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Bob with bangs for women over 40: a flattering hairstyle that suits every woman

Finding a beautiful hairstyle that corresponds to your age and at the same time hides the first wrinkles is not always easy. From hair color to cut, there are many factors that influence the impact of our hairstyle. One of the most popular cuts for older women is without a doubt the bob. If the classic is combined with a pony, the result is one of the most popular trend hairstyles, for which age does not play a role. The best variants for a bob with bangs for women over 40 can be found in the article.

Trendy bob hairstyle with bangs for older women

Bob hairstyles with bangs for women over 40

The bob hairstyle somehow has a reputation for being a safe, somewhat boring choice for a hairstyle. But with so many different interpretations of a bob and ways to customize them to suit your needs and personal tastes, this haircut is anything but boring. As a collective term for hair that is cut just above the chin or almost below the shoulders, the bob can take many different forms so that it best suits your personality and lifestyle. Plus, there are so many variations of the bob that are always on trend and can look great on all face shapes.

Short bob with forehead fringes for women over 40

And the best part about it? Bob hairstyles are a chic choice for any person, regardless of their age or face shape. When deciding on a bob hairstyle, hair texture, hair type, and maintenance level are the only important factors to consider.

A haircut that will make you look younger

Sleek bob with thin bangs by Helen Mirren

Texture through waves and layers makes your hair look fuller and more youthful. Shorter hairstyles like a bob or lob can also look rejuvenating. They’re not that heavy that they don’t drag your look down, and it’s easier to add volume. Finally, bangs can make you look younger too, as long as you choose the right style. Bangs make your face appear smaller and can hide the fine lines while drawing attention to your eyes. So combining a bob hairstyle with a pony is an ideal choice for older women.

short bob with side bangs hairstyles for women over 50

Bob hairstyles are known for their amazing versatility, even with less length. Ask your hairdresser which hairstyles will suit you and which are easy to do at home. Because hair always looks great after visiting the hairdresser, but it is important to be able to style your hair yourself.

Do you fancy a new hairstyle? Take a look at these flattering bob hairstyles with bangs for older women!

Bob with bangs from 40

A line bob with thin forehead fringes for women over 40

40-year-old women are not old, but it is at this age that the first signs of aging usually appear. The first gray hairs appear, their structure changes and the first wrinkles can be seen on the face. These signs of age can be successfully concealed with a good hairstyle. And at this point, the bob-pony combo is an excellent choice.

Curly bob with curtain bangs

Heike Makatsch bob hairstyle with curtain bangs

German actress and singer Heike Makatsch has already tried all the cuts and lengths, but she really stands out with her wavy bob as it focuses on her incredible facial features. A wavy bob is easy to maintain and the messier it gets, the better it looks. The stylish curtain bangs go perfectly with this.

Casual praise with bangs

Long bob with side parting and bangs for women over 40

Who says the bangs always need to be perfectly styled? With her hairstyle, Jessica Chastain shows that a loose bob with casually falling forehead fringes is also suitable for the red carpet. The styling trick that makes this bob hairstyle so special is the center parting.

Classic blunt bob with bangs

Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs for Women 40+ Taraji Henson

Taraji Henson has tried many bob hairstyles but the actress looks just gorgeous with this classic blunt bob. Would you have guessed that she turned 50 last year?

Bob with bangs from 50

Layered straight bob with side bangs

50 is the new 40. You have probably heard this saying before. Even if you’ve reached that “terrifying” age, it doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful and elegant. And the fringed bob is just the right hairstyle for it.

Shaggy long bob with wispy bangs

Medium length messy shag hairstyle with wispy bangs from Halle Berry

The shag is the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle for a busy woman. It looks great whether it’s polished or messy. For extra flair, you can wear a versatile pony like Halle Berry.

Oblique bangs and curls

Kim Catrall curly bob with side bangs

The simple bob can be jazzed up wonderfully with a few curls and a side-styled pony, as evidenced by this hairstyle by actress Kim Cattrall.

Bob with bangs from 60

Shoulder-length gray hair with a fringe on the forehead

By the age of 60, most women’s hair is already gray. Regardless of whether you are proud to wear your natural hair color or have decided to re-dye, a bob with bangs is again a good option for the hairstyle.

Blunt Bob

Classic bob with bangs for women over 60 Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour’s iconic blunt bob with matching blunt bangs is a daring look that proves the short cut is anything but boring. The length of a classic bob is usually an inch or two below the chin, but work with your barber to find the length that best fits your facial features. The most important thing is that the hair does not fray and that the hairstyle has sufficient volume and a beautiful shape.

Curly bob with bangs

Jessica Lange curly bob with curly bangs

Who says curly bob hairstyles can’t have bangs? Ask your barber to break up the length of your cut with a few shorter curls around your eyes to frame your face, à la Jessica Lange.

Sleek bob with feathery bangs

Olivia Newton-John hairstyle for women over 50 shoulder length bob with bangs

Add structure to your bob by pairing it with feathery bangs like Olivia Newton-John.

Layered bob with side bangs

Jane Fonda tiered bob with bangs for women over 60

With a step cut, more volume is conjured up in the hair and the bangs perfectly round off the look.