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21 ways to wear curls with bangs – the curly-pony combo is so beautiful!

Curly heads watch out, these hairstyles are for you! The combination of curls and bangs has become one of the hottest hairstyle trends of 2021 lately, and for good reason. A pony hairstyle gets a special extravagance with natural curls, so that the result looks both chic and casual and is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention. If you want to add bangs to your curly mane (or you already have them and are looking for some inspiration for a hairstyle) then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover 21 incredibly chic ways to wear curly hair with bangs, including variations for the short bob with curls and bangs and curly hair with straight bangs! The curly fringe trend is convincing with different hair lengths and types of curls.

Long bob with curls and bangs

Long bob shoulder length with natural curls

The bob hairstyles have been totally in trend for several years. If you want to join the bob trend but want a bit more length, your best bet is to go for a long bob haircut. The praise is the epitome of the cool girl haircut and the good news is that it looks amazing even on curly hair! The long bob is typically cut at shoulder height (either just above, just before or just below the shoulder) and can also be a little longer in the front than in the back.

Long bob with natural curls and side bangs

To a curly lob, an oblique pony, or the so-called side pony, is quite popular and especially flatters women with a heart-shaped and oval face shape. A long bob with straight bangs, on the other hand, is super beneficial for long faces.

To style your curls, apply a curl gel or styling lotion to clean, towel-dried hair and then blow-dry it with a diffuser or let it air dry.

Messy bun

curly hairstyle with bangs by rita ora

Tie your curly hair in a casual bun at the top of your head, but be sure to let a few strands of pony fall loosely over your face! This quick and easy updo with bangs gives you the perfect balance of effortlessness and elegance. Even stars like Rita Ora and Leona Lewis opted for this gorgeous curly hairstyle when they appeared on the red carpet.

By the way, you can find more hairstyle ideas with natural curls in this article.

The high bun with curls and falling strands by Rita Ora exudes boho vibes

curls and bangs hairstyle - high tied bun

Leona Lewis wears the trend hairstyle on the red carpet

curls and pony hairstyle by leona lewis

High bun with straight bangs, curly hair and glasses

afro curls with pony bun hairstyle

Curls + smooth bangs


Who says you have to keep your entire mane curly? For a contrast in structure, you can combine curls with sleek bangs. Use a round brush and blow dryer to blow dry your bangs smooth after you shower, then style the rest of the hair as you normally would.

Forehead fringes also optimally conceal forehead wrinkles

curls with smooth bangs shoulder length - kathy griffin

Narrow faces in particular benefit from a full mane


 Half-length hair + parting in the middle

long bob hairstyle with middle parting

You don’t have to wear the bangs straight and at eyebrow level. In fact, long bangs look very trendy on natural curls with a center parting. This creates a face-framing effect that particularly flatters oval face shapes.

Space buns

curls and bangs hairstyles space buns

Underline your open and cheerful personality with a hairstyle that is just as happy! Space buns look great on curly hair, but when paired with a pony, the result is even more beautiful.

The hairstyle is ideal for little girls too

Space buns hairstyle with bangs with Afro natural curls

The actress and singer Janelle Monáe wears the space buns hairstyle on the red carpet

Space buns hairstyle by Janelle Monáe

Shaggy bob with curls and bangs

Bob with curls and bangs before after pictures

The Shaggy Bob is the perfect combination of two popular haircuts: the Shag Cut and the Bob. The Shaggy Bob moves somewhere between a chin-length and shoulder-length bob, but is wilder and messier than the classic bob haircut! It’s a great option for curly hair as the bob is cut in layers, which creates a great curl curl. This curly haircut looks great when paired with straight bangs.

Curtain fringe in the style of the 60s and 70s

long bob with curls and bangs shag hairstyle

To emphasize your natural curl structure, apply a curl-enhancing hair cream to damp hair from roots to ends and knead the hair with your fingers. Then blow-dry your hair upside down with a diffuser. Since the English term shaggy means shaggy or swirled around, the hair can look deliberately undone and rocky.

Shaggy bob that ends at chin length

short bob with curls and bangs shaggy bob hairstyle

Long bob with bangs that ends at eyebrow level

long bob with curls and bangs

Levels bring out the curls stronger

bangs with natural curls - shaggy bob hairstyle

Shaggy Curly Bob with Bangs and Glasses

short bob with curls and bangs

The trend hairstyle looks messy and also a bit rebellious

curls bob with bangs in the trend

Curls and frayed bangs

long curls with bangs middle parting wispy bangs

Not sure if a thick, full pony would suit you? Give it a try with loose, fringed bangs, also known as wispy bangs, and let a few short curls dangle over your forehead. Wispy is translated as “fine, thinned out” in German. With this pony hairstyle you have a free choice: you can either put the bangs in the limelight or simply push them to the side and tuck them away.

The wispy bangs are slightly tiered to the sides

Shag hairstyle with curls and bangs layered cut

The fringed bangs can also be worn parted in the middle

curls bob with bangs and balayage tips

High ponytail

Rihanna hairstyle with curls tied high ponytail

Do you want your long hair back on your neck? Tie your locks in a high, sweeping ponytail at the top of the back of your head – without the bangs, of course – and let the ends of your hair fall forward over your forehead. In this way, you can also conjure up a fake pony with your own hair.

