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Blonde Short Hairstyles 2019 – Choose the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Type

Blonde short hairstyles 2019 bob hairstyle in platinum blonde tousled hair tousled look

Who Says Short Hair Isn’t Feminine? But on the contrary. Short hairstyles are more popular than ever. And no wonder, because short hair is easy to care for and attractive at the same time. A chic blonde shade really brings out the look and makes your face shine. Read on and get inspired by the best short hairstyles in blonde for 2019!

short bob ash blonde wavy darker approach Micah Gianneli

More and more women are parting with their long manes. With this look, you are not only more confident than ever, but also feel freer. This style works especially well on light hair. Blonde tones make the hair shine and radiate pure zest for life.

The benefits of short hairstyles for blonde hair

Short hairstyle blond pixie from 40 easy-care fringed

Short hair offers many advantages to women with blonde hair:

  • Short hair is much easier to style. That said, you spend a lot less time in the morning getting your hair into tip-top shape.
  • Blonde hair is often very thin and has little volume. A carefully chosen haircut can solve this problem.
  • With a short haircut, you will get rid of split ends and frizz forever. This is due to the fact that there is less stress on the hair follicles. In this way, the hair is sufficiently nourished and strengthened in the lengths.
  • Do you think short hair looks boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Short hairstyles can be styled in a variety of ways. With a comb and hair gel, you can conjure up beautiful styling in just a few minutes. Just comb your hair backwards and the evening look is done. With the bobby pin to the side, the hairstyle is perfect for a walk with friends. Do you want a special hairstyle for a festive occasion? Then you can braid the bangs to one side in a French or cord braid.
  • You don’t need to blow-dry short hair either. Short hair dries faster, but is more difficult to control and sometimes droops limply. You should therefore rely on high-quality styling products such as mousse or styling creams to bring volume to the hair.

Short hairstyles for blondes: the right hairstyle for every face shape

Emilia Clarke short haircut with blonde highlights and darker roots

When choosing the perfect short hairstyle, women can orientate themselves on two criteria: the hair structure and the shape of the face. It would be ideal to take both of these factors into account. Then you will choose the hairstyle that suits you best.

Emilia Clarke and her tousled pixie cut blond blue eyes

Oval face: This face shape is considered ideal and all hairstyles fit her. If the oval looks slightly elongated, angled bangs are recommended. The best example of this is Emilia Clarke and her tousled pixie cut.

Pixie Cut Short Hairstyle 2019 Blonde Hair Square Face

Rectangular face: Highlights or fringes go particularly well with rectangular faces. They soften the hardness of the facial features and make them appear softer. Choose a haircut with a lot of volume on the top and little on the sides.

Chin length bob blonde with purple pointy round face center parting

Round face: Styles that visually stretch the face are great for round faces. For example, a short bob with a center parting is perfect as it makes the face appear longer.

Which short haircut suits my hair type best?

Platinum blonde short hairstyle 2019 fine hair

Short hairstyles for fine hair: The pixie cut gives fine hair more body. The longer the hair, the more it is stressed by the weight of the lengths and it loses volume. The pixie is a great choice for strengthening hair and preventing hair loss.

Sidecut with long outer hair blonde olive skin

Short hairstyles for thick hair: You shouldn’t cut thick and full hair too short. However, you can opt for a very short bob haircut or a sidecut with longer top hair (especially if you have curly or wavy hair) to avoid a ball look.

These blonde hair colors are particularly popular in 2019

Ash blonde short hairstyle angular long face dark neck

Ash blonde or silver blonde 

This hair color is natural and deep and is also perfect for those looking for an alternative to platinum or gold blonde. Ash blonde goes perfectly with light skin types with a cool undertone.

Platinum blonde is still referred to as ice blonde

Short hairstyle in platinum blonde with long top hair and oblique bangs oval face

According to the latest Pinterest trends for 2019, searches for ice blonde hair have increased by 216%. This hair color is very bold and is chosen by many celebrity ladies. Platinum blonde is suitable for women with an olive to dark complexion. However, platinum blonde hair needs a lot of maintenance. A silver shampoo is a must to avoid yellowing. Platinum blonde looks especially good on short haircuts such as B. Pixie and Bob off.

Golden blonde or honey blonde

Golden blonde honey blonde bob long at the front, short at the back

This warm shade of blonde gives the hair a golden sheen. Golden blonde goes well with brown eyes and sun-tanned skin. The hair color especially flatters the autumn type.

Venetian Blonde, Strawberry Blonde

Venetian Blonde Strawberry Blonde Bob with Side Parting

Venetian blonde is a warm gold tone with a hint of copper and can also be described as a very light shade of red. This shade of blonde is not very well known, but it looks very classy. Of course, it’s not for everyone. Women with very light or slightly pink skin can wear this hair color without any problems.

