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Beautiful evening hairstyles – 20 ideas and styling tips for every hair length

Beautiful evening hairstyles updo braid

Whether for the prom, a company party or simply a party evening with friends, with the right evening hairstyle you bring your entire look to life. You can leave your hair open as well as partially or completely poke it up. The ideas are just endless and you can find a suitable hairstyle for every hair length. We would like to introduce you to some examples of beautiful evening hairstyles that you can style yourself for the next party or special occasion.

Evening hairstyles for long hair


Evening hairstyles are the best addition to the evening look and round off the festive outfit in the best way. They look particularly feminine and elegant, which is why a good evening hairstyle is a must for every special occasion. Although evening hairstyles are often considered a great challenge even for professional hairdressers, they can also be successfully imitated at home with a few tips and tricks.

Without a doubt, the long hair is best suited for beautiful evening hairstyles. The long hair can be worn open or half-open, as well as in an elegant updo. Curls, waves and braids are best styled with long hair, so the choice of hairstyles is greatest with this hair length.


The time when updos were the only option for an elegant evening hairstyle is long gone. Loose evening hairstyles have replaced the classic chignons and are already considered the latest trend in festive hairstyles. This is not just about open hair, but rather special hairstyles, mostly with half-open hair. They work best with curls or waves and ensure a particularly feminine look.

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An important requirement for the evening hairstyle is the outfit. If both are coordinated with each other, the whole evening look is rounded off. That is why it is important to choose the outfit before deciding on an exact hairstyle. For example, if you are invited to a gala where the glamorous outfit is a must, then you should also consider glamorous evening hairstyles.

For less official events, like your best friend’s birthday, loose evening hairstyles are perfectly fine. Half-open hair with waterfall braids or braided sides are perfect for such occasions.

Just make beautiful evening hairstyles yourself

evening hairstyles-long-hair-side parting-curls

If you want to wear your hair open on a special occasion, but still in an elegant hairstyle, then these ideas for beautiful evening hairstyles are perfect for you. With this hairstyle, the hair is open, but worn to the side. This opens one face part and turns the loose hair into a festive hairstyle quickly and easily.


For this evening hairstyle, the hair is first curled or waved and then a side part is pulled. Then the side with the smaller section of hair is either braided or pinned with the help of some bobby pins. This hairstyle also works very well with a side pony.

Beautiful evening hairstyles worn to the side or pinned on are perfect for backless dresses and outfits. This emphasizes the effect of the clothing and creates a rounded look. And the best thing is that you can do such evening hairstyles yourself without any problems and without much practice.

evening hairstyles-long-hair-braided-bangs

Almost open, but with a nice effect you can style your hair when you braid the bangs. To do this, a French braid is braided from the left to the right forehead (or vice versa). So the rest of your hair stays open, still in a nice evening hairstyle. This look is best for a night out with friends.

evening hairstyles-simple-ponytail

A simple ponytail can also be turned into a festive hairstyle and worn on a special occasion. You can do this by braiding the hair at the back of your head or using bobby pins to wrap it around it. Finally, you can use a strand of hair instead of a hair elastic to tie the hair and the simple evening hairstyle is ready.

Beautiful evening hairstyles for medium length hair

evening hairstyles-medium-length-hair-curls

For hair with a medium length, there are also beautiful evening hairstyles that make for an elegant look for any occasion. Again, you can choose between open and pinned up hair, but these hairstyles need additional volume. The medium hair length also has certain advantages. Shoulder-length hair is used to accentuate the outfit and the evening hairstyle is simply a complement to it. With evening hairstyles for medium-length hair, you can also put your evening dress in the limelight with loose hair.


If you want an inconspicuous, yet beautiful evening look, then beautiful evening hairstyles for medium-length hair are perfect for it. Half-open hair with a section of braided hair is the perfect evening hairstyle that can complement any dress. With some hair accessories in your hair, you can spice up the look and make it a little more noticeable.

evening hairstyles-medium-length-hair-half-open

The half-open hair with light waves is the best choice for a simple evening hairstyle with a certain wow factor. You shouldn’t just tie the side sections of hair with bobby pins, but twist or braid them so that you get the desired effect. This look combines perfectly with ombre hair or hair colors with strands.

Medium-length hair can also be tied into beautiful updos with the help of a headband. The hair is wrapped around the headband and a voluminous effect is created, although the hair is not long enough. So you have a nice hair ornament on your forehead and an elegant chignon on your neck.

Beautiful evening hairstyles for short hair


Have you dared to cut your hair short, but don’t know how to style your hair for a special occasion? Don’t worry, we have gathered some great ideas for beautiful evening hairstyles for short hair that are inspired by the stars.

Short hair also has its advantages when thinking about festive hairstyles. While they can only be tied into beautiful updos under certain circumstances, the alternatives are just as great. In addition, the time required to style the short hairstyle is much less than that for a long mane.


A classic pixie cut requires almost no preparation for a special occasion because it is difficult to style. Therefore, the ladies with a short haircut have the advantage that they hardly have to style their hair before the festive event. So just wash your hair, apply some hair wax and you’re done.

Things are different with grown pixie cuts and bob hairstyles. They offer a larger selection of evening hairstyles and can also be styled accordingly. Leaving the hair open is one of the best festive hairstyle ideas in this case. For an evening look, however, this hairstyle needs a suitable styling. With a deep side parting and a certain volume in the roots, the simple open hair is transformed into a great evening hairstyle.


With straight hair you can do beautiful evening hairstyles with both long and short hair. If you don’t want to leave your hair open, but want to style it into an elegant evening hairstyle, you can use this idea as inspiration. Here, the hair is first straightened with a straightening iron and then combed back. Then the upper section of hair is taken and teased backwards with a comb. Finally, style the side areas with some hair wax in a sleek look and secure with bobby pins. The glamorous look for short hair is finished.

evening hairstyles-short-hair-bob

Here are two simple examples of beautiful evening hairstyles that you can imitate super quickly and easily with a few bobby pins. Although these looks look a bit plain, they are perfect as a complement to an attractive evening outfit.

Festive updos for every occasion

evening hairstyles-curls-looser-chignon

Although they are no longer a must have, updos are still considered a classic among evening hairstyles. Beautiful updos for a special occasion usually work with both long and medium-length hair. However, if you have shoulder-length or short hair, an up-pinned hairstyle can only be styled with a hair extension.

So if you want an evening hairstyle with your hair pinned up, then the ladies with long hair have a certain advantage. You can experiment with the long mane and tie your hair into a bun, chignon or a beautiful braided hairstyle.


Beautiful evening hairstyles with pinned up hair are often transformed into real works of art by professional hairdressers. However, if you want to style an updo yourself for a special occasion, then you need a little practice and a lot of patience. For better results at home, you can invite a helping hand, such as your best friend.


For beautiful evening hairstyles with a bun, you can use a bun pillow. This means that perfect results are almost always achieved if the hair accessory is used correctly. For a playful effect, you can combine this evening hairstyle with a braided neck or sides.


It is no wonder that beautiful evening hairstyles are often combined with braided hairstyles. The braided hair looks particularly feminine and can complement almost any outfit perfectly. If you’re good with braids then you can try this braided wreath idea as an evening hairstyle. For this, the hair is divided in two and two herringbone braids are braided on the back. The braids are then tied around the head like a wreath with the help of bobby pins.


Simple braided hairstyles can be quickly transformed into beautiful evening hairstyles if you use a few tricks. For example, if you braid a Dutch braid a bit looser, you can hide the lower part of the braid in your hair and do an elegant updo yourself. This look works just fine with medium length hair and is great for any special occasion.