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110 short hairstyles for women inspired by the stars

short hairstyles-ladies-stars-blond-platinum-hair-color-extravagant-brave

Also this year the Short hairstyles for women very trendy. Numerous variations are presented – sometimes with strands, sometimes with an ombre look, undercut, pixie, bob hairstyles, with or without bangs – so that every woman can choose the right styling according to her own face shape. The stars are leading the way – many Hollywood fashion icons had their hair cut in 2014. We’ll show you 105 of the best looks – let them inspire you!

Short hairstyles for ladies with a round face


Trendy Short hairstyles for women With a round face are practically everyone where the sides look rather narrow and the accent falls on the head of hair on top. A bob hairstyle, for example, looks very good with the sides combed back and light waves at the top create more volume. A pixie cut with slanted bangs, on the other hand, looks playful – this makes the face look longer. Ladies who like the classic look can opt for chin-length hairstyles with a straight cut and side parting.

Short hairstyles for women with a square face


The right ones Short hairstyles for women with a square face are for example the shoulder-length bob hairstyle. Waves and curls loosen up the severity of the angular face, strands of hair or ombre hair color also look beautiful.

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Idea for an elongated face


Ladies with a long face can opt for hairstyles with more volume on the sides. For example, smooth hairstyles for the upper parts and voluminous curls in the chin area look super beautiful. Also beautiful, and totally on trend are undercut – hairstyles with long angled bangs – this is how the cheeks are accentuated.

Classic splendor with bob and vintage waves by Lily Collins

short hairstyles-ladies-stars-waves-bob-classic-lily-collins

Which haircut suits your own face shape and what looks really good can often be said best by the hairdresser. That is why it is worthwhile to think about the hairstyle in advance, but to seek further advice before the cut itself. The styling should not be underestimated either – some haircuts look great when they are well styled – but often you just don’t have enough time for it in everyday life.

Classically beautiful – Keira Knightley

Bob hairstyles in the front, long strands in the back, shorter

The Keira Knightley variant is very popular among women who opt for short hairstyles. The front parts are longer than the rear. In this way, the face is framed and emphasized particularly well. You decide for yourself how big the difference in length between the front and back should be. The foremost strands should, however, ideally start approximately below the chin so that they follow the natural shape of the face.

Playful waves – Rita Ora

Bob hairstyles volume blow dry tricks ideas white blonde hair

The bob, which is designed with waves, is casual and upbeat and feminine and elegant at the same time. Rita Ora shows it wonderfully. The bob is timeless and can be designed in different lengths. You can also choose between waves and larger curls and switch your styling at will.

Girlishly cute – Katy Perry

blonde hair hairstyle curls Katy Perry Stars strands blue

The chic variant by Katy Perry undoubtedly has a visually rejuvenating effect. Some waves give volume to very straight hair and make the styling look even more feminine. Whether with a side or middle parting, you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. The blonde colored hair also has a colored accent in blue in the pony area.

Feminine and Romantic – Reese Witherspoon

Waves hairstyles shoulder length hair style ladies

This Reese Witherspoon hairstyle idea is similar to that of Rita Ora. However, this is a slightly longer hair length. In addition to curls and waves, a skilful step cut can add volume to the head of hair.

Charming business look – Katherine Heigl

volume blow-dry fine hair at the bottom, curls straight at the top

Girlishly cheeky – Ema Watson

blonde hair womens hairstyles long face

Rock ‘n‘ Roll – Miley Cirus

Haircuts Stars Miley Cirus Bob Hairstyle Bangs Oblique Ideas

short bob haircuts pink strands blonde hair ponny styling

Pretty, pretty, Heidi Klum

Hair style hairstyles stars blonde hair straight cut

Cut blonde hair dark lace rock roll styling

square face haircuts short hairstyles girl bob

Short haircuts Stars round faces Miley Cirus

Bob hairstyle medium length hair sides bangs blonde hair


Bob hairstyle stars blonde hair oblique bangs

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