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Braided hairstyles for men – men’s braids are all the rage for 2016

Braided hairstyles for men-sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-top-head-undercut-man-braid-side profile

the Braided hairstyles for men let’s get into conversation today. Many fashion-conscious men tied their men’s bun loosely to the back of their heads in the summer of 2015. The man bun tendency doesn’t seem to be enough for the city boys who are looking for new ideas for their hairstyles. And so the man’s braid appeared on the red carpet at the last few events – worn on the heads of Hollywood stars like Jared Leto and Cary Fukunaga. As a result, the actors with the Men Braid screwed up the grand entrance of many celebrities. Is the trend really set in motion and is pure braid no longer enough for machos? The percent of women who would never date a man with a braid is after one Study in America determined to be over 70. Instead of the men with long, braided hair losing their attractiveness, they consciously chose this hair style, as our picture collection clearly shows.

The braided hairstyles for men on the red carpet

Braided hairstyles for men jared-leto-long-hair-plait-back of the head-hair-man-braid-beard-mustache

At the 2015 Golden Globes, Jared Letto stepped on stage with a combed-back mane and man’s pigtail, which pushed the trend high. Whether it was a self-made wickerwork remained a secret. This hairstyle caused a stir, which made it clear: the man braid is definitely in.

Braided hairstyles for men are very popular – Cary Fukunaga with French braids at the Emmys

Braided hairstyles for men cary-fukunaga-man-braid-emmys-pippi-hairstyle-side parting

Regardless of the trend – braided hairstyles for men manifest themselves on Instagram, tweeters, in the clubs and on the street with dignity and pride, although opinions have already diverged. And while the palm tree on the back of the head does not look nice for everyone, we try to summarize a few tips for the right way to make a man’s braid.

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The male braided hairstyles come close to the whole thing?

Braided hairstyles-men-blond-hair-wattle-man-braid-top-beard

In our opinion, the latest hairstyle trend in the world is particularly suitable for men with an undercut and a certain length of hair, so that a lush braid is created. Psychologically speaking, the girls’ habit of plaiting the long hair of their dolls has grown tall like these girls and has been carried over to their cuddly toys today. The good news, however, is that men accept the trend as something that takes a lot of getting used to.

Short on the sides and as long as possible on top so that you can braid your hair properly

Braided hairstyles-men-boy-undercut-french-man-braid-top-of-head-dark-hair

Undercut with French braids – the style for rebels is further adorned

Braided hairstyles for men sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-auffaelig-beard-moustasche-dark-hair

A trend hairstyle inspired by the Vikings – Ragnar Lothbrok and his typical male braid

Braided hairstyles for men undercut-smooth-shaved-maennerzoepfe-the-vikings-man-braid-inspiration-travis-fimmel

Combination of two buns on the back of the head and men’s braids on the side

Braided hairstyles-men-sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-buns-back-of-the-head-beard-moustasche-straehnen

The man’s braid needs colors – contrasting wickerwork with an ash-blonde tint and dark roots

Braided hairstyles-men-bleached-ash-blonde-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-man-braid-back of the head-hair tie

Heidi braid as a men’s hairstyle – Elden Henson at a film premiere

Braided hairstyles-men-elden-henson-rotten-carpet-french-maennerzoepf-sideways

Man’s braids can be worn well under the hat

Braided hairstyles-men-french-maennerzoepfe-top-of-the-head-blonde-hair-green-hat

 Men with shorter hair can fix the fishbones by fixing them with hairspray

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-smooth-shaved-french-man-braid-idea-top-hair-tie-dark-hair

The current man’s braid is attached to the back of the head with a hair tie

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-men’s braid-top-head-hair tie

A few braids are braided on the top of the head and tied in a braided bun

Braided hairstyles-men-boy-undercut-french-maennerzoepfe-top-head-braided bun-hair tie

The men’s braid worn on the side is one of the most practical braided hairstyles for men

Braided hairstyles-men-long-blond-hair-pigtail-man-braid-back of the head

Two ideas for men with long hair – Pippi Longstocking braids or an updo

Braided hairstyles-men-long-dark-curly-hair-men’s hairstyle-side-middle-part updo

Catwalk men’s hairstyle with two men’s braids on the side and parting in the middle

Braided hairstyles-men-long-hair-red-haired-men-szoepfe-sideways-middle-parted-beard-sunglasses

Complicated wickerwork of a few Dutch men’s braids for long hair

Braided hairstyles-men-man-long-hair-hipster-man-braid-beard-mustache

The city boys become romantic – open hair with little flowers and man’s braids

Braided hairstyles-men-sideways-fleschte-hiterkopf-hair-length-open-hair-flowers-beard-moustasche-straehen

The braided hairstyles of the celebrities on the pop scene – Harry from One Direction

Braided hairstyles-men-sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-flechtdutt-hiterkopf-one-direction-harry-man-braid

 Braid hairstyle ideas for men with different hair color and length

Braided hairstyles-men-trend-hairstyles-man-braid-french-men-szoepfe-top of the head

Combination of undercut, side pigtail and man bun

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-bun-back of the head-trendfrisur-man-braid-blond-hair

An intricate wickerwork, attached to the top of the head with bobby pins

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-braiding-top-head-hair clips-straights-green-eyes-dark-hair

Idea for an undercut with highly fixed hair on the top of the head and side pigtails

Braided hairstyles-men-idea-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-men’s braid-side

Variant of braided hairstyle for blonde men with more volume on the top of the head

Braided hairstyles-men-idea-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-man-braid-sideways-blonde-hair