Californian blonde

California blonde bob with highlights shoulder length with long angled bangs

When we think of California, the sun, surf, and the beach tend to come to mind. Therefore, your hair should look like it has been kissed by the sun, as if you have spent the whole year on the beaches of California. The approach remains dark and the tips are colored blonde. The transition should look very smooth and natural. Go for platinum blonde if your base color is already light blonde.

Highlights create special accents in the hair

short bob chin-length hazelnut blonde with golden highlights

Even if your natural hair color is blonde, highlights can add some depth and volume to the hair. Choose highlights one or two shades lighter.

The most popular short haircuts for blondes

Short hairstyle 2019 platinum blonde pixie cut classic square long face


The pixie is a true classic among short hairstyles. There are tons of variations so it can be customized for different hair types. Celebrities also love this cut because it’s so incredibly versatile. Do you have fine hair? This look is perfect for you! The coolest pixie cuts for 2019 are tiered and styled disheveled. Tip: Use a matte gel or wax to give your pixie an ultra-modern look.

Page head

Bob hairstyle for fine blonde hair volume above

In 2019, the Garcon cut is definitely one of the hottest trend hairstyles. The boyish short haircut is perfect for women with thick hair and expressive facial features, as this look particularly emphasizes the eyes.

The short bob

Short hairstyles in blonde with side parting highlights chin-length bob

When you hear “short bob”, do you immediately think of Victoria Beckham’s haircut from the 90s? We also! What the style icon wore years ago will be trendy again in 2019. Here are the most important facts: The hair should be relatively thick. Your barber should trim it to chin length. It is important that the cut is not straight, but slightly asymmetrical. The hair is longer in the front. The beauty of this cut? Flexible, versatile styling. Whether elegant (with a sleek look), mega chic (with a wet look) or casual (with casual waves) – anything is possible with this cut!

The undone bob for medium-length and short hair

The undone bob for medium-length and short hair

The hair ideally extends between the chin and shoulder. Steps in the hair can be accentuated with the right styling. Styling tip: After washing your hair, apply a little styling mousse and then simply blow-dry it with a diffuser or alternatively with a round brush. To give the hair more curl and volume, you can blow-dry it upside down. Then, make some casual curls with a flat iron or curling iron. Fix the styling with hairspray. The tousled bob can be worn with a center or side parting.

Undercut – Long top hair and cropped short underneath

Shaved golden blonde or honey blonde undercut short haircut

This trendy short hairstyle is perfect for anyone who likes to draw attention to themselves. This look is most dramatic when the sides are razor-shaved. The top hair stays longer and can be styled as desired. The approach in particular should have a lot of volume. A volume powder gives your hair additional volume or a cool undone look. The powder is either simply put on the roots or directly on the hands and then gently massaged in. Tip: Maximize the glamor factor with XXL earrings and red painted lips.

Sidecut can be styled very versatile

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair Blonde with a hint of pink

In contrast to the undercut, the sidecut only has a very short side. The other side is longer and has an asymmetrical cut. The result? A stylish, dramatic look that is also very casual.

Tip: This short hairstyle is also great for women with natural curls or wavy hair. After washing your hair, work the hair with curling foam and blow-dry it with a diffuser attachment. Define individual curls with hair wax. The fluffy, the cooler the look.

Take a look at all the inspirations in our picture gallery and find the perfect short hairstyle 2019 for you!

short bob 2019 in blonde front long back short

Garcon Cut Short Hairstyles 2019 in Blonde

Ash blonde bob, long at the front, short at the back, more volume for fine hair

Ash blonde bob with highlights at the front, long at the back, short 2019


Kurzhaarfrisuren 2019 Pagenschnitt bob haircut long top hair cut short at the bottom

Short hairstyle with glasses in platinum blonde with a purple tint, long top hair in a fluffy look

Bob hairstyle tiered platinum blonde elongated face


Sidecut hairstyle sideways shaved blonde and brown combination

Short hairstyle with long oblique bangs in blond blue eyes

short bob in platinum blonde tiered short hairstyle from 40

Short hairstyle Pixie in a fluffy look platinum blonde

short bob for fine hair side parting platinum blonde highlights

short hairstyles blond for women from 50 bob with bangs

Bob hairstyle with bangs blond from 40 round face

Short hairstyle silver blonde long top hair

Kurzhaarschnit Garcon Cut silver blonde fringed

short hairstyles blonde undercut figures shaved

Short haircut in blonde pixie fringed with a dark base

short bob for fine hair with oblique bangs blonde with a dark base

Bob hairstyle in combination with an undercut silver blonde