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Do-it-yourself festive hairstyles – 3 ideas with instructions

DIY hairstyles festive bun-roony-mara-brunette-hair accessories-gold-festive-dress-black

You are the proud owner of long hair and want to give them a look like the celebrities for the next special occasion. Then we would like you three modern and playful Do-it-yourself hairstyles from the red carpet, which the Rooney Mara hairstylist wants to mark as trend party looks for 2016. Now you don’t need to run to the hairdresser before every party or wedding – with our tips you will save time and budget on the other details of your makeup and outfit. The short and simple instructions will help you make those feminine classy do-it-yourself hairstyles no worse than a celebrity hairdresser. You can wear the hairstyles on festive occasions, but also in everyday life, if you want to further emphasize your charm and charisma.

Feminine chic: do-it-yourself hairstyles for long hair

do it yourself hairstyles festive hair pinned up-hairspray-fix-earrings-brunette

All the materials and tools for creating our Roony Mara-inspired ideas are on the dressing table of every modern woman – hair ties, bobby pins, hair lacquer and favorite hair accessories.

Hairstyle 1, Step 1: All the hair is pinned up on the top of the head. The general rule for updos is that your hair should not be freshly washed so that the hairstyle lasts better. If necessary, fix with hairspray.

Do-it-yourself hairstyles like Roony Mara – step by step

Make your own hairstyles festive-wrap-around-ponytail-tie-hair-elastic

Step 2: Twist the ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic about three inches from the ends of your hair. Even after you’ve attached the hair elastic, hold it in place with your fingers because..

You can fix a high bun with bobby pins

Make your own hairstyles festively pinned up-hair-bun-wrap-around-hair-clip-fasten

Step 3: … a high bun must now be formed from it. After twirling the ponytail, wrap it around its base. Secure with bobby pins in 3 or 4 places depending on your amount of hair. The last point to fasten is 1 cm in front of the hair elastic.

Admit noble beauty – simply with golden tape

Make your own hairstyles festive bun-hair-pinned-up-hair accessories-gold-fasten

Step 4: You can cover the hair tie with your favorite hair accessories or give your hairstyle that certain something with golden decorative adhesive tape, as shown above. The few minutes that Sir spend with your hands up in front of the mirror can be used for a little exercise for the biceps.

The high bun – the best idea to visually stretch the face

Make your own hairstyles festively pinned up-bun-hair accessories-jewelry-gold

Step 5: leave the end of the ponytail on the side. The free ends of the hair hang so feminine and playful. Now you have the right hair style for hot party nights.

With a lower bun – high in the party air!

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festively-back-of-the-head-hair-pinning-up-braiding-hair ties

If you need an idea how to design a deep-heeled bun like the Roony Mara, check out the guide below

Hairstyle 2, Step 1: To start, style your hair in side partings and secure it in a ponytail at the nape of the neck and braid. Secure the braid (about 10 cm. Long) with a hair elastic as shown above.

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festively-back of the head-hair-pin-up-bun-gold-plated-jewelry-necklace

Step 2: Secure the hair elastic with bobby pins and divide the hanging hair into two. Make a bun from these two strands and secure them with a hair elastic too.

Braided bun that you can dance with all night


Step 3: Fix the last hair band well on the head and let the ends of the hair hang to the side (no longer than 8 cm) as shown in the picture below.

Hair shine is not too much for anyone on festive occasions


Step 4: Be sure to fix your lower bun with hair lacquer and add shine to the whole hairstyle with hair glitter spray.

A festive party hairstyle – just like that of a star


A golden accent – that something you need for festive hairstyle

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festive-bun-back of the head-hairband-gold-necklace

Step 5: It looks like the Roony Mara hairstylist prefers not to use complicated hair accessories for her classy styling. With this lower bun, we recommend that you avoid this too. Hide the hair elastic with gold tape or thread, as in Hairstyle 1, Step 4.

Believe your friends or not – you can be the stylist of your party hairstyle


The ends of the hair that ‘pop out’ from the side of the bun create harmony with the side parting of this party hairstyle. With a shiny dress and matching jewelry you get the look in full.

Red carpet idea – do-it-yourself festive hairstyle


For the Golden Globe 2016, Roony Mara opted for an open face. The elegance of the Hollywood diva can be revealed through the combination of a wild braided hairstyle and designer dress with lace in the color nude. You can appear with a similar hairstyle at the next party. Here are the 6 steps from Hairstyle 3 to follow up.

The sleek look deep in the frustration trends for 2016


Step 1: ‘Soothe’ your beautiful mane – sprinkle with hair lacquer in the roots of the hair and add shine to the pinned-up hair.

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festive-two-hair-comb-pinned-up-hair gumi-attach

Step 2: Use a hair comb to divide the upper from the lower section of hair – from ear level to the top of the head and pin it up.


Step 3: Braid a loose braid up to the hook and secure at this point with a hair elastic.


Step 4: Evenly pull the braid apart even more loosely with your fingers.


Step 5: Divide the lower section of hair into three strands of the same size and braid them with the braid from the top of the head.


Step 6: Fix the braid and secure it to the back of the head with bobby pins. You can enclose the hair tie with a suitable hair accessory and thereby cover it.

In the evening at dinner or at a party – the braided hairstyles are suitable for every type of occasion

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festive-braided hairstyle-long-hair-brunette-festive-dress-nude-color