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70s hairstyle: which retro looks are trendy this year?

From crunchies to babydoll dresses to hairstyles with hair clips – numerous hairstyle and fashion trends from the past are celebrating a big comeback and are conquering our fashion world again. When it comes to wild, unique and extravagant hairstyles then we immediately have to think of the 70s. With a touch of nostalgic elegance and a modern touch – the 70s hairstyle is back in the spotlight for this summer and is more beautiful than ever! The next hairdresser appointment is imminent? Take a little journey through time with us and let yourself be inspired by the many great looks!

Shag hairstyle with bangs hair trends 70s hair

If there is one thing that defines 70s fashion, it is definitely the extravagant hairstyles that are still causing a stir today. Whether the legendary hair dryer waves from the actress Farrah Fawcetts, funny disco curls or the bold shag hairstyle – the looks are anything but boring and difficult to miss.

70s hairstyle – The shag haircut is a timeless classic

70s hair shag hairstyle for long hair hairstyle trends women

Easy to style, ideal for all hair types and lengths and full of volume – the shag hairstyle was a big hit back in the 70s and is one of the biggest hair trends this year. With lots of layers and textures, it’s the ideal cut for anyone who wants an effortless, casual, yet modern look. The hairstyle was first presented by the superstar and fashion legend Jane Fonda in the film “Klute”. However, the hairstyle is considered unisex and works surprisingly well for both women and men.

The voluminous hair dryer wave for an unforgettable appearance

70s hairstyle feathered curls style hairstyle ideas shoulder length hair

If we were to determine the most peppy and elegant 70s hairstyle, it would be actress Farrah Fawcett’s luscious hair dryer waves. She not only made the look incredibly popular and popular, but also a timeless classic that will never go out of style. Whether it’s casual for the weekend or for a formal occasion – you can’t go wrong with the sweeping exterior waves! The voluminous, outwardly turned hair frames the face in a unique way and looks incredibly romantic and stylish. And the best thing? You don’t have to run to your barber right away to get the look! All you need for this is a round brush and a hair dryer. When blow-drying, you simply have to twist the strands outwards away from your face, then brush your hair lightly and your 70s hairstyle is ready!

The pony hairstyles are still very much in trend

Curtain Bangs Bangs Hairstyles for Short Hair Long Bob Haircut Style

Whether long, short or an oblique pony – pony hairstyles in all imaginable designs and variants are experiencing a very big moment this year. Particularly straight ponies that gently fall over the eyebrows were a real hit in the 70s. The look visually makes our face appear smaller and narrower and is ideal for women with an elongated face shape or a larger forehead.

Hairscarf hairstyles for a trendy hippie look

Bandana hairstyles trend 70s hair hairstyle trends women

In the 70s, women liked to use creative and colorful hair accessories to make their hair even more interesting and eye-catching. Hairstyles with a hair scarf and bandanas, which were worn as a headband, over the whole head or even as a turban, were particularly popular. When choosing a pattern and color, the more colorful the better! Models made of fine fabrics such as silk and cotton are particularly pleasant for the warm summer months. Let your creativity run free and try one of the many styling options to give your outfit a casual hippie flair.

With opulent Afro curls, you will attract all eyes!

Disco curls hairstyle 70s hair curly hair with bangs

Although it was over three decades ago, the voluminous disco curls in Afro style are still causing a stir today. A 70s hairstyle, combined with a glittering dress and strong eye make-up – with an outfit like this you are guaranteed to be the center of attention at every party. Reach for large and chic hair clips to add a touch of glamor and shimmer to the hairstyle. Bring the look at home easily by curling your hair strand by strand with a small diameter curling iron. Then gently comb through with your fingers and set with a hairspray.

Keep it simple and simple with perfectly straight hair and a center parting

Retro hairstyles 70s long hair style easy

Born during the hippie movement, long straight hair with a center parting was extremely popular in the 1970s. The most famous women who have worn the look include the two fashion icons Cher and Jane Birkin. The classic hairstyle looks very sophisticated and its simple elegance makes it perfect for absolutely every occasion. Although hair straightening takes less than 10 minutes with the straightening iron these days, unfortunately that was not the case back then. To get the straightforward look, women often straightened their hair with an iron!

70s hairstyle – more beautiful ideas and looks for re-styling!

Pixie Haircut with Bangs Hairband Hairstyles for Short Hair

Curtain bangs or in German – a pony with a center parting gently frames your face and is one of the biggest hair trends of the year!

Long bob haircut style long bangs hairstyle 70s hair

Disco curls are a very extravagant look that is only suitable for the very brave women.

Curly hairstyles for long hair 70s hairstyle disco curls

The shag hairstyle is a chic cut that can be styled without a lot of frills.

Shag hairstyle for curly hair 70s hairstyle trend

Whether for a bob haircut or for a long mane – a long pony is always possible.

Retro hairstyles 70s hair long bangs style tips

The mushroom head hairstyle is another hair trend from the 70s that is making a big comeback

Mushroom head hairstyle trend 70s hair style short hair with bangs

The main rule for a 70s hairstyle is “the bigger the better!” And that goes for a classic ponytail too

Ponytail hairstyle variants 70s hair trends

Straight hair with a long pony looks incredibly sophisticated and elegant

long bangs style 70s hairstyle straighten hair

Curtain bangs are suitable for every face shape and ensure a natural look

long bangs style 70s hairstyle

Without a doubt, the blow dryer waves are the most legendary hairstyle from the 70s

Jerry Hall Hairstyles 70s Hair Retro Curls Oblique Bangs

Hair towels are an easy and stylish way to add a subtle retro touch to your hairstyle

Hair band hairstyles for long hair 70s hairstyle trend