ideas and styling variants of the Brigitte Bardot hairstyle

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle ideas vintage 60s

Relaxed and casual, but at the same time romantic and feminine: Brigitte Bardot’s style has been copied many times and can also be interpreted in a modern way. Her XXL bun or her half-open hairstyle still fascinates us today. Below are a few of the hairstyles that have become the actress’ trademark.

The black ribbon as a trendy accessory

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle long hair tiers half-open

There is hardly a nicer detail to quickly upgrade simple hairstyles than a colored ribbon. The cute hair accessory from childhood celebrated its big revival on the runway shows for spring / summer 2017. The bows were not tied accurately, but rather negligently. Brigitte Bardot also ties a pretty bow in her hair and serves as the finish to her iconic half-together-half-open hairstyle.

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle semi-open pony velvet ribbon

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle with headband

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle with hairband retro 60s

Another beautiful hair accessory, typical of the 60s hairstyles, is the headband. It gives the hairstyle a customized look and keeps the hair back off the face. The classic hair band runs over the top of the head and is clamped behind the ears. To prevent it from slipping, it is also fixed with bobby pins.

Voluminous bun with curls – the choucroute hairstyle

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle voluminous bun bangs

BB attracted a lot of attention with the famous Choucroute hairstyle, with which her blonde mane looked like a tuft of sauerkraut. The hair is combed up and tied up in an unarranged style. To recreate the look yourself, you can use a bun pillow. The strands of hair can then be attached to the bun cushion with U needles. The look is particularly romantic if you pull out a few strands on the sides and twist them in slightly with your fingers.

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle bun pony XXL format

low ponytail

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle ponytail teased bangs

The elegant, teased ponytail is also inspired by the style icon Brigitte Bardot. Today, the look is also suitable for everyday life when it is a little more relaxed and loosely styled.

Draw a middle part. Part a narrow strand of hair to the right and left. To make the hair more grippy, dust it with volume powder or spray it with dry shampoo. Pick up a wide section of hair from the top of your head and tease it heavily at the roots. After that, smooth the top. Tie the hair at the back of your head in a ponytail. Pull a thin strand from the braid, wrap it around the hair elastic and secure with bobby pins.

girlish look

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle two ponytails long bangs

A girly look for your break that doesn’t look too over the top. The slight waves in Brigitte’s hair were probably conjured up by braiding. This brought more swing and movement into the hair. The color-coordinated bows on the red blouse round off the casual look perfectly.

Side plait with a flowery hair accessory

Brigitte Bardot hairstyle pigtail side teased long bangs

For the absolute perfection of your Bardot look, the perfect Bardot eyeliner and a nude lipstick are missing!