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25 Easy Hairstyles For Little Girls In 2 Minutes Or Less

classic hairstyles for little girls two braids easy quick

The parents of toddlers know that if they want to style the little one’s hair, they must act very quickly. Most children cannot sit still for long periods of time, so many of them do not even consider elaborate hairstyles. Even so, girls are pretty vain about their hair. That’s why in today’s post we’ve collected some easy hairstyles for little girls that can be accomplished in 2 minutes or less. They are perfect for parents who are short of time and for children who are unbridled.

Quick and easy hairstyles for little girls

Hairstyles for little girls 2 minutes two braids with bows

Two minutes may not seem like enough for a child’s hairstyle. In fact, they are more than enough to tame hair and conjure up beautiful styling. Choosing the right hairstyle for your little girl will depend on a few factors: The child’s hair length and texture, and your skill level each play a role.

Toddler hairstyle girl tying short hair bow

Toddlers usually have short and very thin hair. If this is also the case with your girl, you don’t necessarily have to do without a beautiful hairstyle. With mini hair ties and a cute bow, even thin children’s hair can be styled nicely. If, for example, the bangs are longer than the rest of the hair, then you can tie them in a mini ponytail or simply peg them to the side with a small hair clip.

side braids tie bow hairstyle toddler

If the hair is long enough to be tied with a hair tie, hairstyles with one or two pigtails are perfect for toddlers. To give the otherwise usual children’s hairstyle a playful touch, tie the ponytails with a pretty bow.

Hairstyles for little girls with bows in braids on the back of their heads

The tied hair pigtails also look beautiful on longer children’s hair. They can be tied either on the sides or at the back of the head, as in the picture above. The only important thing is to make a straight parting in the middle and tie the braids tightly with the hair ties.

Hairstyles for little girls ponytail top of head side loop

A high ponytail looks just as cute, especially on little girls with longer hair. The braid doesn’t necessarily have to be tied at the back of the head, but can stand to one side for an interesting effect. An interesting hair tie or a colored bow add cool accents.

Hairstyles for little girls inverted ponytail sideways

If you are looking for interesting ideas for your girl’s hairstyle, then you can try the inverted ponytail. First, tie the hair in a low braid. Then use your fingers to make a hole over the hair tie and finally pull the ponytail down through the hole. complete!

easy hairstyles for little girls in less than 2 minutes

If you are short on time and still want to style your little princess’ hair beautifully before going for a walk in the park, you can try this trick. All you need is two pretty hair clips of any color. Make a middle or not too deep parting on the side and first pick up a small strand from the left section of hair. Twist this a few times towards the back of your head, then pin it to the side. Repeat with a strand of hair from the right and the quick styling is done. It works just as well with straight and curly hair.

Bun hairstyles for little girls

Hairstyles for little girls two buns sideways

Bunts or buns are very popular with women and offer different styling options. Of course, they also look great on little girls and can be styled really quickly. You decide for yourself whether a topknot, the so-called space buns or several small buns.

Hairstyles for little girls with bows two mini buns

To style a bun, you should first hold the hair like a ponytail and then twist it until it forms the beginning of the bun. Then simply wrap the rest of the ponytail around it and secure the bun with a hair tie. For multiple topknots, part the hair first, then style the buns.

Hairstyles for little girls topknot braided nape

The braided neck is a nice addition to the topknot. In this case, however, the hairstyle may take a little more time.

Cute children’s hairstyles with hair ties

beautiful hairstyles for little girls ponytail hair ties

With the colorful mini hair ties you can conjure up interesting hairstyles for little girls. They succeed very quickly and also keep children’s hair away from the face. In the photo gallery below you will find a few examples of cute children’s hairstyles. Follow the patterns in the pictures to recreate them.

Hairstyles for little girls with hair elastic simple ideas

Hairstyles for little girls cute braids easy

Hairstyles for little girls colorful hair ties Children's hairstyle

cute hairstyle toddler girl hair ties

Braided hairstyles for little girls that succeed quickly

quick hairstyles for little girls dutch braid

Lastly, we share a few suggestions for beautiful but simple braided hairstyles for little girls. These only take a little time and are suitable for every occasion. The only requirement is that you have a little braiding experience. Otherwise you may need a little more than 2 minutes to style.

Tip: Braiding is easier and faster with slightly damp hair.

simple braid hairstyles for little girls pink bow

The options for braided hairstyles for little girls are many and can vary from very simple to extremely complicated and time consuming. Since we have only collected children’s hairstyles that take little time in this post, they are relatively simple. These include the classic Dutch, French and peasant braids, as well as a few variations of them. The braided hairstyles can also be spiced up with various hair accessories such as hair clips and bows.

beautiful hairstyles for little girls two braids loops

Check out the rest of our suggestions in the image gallery and try the simple hairstyles with your daughter. We wish you every success!

cute braids hairstyle for little girl

Hairstyles for little girls half open hair small braids

elegant hairstyles for little girls 2 minute braid hairband bow

Hairstyles for little girls braid bangs 2 minutes

Hairstyles for little girls simply quick bangs braid braids

quick hairstyles for little girls toddler mini braid