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Blonde hair with dark strands – the most beautiful nuances and the latest trends!

Blonde hair dark strands hairstyle ideas long hair blonde

Neither blonde nor brown. Do you love your blonde hair, but also want a little change to match the season change? Then blonde hair with dark strands would be just the thing for you! A few dark highlights will give your hair a vibrant look and an illusion of depth and volume. It’s a great style for both long and short hair. In this article we have put together many ideas for the latest hair trend this year.

Blonde hair with dark strands – nuances

blond with strands of dark brown hairstyles hairstyle trends women

How dark do you want to get? – If you want a more subtle and natural look, you should go about 1 – 2 levels darker. For a more dramatic effect, it’s better to dye your hair 4 -5 levels darker.

Blonde hair with brown streaks, those with a touch of honey or gold make for a beautiful sun-kissed look. The added warmth of the brown color can help balance out neutral skin tones and create an overall glowing look.

Blonde hair with light brown strands long hair women's hairstyles hairstyle trends

Blonde hair with very dark strands – by incorporating many different strong colors in your hair, you could create the illusion of fuller hair.

Or how about platinum blonde and a few gray strands? – There’s only one reason a lot of women choose gray highlights these days – it just looks gorgeous! Silver is chic, sexy and currently very trendy! This is a great option if you have thin hair – the gray highlights add dimension.

Strands – hood or foil?

Blonde hair with dark strands ideas hairstyles long hair

Strands of film are probably the most common method because it is cheap and easy to use. A wide variety of techniques have been developed over the years and the foils can be cut or arranged in many ways. With the foil, your hair can be woven or cut to get exactly the strands you want.

Blonde hair brown strands long hair hairstyle trends womens hairstyles

The method of Strands of hood has been in use for a long time, which is particularly used for thin and numerous highlights. Since the coloration does not come into contact with the skin with this method, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Blonde hair with dark strands – care tips

Blonde hair with strands long hair hair trends hairstyles women

Protect your hair from the heat – that’s right – away from the hair dryer! The less heat styling the better. But if that is not an option for you – always use a heat protection spray.

Keep away from the sun – yes, each of us loves the sun. Unfortunately, exposure to the sun is harmful not only to your skin but also to your hair. The UV rays can dry out your beautiful blonde hair and turn the beautiful color into a brass-colored orange. So if you are planning a great day in the sun don’t forget your hat!

Blonde hair with dark strands. Hairstyle trends. Hair trends. Women's hairstyles

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner – You definitely need to take really good care of your blonde hair with dark strands if you want the color to hold on for a long time and not fade. It’s best to go for sulfate-free products and look for purple or silver shampoos that don’t come out too clear. We recommend that you apply a hair treatment at least once a week.

Celebrities with blonde hair and streaked black

Avril Lavigne's trademark blonde hair with dark highlights

Avril Lavignes Pretty style was sure to be a source of fashion inspiration for many of you back then – from your ability to style a regular hoodie to your flawless hair. We’ve seen the singer with practically every possible hair color, but her trademark is her blonde hair with black streaks. This style was really hot in the late 90s and Avril rocked it!

Avril Lavigne blonde hair with black streaks

Christina Aguilera beguiles us not only with her beautiful voice, but also with all the different hairstyles that she has tried over the years. 2001 also showed with striking black streaks.

Christina Aguilera Blonde hair with black streaks

The Australian guitarist and singer Orianthi is the other talented woman who likes to experiment with her hair. She has straight, long blonde hair with black streaks and straight bangs.

Orianthi singer blonde hair with black streak hair trends

The three singers are just proof that the blonde hair trend is returning with dark strands, and for this very reason we have put together many interesting nuances and color combinations for you!

Platinum blond hair with strands. Long hair. Women's hairstyles. Hair trends

Platinum blonde hair with dark strands

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Blonde hair with strands of long hair womens hairstyles

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Blonde hair with dark strands of brown hairstyle trends women's hairstyles

Blonde hair with brown strands. Hair trends. Women's hairstyles. Blonde hair

Blonde hair dark strands hairstyle trends hairstyle ideas

Blonde hair dark strands hairstyles

Blonde hair with dark strands

Blonde hair with gray strands

Blonde hair with strands short hair hairstyle ideas women hairstyle

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Blonde hair dark strands long hair hairstyle trends women

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