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55 Creative Girls Hairstyles – Little Lady’s Hair Styling

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The little princess or princesses at home puts on a beautiful dress. She will go on a visit with you or celebrate a child’s birthday. The dress is already worried and a suitable hairstyle should not be missing. Ideas for creative Girls hairstyles, that can be fulfilled quickly and easily – that’s what you need. Your little girl is fed up with the braids and ponytails that usually start her day every morning – something new should appear on the horizon.

The world of girls hairstyles – 55 ideas for creative hairstyle

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Here are 55 adorable hairstyles for your little one to try out. Whether for a special occasion or just for the first day of school, these hairstyles are the perfect choice and will definitely please a happy favorite face several times. Maybe your sweetheart is a dancer or athlete – then she would want a new hairstyle every time for a competition or production. We hope that our suggestions will be appreciated by Girls hairstyles Become useful to you and the princess, so that the look of the little one is completed with a suitable hair styling.

Braided hairstyles for children with instructions – perfect for school and children’s parties

30 children’s hairstyles for girls for weddings and communions

DIY braided and updos from the movie “Frozen”

Create wonderful girls hairstyles just like for a real lady

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Girls want to grow up and grow up quickly, put on make-up and look like mothers or women on television. Your child will definitely have a pleasure trying out something new together, and especially if the joint work is praised at the next children’s birthday party. Girls hairstyles with delicate flowers, satin bows or magnificently decorated headbands look like a fairytale, like little angels. Take a look through our picture gallery and do what you two like best. Your daughter is sure to get tired of the girls’ hairstyles that you put together in a hurry just before the start of the school day. Please your little girl!

A classic peasant braid braided into a wreath

Girls hairstyles creative-balerina-front-storn-plait-white-dress-hair

You can make a wreath from two plaited braids that you start on the side behind the ears. After that, simply place the braids over your head, after which you can style the back sections of your hair into a ponytail, bun or other updo. Of course, you can also braid the braid for the wreath directly from one side to the other. That looks even more original, but it’s more difficult.

Different variants are possible – for more splendor, decorate with a hair flower


In this variant, the braid for the chin was started at the front in the pony area and continued around the entire head, along the neck. In this way, you get an updo with just one braid, which is particularly suitable for a dirndl.

Start braiding from the two sides and leave part of the hair open 


Another variant is to create a French braid on both sides of the head, which you then tie into a ponytail over the nape. This creates a cute parting in the middle. The hairstyle idea is suitable for both long and shorter hair. Alternatively, you can create an elegant or casual bun instead of a ponytail.

A wreath surrounds the head


Here you can see the example that we presented above from a different point of view. Updos like these are particularly suitable for the hot summer, as the neck becomes free. With your hair down, you’re more likely to sweat. At the beach or pool, where hair can get wet and disturbing, styling can be very practical and convenient as well.

A French braid tied together


Start pulling from a deep side parting


Creative casual girls hairstyles for summer


Summer in the hair with flowers and petals


Make beautiful hair decorations if you are not that skilled in the art of braiding



Like real art – braid of hair in the girls hairstyles

girl-hairstyles-creatively-braided-front-hair-summer-side braids



Girls hairstyles for straight hair




Tie the hair at the side and pin it together at the nape of the neck


Like a real princess with a ball gown and pearl jewelry


Creative casual girls hairstyles for summer

girl-hairstyles-creative-pigtail-front-back-peg-hairstyle-stone wall

Something nice for smaller girls


Minnie Mouse hairstyle with dotted headband

girl-hairstyles-creative-hair-band-pink-pink-white-put up two-pigtails

Use colorful details – children like it colored



For shorter hair – colorful hairbands



Pink bow braided in a ponytail


An official girl’s hairstyle made of pinned waves with floral decoration


Use hair foam only to shape the little lady’s curls


Crown hairstyle with a pigtail knot at the nape of the neck


The herringbone braids are gathered at the nape of the neck


The small curls are fixed on the side with a flower


Very elegant girl hairstyle with peculiar hair role


A little heart made of double braids 


Two ideas with decorations for children’s parties


Two French braids on the sides


Mickey or Minnie? – A party hairstyle

French braid with a double knot at the nape of the neck


An idea for the kindergarten or park






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