Hair & hairstyles, style

Hair & hairstyles, style

Do-it-yourself festive hairstyles – 3 ideas with instructions

DIY hairstyles festive bun-roony-mara-brunette-hair accessories-gold-festive-dress-black

You are the proud owner of long hair and want to give them a look like the celebrities for the next special occasion. Then we would like you three modern and playful Do-it-yourself hairstyles from the red carpet, which the Rooney Mara hairstylist wants to mark as trend party looks for 2016. Now you don’t need to run to the hairdresser before every party or wedding – with our tips you will save time and budget on the other details of your makeup and outfit. The short and simple instructions will help you make those feminine classy do-it-yourself hairstyles no worse than a celebrity hairdresser. You can wear the hairstyles on festive occasions, but also in everyday life, if you want to further emphasize your charm and charisma.

Feminine chic: do-it-yourself hairstyles for long hair

do it yourself hairstyles festive hair pinned up-hairspray-fix-earrings-brunette

All the materials and tools for creating our Roony Mara-inspired ideas are on the dressing table of every modern woman – hair ties, bobby pins, hair lacquer and favorite hair accessories.

Hairstyle 1, Step 1: All the hair is pinned up on the top of the head. The general rule for updos is that your hair should not be freshly washed so that the hairstyle lasts better. If necessary, fix with hairspray.

Do-it-yourself hairstyles like Roony Mara – step by step

Make your own hairstyles festive-wrap-around-ponytail-tie-hair-elastic

Step 2: Twist the ponytail and secure it with a hair elastic about three inches from the ends of your hair. Even after you’ve attached the hair elastic, hold it in place with your fingers because..

You can fix a high bun with bobby pins

Make your own hairstyles festively pinned up-hair-bun-wrap-around-hair-clip-fasten

Step 3: … a high bun must now be formed from it. After twirling the ponytail, wrap it around its base. Secure with bobby pins in 3 or 4 places depending on your amount of hair. The last point to fasten is 1 cm in front of the hair elastic.

Admit noble beauty – simply with golden tape

Make your own hairstyles festive bun-hair-pinned-up-hair accessories-gold-fasten

Step 4: You can cover the hair tie with your favorite hair accessories or give your hairstyle that certain something with golden decorative adhesive tape, as shown above. The few minutes that Sir spend with your hands up in front of the mirror can be used for a little exercise for the biceps.

The high bun – the best idea to visually stretch the face

Make your own hairstyles festively pinned up-bun-hair accessories-jewelry-gold

Step 5: leave the end of the ponytail on the side. The free ends of the hair hang so feminine and playful. Now you have the right hair style for hot party nights.

With a lower bun – high in the party air!

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festively-back-of-the-head-hair-pinning-up-braiding-hair ties

If you need an idea how to design a deep-heeled bun like the Roony Mara, check out the guide below

Hairstyle 2, Step 1: To start, style your hair in side partings and secure it in a ponytail at the nape of the neck and braid. Secure the braid (about 10 cm. Long) with a hair elastic as shown above.

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festively-back of the head-hair-pin-up-bun-gold-plated-jewelry-necklace

Step 2: Secure the hair elastic with bobby pins and divide the hanging hair into two. Make a bun from these two strands and secure them with a hair elastic too.

Braided bun that you can dance with all night


Step 3: Fix the last hair band well on the head and let the ends of the hair hang to the side (no longer than 8 cm) as shown in the picture below.

Hair shine is not too much for anyone on festive occasions


Step 4: Be sure to fix your lower bun with hair lacquer and add shine to the whole hairstyle with hair glitter spray.

A festive party hairstyle – just like that of a star


A golden accent – that something you need for festive hairstyle

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festive-bun-back of the head-hairband-gold-necklace

Step 5: It looks like the Roony Mara hairstylist prefers not to use complicated hair accessories for her classy styling. With this lower bun, we recommend that you avoid this too. Hide the hair elastic with gold tape or thread, as in Hairstyle 1, Step 4.

Believe your friends or not – you can be the stylist of your party hairstyle


The ends of the hair that ‘pop out’ from the side of the bun create harmony with the side parting of this party hairstyle. With a shiny dress and matching jewelry you get the look in full.

Red carpet idea – do-it-yourself festive hairstyle


For the Golden Globe 2016, Roony Mara opted for an open face. The elegance of the Hollywood diva can be revealed through the combination of a wild braided hairstyle and designer dress with lace in the color nude. You can appear with a similar hairstyle at the next party. Here are the 6 steps from Hairstyle 3 to follow up.

The sleek look deep in the frustration trends for 2016


Step 1: ‘Soothe’ your beautiful mane – sprinkle with hair lacquer in the roots of the hair and add shine to the pinned-up hair.

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festive-two-hair-comb-pinned-up-hair gumi-attach

Step 2: Use a hair comb to divide the upper from the lower section of hair – from ear level to the top of the head and pin it up.


Step 3: Braid a loose braid up to the hook and secure at this point with a hair elastic.


Step 4: Evenly pull the braid apart even more loosely with your fingers.


Step 5: Divide the lower section of hair into three strands of the same size and braid them with the braid from the top of the head.


Step 6: Fix the braid and secure it to the back of the head with bobby pins. You can enclose the hair tie with a suitable hair accessory and thereby cover it.