A high ponytail with bangs also looks great on corkscrew curls

afro curls with bangs and high ponytail

Half bun with bangs

long natural curls with pony and top knot

The half-open high bun, still known as the half bun or half-up top knot, has been an ongoing trend in recent years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to go away anytime soon. Part your hair from ear to ear and twist the top section into a topknot, leaving the bangs free. How stylish!

The half bun can be wonderfully combined with two strands at the front

hairstyle for long curls with bangs - Half up top knot

Long hair with layers and bangs

haircut long curls with bangs before after

If you have curly hair, there is no way you should go for a haircut that has only length and no structure. Very often, thick curls without steps take on a triangular shape. A step cut with long layers (and bangs!) Provides more movement for curly hair. As the name suggests, the distance from the shortest step to the rest of the hair should be larger.

The step cut creates shape and volume in natural curls

step cut with bangs and curls beforehand afterwards

Highlights add depth to the hair

tiered cut with slanted bangs and curls with highlights

Slicked down hairstyle

afro curls hairstyle ponytail in sleek back look

Curly hair is known to have more volume and body than other hair types. For a contrasting look, you can smooth the top section or one side of your hair back and secure it with a trendy bar or two clips. Leave the rest of your curls open.

Curls pinned to the side

curls and bangs hairstyle - side-tipped hair clip

Curls + long bangs

Zendaya hairstyle with stubby bangs and curls

As a general rule, curly hair looks best with long bangs. Opt for a length that gently plays around your eyebrows, or even a little longer as the curls pull together when dry.

A curly fringe gives angular facial features a soft expression

tiered cut with straight bangs and curls

Curly Pixie – short hairstyle with curls and bangs

short hair with curls and sloping bangs

Want to try short curly hair with bangs? Then go for a pixie haircut. We really love this look, and so will you! A curly pixie paired with long oblique bangs is one of the trendiest short hairstyles for natural curls in 2021.

The curly pixie is also perfect for women with gray hair

curly hair with short haircut and bangs from 50

Curly short haircut with bangs

short curls with bangs - pixie

The asymmetrical look looks very modern

short haircut curls with bangs

Pixie cut combined with micro bangs

short haircut with curly pixie

 Low bun

curls with bangs hairstyles low - tied ponytail

For a professional, elegant look, style your curly hair in a low bun. With this hairstyle, your curly bangs take center stage.

Curls hairstyle with hair towel

curls and pony hairstyle with colored cloth

An accessory can turn your hairstyle from simple to chic in no time! We love the look of a hair towel when paired with curls and bangs. Place the scarf behind your ears so that your bangs are the focus of your look. Think of the hair towel as a separator between bangs and length. You can find more hairstyle ideas with hair towels in our article.

Hairstyles with a bandana are perfect for natural curls

Afro curls tied into bangs with hair scarf

A messy bun can also be pepped up with a bandana

curls and bangs hairstyle with bun and shawl

Curls with bangs and a deep ponytail

afro curls with side parting and ponytail bangs

Another ponytail hairstyle for natural curls: wear your curly hair tied in a deep ponytail and let your bangs hang over your forehead. There are bonus points if you combine this hairstyle with a hair scarf or other hair accessory!

Make sure you also create volume on the top of your head

curls and pony hairstyle - deeply tied ponytail

With a low ponytail and hair clips you conjure up a high-end look

curls and pony hairstyle deep ponytail with hair accessories

With a few glittering hair clips, this ponytail looks particularly glamorous

natural curls tied in a ponytail with hair clips

Curls + blunt bangs

curls half-length with blunt bangs

Are you ready to unleash the full potential of the curly fringe trend? Then a thick, blunt pony is for you. It can reach to the eyebrows or end just below the brows. It depends on how much of your face you want to cover up.

Full bangs, layered cut and copper hair color

medium length curls with bangs

Party Ponytail – Half-open hairstyle for long hair with curls

long hair with curls party bangs hairstyle

Do you like to wear your hair half open? Here’s a pretty simple hairstyle, but one that has something striking about it. Part your hair from ear to ear and tie the top section of hair in a small ponytail. Leave the rest of your hair open. How chic! You can let the pony fall loosely or tie it into the ponytail.

This is how Khloe Kardashian wears the party ponytail

curls hairstyles long with bangs half open

 Pigtails – hairstyle with 90s charm

blonde curls with middle parting - 90s hairstyle

Get inspiration from your childhood and combine your curly bangs with two open braids. You know what to do: part your hair in half and tie two ponytails on each side of your head. Combined with a curly pony, this nostalgic hairstyle gets a trendy makeover.

Curls with oblique bangs

natural curls with side parting and bangs

You don’t have to wear the traditional straight bangs if you are in doubt that it will visually shorten your face too much! If you’d rather slowly get to grips with the curly fringe trend, your best bet is to have long angled bangs cut for you.

Low space buns

curls and bangs hairstyles low buns and pigtail

Are the high-tied space buns a little too girly for you? If you still love the look, consider their more casual alternative: low space buns. Part your hair in the middle or on the side, then make two small buns on either side of your head at the nape of your neck. This hairstyle also looks great in combination with a side braided pony.

With braids you can get the bangs off your face

hairstyle half-length curls with pony side braids