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20 ideas for a great hairstyle with bobby pins that will change your life

Hairstyle-bobby pins-white-x-attached-updo

The bobby pins are among those beautification tools with infinite uses. In this article we will inspire you with 20 ideas for a great Hairstyle with bobby pins and how you will ensure a real eye-catcher. In any case, everyone will ask you what your secret is.

Better grip – first step for the great hairstyle with bobby pins


So that you have a gorgeous and mysterious Hairstyle with bobby pins enchant you should follow our simple tips that can make your life easier. If you have trouble snapping your bobby pin, try pulling the wavy part apart from the flatter base.

Great hairstyle with bobby pins

Hairstyle with bobby pins hair-medium-length-x-pinned

Use Dry shampoo or hairspray before inserting your bobby pin to avoid slipping. Squirt a small amount of hairspray or Oribe Dry Texture Spray onto the inside of the bobby pin for a grip. If you … this great hairstyle with bobby pins tease the ends of your hair with a styling comb before joining them together. The steps will be yours here shown. The model is from the top hairstylist: Dominick Pucciarello Styled at the Mizu Salon in NYC.

Use the technique of locking

Hairstyle-bobby pins-side-bun-bangs-pinned

So you will surely enjoy a great and long-lasting hairstyle all day long. A larger bobby pin or bobby pin like Nishida’s will give you a bigger grip as you distribute your hair and gradually secure it in place. Next, you should align the open side of the bobby pin along the hair and tuck it in firmly until it is firmly attached to the head. When the bobby pin is properly attached, your hair will have more hold and the bobby pin will be invisible. Repeat these steps until you want the hold you want. This great idea for a hairstyle with a bobby pin comes from the art director of matrix Ammon Carver hair salon.

Use bobby pins to secure the ends of your braid

Braid-lace-with-bobby pins-fasten-hair-style-with-bobby pins

Tie the tips of your braid in a knot and secure the braid with a bobby pin. This is how you will get an expressive hairstyle. We offer you instructions for the fishtail braid here. Voilà! And this is how you get a braid attached invisibly.

So that you don’t get hair on your face


Use hidden bobby pins for a great open hairstyle. For hair blown with the wind like Chrissy Teigen, you’ll achieve with some hidden bobby pins. “For a great and blown-back look at the same time, I shaped Chrissy’s hair on both sides, slightly behind the ears, with a bobby pin each and thus created the perfect hairstyle for the Academy Awards!”, Says the hairstylist Pucciarelo to the Cosmopolitan .com. “That way, she saved herself the uncomfortable pulling apart or holding the hair with the help of her hands and really just enjoyed the evening.

Secure mini braids with a hidden bobby pin

Braiding your hairstyle with bobby pins

Braid a mini braid and pull it back. Hold the opened bobby pin against your face and align the lower side towards your head under the braid and the other side towards your head and over the braid and insert the bobby pin.

Attach the highlights


Pull up a strand and tuck a bobby pin underneath. Try this simple technique by twisting a strand of your hair and pulling it up, an open bobby pin aimed towards your face and securing it the other way. This way you have a great hairstyle with bobby pins and if the hairpin you chose is not enough, attach another one under it or take a bigger one.

Cover the plastic part of your ponytail with a strand of hair

Barrette-bobby pin-long-blonde-hair-ponytail

After you’ve tied your ponytail, remove a thin section of hair (about the size of your little finger) from it and wrap it around the plastic hair clip. Secure loose hairs with a hidden bobby pin.

Show your bobby pin


Secure part of your hair with two bobby pins inserted horizontally. Complete the hashtag by inserting two additional hairpins perpendicular to the other two. Show how great you look with colorful bobby pins in your hair!

Secure the top half of your hair with a triangle shaped bobby pin 

great-hairstyle-idea-with-colorful-green-bobby pins

Take strand from both sides and pull it backwards. Cross the strands and place the bobby pin in a horizontal direction. Take a second bobby pin and set it in a diagonal direction. Repeat step two on the left side by touching the corners of all three bobby pins.

Secure your bangs hairstyle with the cool design of ombré chevron bobby pin

Use a V-shape bobby pin for bangs

Start to secure your bangs with open bobby pins by inserting the bobby pin in a cross direction. Complete the V-shape while inserting one bobby pin after the other on the left side by inserting the second half of the needle through the open corner of the inserted one. You can use as much bobby pin as you want.

Cross the bobby pins with each other for a cool and trendy look

pink-bobby pin-crossed-shape

To ensure that the bobby pins are firmly in place, put the second row of bobby pins in the middle of the first row and you get a closed X-shape.

Shape the braid into a smooth shape

Use an updo-plait-braid-bobby pin

Fix free hairs or uneven spots with cute bobby pins. If you have a tiered hairstyle but want to wear it in a braid, you can use bobby pins to tie the shorter strands.

Put bobby pins in the ponytail hairstyle so that you support it 

Ponytail orange hair clip

When you have tied a ponytail, you can insert two or three hair clips halfway vertically into the hair clip under the ponytail. Make sure that the open side of the bobby pin is facing down. Fluff up your ponytail and you will see what volume you have created. Great hairstyle with a ponytail that doesn’t sag.

Enjoy your curls longer

Hair straightening-curling-curling-wavy-hair

Right after turning a strand of hair into a curl, roll the curl back and secure it with a bobby pin. When you have attached all the hot curls on your head, wait until they have reached room temperature and remove them one at a time. This technique will help you enjoy really great curls all day long.

Give your hairstyle more volume

Multi-volume ponytail hairstyle

So that you have a tight ponytail that also has more volume at the same time, comb thin strands downwards and backwards, straighten them and secure them with enough bobby pins. Gather all of your hair in a ponytail and tie it on the side for an original look.

Create a faux bob hairstyle with long hair

Hairstyle-for-long-hair-with-bobby pins

After you’ve combed your hair, pin the tips inward and secure them with bobby pins. A great faux bob hairstyle with bobby pins. You get instructions here.

Tic Tac box for your hair clipper

green bobby pin storage tip

Never lose your bobby pin again. Use an empty tic tac box.

Practical use in nail painting

Nail-painting-nail-polish-bobby pin application

Use the tip of the bobby pin to beautify your nail polish. You can create great dot patterns.

Glue false eyelashes precisely


With the clean tip of a bobby pin, you can glue false eyelashes precisely. With a small amount of glue, go along the false lashes and apply the glue precisely. How practical or?

Ideas-hairstyle-with-bobby pins-hair clip

Better grip bobby pin hairstyle


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