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Bridal hairstyle with wreath of flowers – romantic hairstyles with fresh flowers

Bridal hairstyle with flower wreath -romantic-flower-wreath-boxwood-hair-hoop-roses-small

Totally suitable for a wedding in bohemian style or one with a hippie flair would be a romantic one Bridal hairstyle with wreath of flowers or a casual braided hairstyle with fresh flowers. Fine, delicate flowers are braided with each other or simply placed in a braid on the hair and give a casual, summery mood. You can do this hairstyle yourself or with a little help from your girlfriend or bridesmaid. We have some interesting and very delicate inspirations and instructions for you.

Bridal hairstyle with floral wreath for wedding in a bohemian style

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-dark-hair-make-up-bouquet-buttons-white

You can tie a wreath of flowers in the shape of a headband. Use whatever tools from the flower shop or green ribbons to connect the individual blossoms and branches with each other. A casual hairstyle with loose hair goes well with the natural touch of the hair accessories. Make sure you have a well-groomed look with a shiny mane in advance and provide the hair with recommended grooming – cut the damaged ends, freshen up the hair with conditioner, re-dye it if necessary.

Bridal hairstyle with wreath of flowers – braided hairstyle with little flowers

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-braided hairstyle-black-white-photo

Long wavy hair lets you fall open and naturally. If you are dying to have a special hairstyle, tie the hair loosely or have it braided. For darker hair color, we recommend adding some color to the whole look and sticking fresh flowers in rich shades of red or purple into the hair. Bordo and dark purple contrast wonderfully with white and create great color combinations that can even be put in the foreground for the design of the entire event.

Bridal hairstyle with floral wreath – instructions

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-do-it-yourself-bohemian-style-look

Make a flower wreath for your wedding hairstyle yourself

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-boho-style-chic-apricot-color-

Boho wedding and bridal hairstyle with floral wreath 

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-long-dark-hair-bohemian-style-outfit

Bridal hairstyle with floral wreath for the bride and bridesmaid

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-mother-daughter-elegant-vintage-wedding

Romantic bridal hairstyle with wreath of flowers

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-dead-haired-eyeliner-long-hair-delicate-natural

Bohemian style bridal hairstyle with floral wreath

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-natural-boho-mess-simple

Simple bridal hairstyle with wreath of flowers 

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-medium-long-hair-short-simple-simple

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-bohemian-white-wedding-women-guests

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-wavy-hair-dark-brown-natural-strauss

Bridal hairstyle with wreath of flowers with attractive color

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-lipstick-purple-dress-lace

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-long-hair-color-wedding-chain-nature

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-vintage-jewelry-big-purple-hair color-dark

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-alternative-black-roses-bordo

Make a small flower arrangement yourself as a hair accessory

bridal hairstyle-wreath-romantic-flowers-instructions-hair-diy-do-it-yourself

Bridal hairstyle with wreath of flowers old attractive accents in the hair

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-instructions-braided hairstyle-volume

Simple braided hairstyle, suitable for decorating with flowers or a wreath of flowers

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-instructions-braided hairstyle-easy-diy

Simple hairstyles are suitable for decorating with a wreath of flowers or other flowers

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flower-instructions-easy-braid-hairstyle-do-it-yourself

Bridal hairstyle decorated with daisies

bridal hairstyle-floral wreath-romantic-flowers-blue-white-braided hairstyle-simple

Braided hairstyle with fresh flowers

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-braided hairstyle-do-it-yourself-of course-twig-diy

Simple braided hairstyle in Boho Chic style – instructions

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flower-instructions-braided hairstyle-easy-do-yourself

bridal hairstyle-floral-wreath-romantic-flowers-bohemian-style-plait-casual-dress-lace