In the evening at dinner or at a party – the braided hairstyles are suitable for every type of occasion

hairstyles-do-it-yourself-festive-braided hairstyle-long-hair-brunette-festive-dress-nude-color

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Wash hair with rye flour – the new beauty secret!

Washing hair with rye flour tips

In our time, shampoo is a necessity. Everyone has it and everyone uses it. Most shampoos are made up of a number of ingredients, almost all of which are chemicals. If you read the ingredients, you will find potential carcinogens, thickeners, artificial fragrances and colors there. The good news is that there are plenty of alternatives for those of you who want to do your hair a favor. Like rye flour, for example. Yes you read it right! Are you curious? Then read on and we’ll tell you how to wash your hair with rye flour and the benefits.

Washing hair with rye flour – benefits

Washing Hair With Rye Flour Shampoo Benefits Tips

Rye flour is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. It contains all vitamins from the B group, vitamin 3, omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients that support your hair with regrowth and regeneration. Rye flour is also naturally PH-neutral and with a value of 5.5 it corresponds to that of our skin, so a subsequent rinse is not necessary.

Wash your hair with rye flour and make your own hair mask

Your hair will benefit a lot more from the rye flour than from most of the cosmetic products on the market today. If you wash your hair with rye flour regularly, you will notice the following results:

  • Your hair has a great shine and do not grease so quickly
  • Strengthens the follicles and helps against hair loss
  •  Your hair is only cleaned and not degreased. After a few weeks, your scalp should produce less sebum and the intervals between hair washes will also lengthen
  • Heals the scalp and fights fungal infections
  • Accelerates hair growth

Washing hair with rye flour – step by step instructions

Washing hair with rye flour benefits and tips

To prevent your hair from sticking on the end, there are a few little tricks you need to know – which flour is best, how to prepare it, and how to rinse your hair after washing it with rye flour. Even after the first use, you will realize that the whole process is a bit laborious, but it is really worth it!

  • Best to use finely ground organic rye flour. So that there are no lumps in the mixture, it is best to first sift the flour or let the mixed mixture steep for 10 to 15 minutes
  • That water should be maximally lukewarm, but not too hot either. It will be a Temperature of 35 – 40 degrees recommended.
  • The flour mass should not be beaten, but only gently mixed with a whisk.

Make rye flour shampoo for all hair types

Make your own hair with rye flour at home

Rye flour shampoo basic recipe:

  • 3-4 tbsp rye flour
  • a good swig of lukewarm water until the flour mixture resembles a liquid paste.

Washing dry hair with rye flour recipe:

  • 50 g rye flour
  • Dried herbs of your choice (chamomile, nettle or sage)
  • A spoon of mustard powder
  • A spoonful of ginger powder or the tip of a knife of fresh ginger
  • Essential oil of your choice

Preparation:  First, let the chopped herbs ferment in boiling water for 30-40 minutes. Add the dry ingredients and stir well until a creamy consistency is obtained.

Washing hair with rye flour Hair loss Disadvantages Advantages

Washing oily hair with rye flour:

  • Rye flour shampoo prepared according to the basic recipe
  • A spoonful of mustard powder
  • Essential oil of your choice

Preparation: Mix everything together, apply it to your hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. This recipe also stimulates hair growth.

Washing hair with rye flour tips

If you’re out and about and don’t have the opportunity to shower and wash your hair, you could Rye flour as a dry shampoo use. To do this, simply take a handful of rye flour, rub it gently over the roots of the hair and then comb through. You will be amazed how your hair shines afterwards.

And how about one too Hair mask with rye flour?

  • 2 tbsp rye flour
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp sour cream with 20% fat content
  • A few drops of essential oil
  • Some lukewarm water

Preparation: Mix the flour and honey with the water in a bowl. Add the sour cream and the oil and let stand for about 5 minutes. The mixture shouldn’t be overly watery. Apply on your wet hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water

Washing hair with rye flour Hair mask made from rye flour

We still have a recipe for you Hair mask with rye flour and nettle for dry hair:

  • 4 tbsp rye flour
  • 1 egg
  • Dried nettle leaves


  1. Put the dried nettle leaves in a glass of boiling water and let them steep for 4 hours.
  2. Add the rye flour and the egg, stir everything well.
  3. Apply the mask to dry hair and leave it on for 1 hour. It is best to rinse with slightly cool water

Washing hair with rye flour – instructions on how to apply it

Washing hair with rye flour recipe hair mask with rye flour

It is best to apply the paste to your hair in stages. Since the texture shouldn’t be too thick, application is a bit more time-consuming and takes about 5-10 minutes. If you have ever used natural cosmetics shampoos, you should know that too – you shouldn’t hope for foam either. And here comes a secret tip from us, so that washing your hair with rye flour works better – divide off individual sections and put some of the rye flour shampoo both on the scalp and a little in the lengths. It is best to leave the paste on for 20 minutes. Don’t forget your ears, because this is where flour residues tend to collect. If there is any residue after rinsing, shake your hair upside down or use a coarse comb to speed it up and the husks will all come out, so don’t panic! Since the flour evaporates quickly with the water (which must not be too hot), you should not worry about whether your drain will clog.

Switching from normal to rye flour shampoo Tips

Wash hair with rye flour and switch to normal shampoo

Don’t expect an instant result after washing your hair with rye flour for the first time. Both your hair and scalp will take some time to get used to this change because they are already stressed enough by various styling agents and other chemical elements. It will take a while to revitalize your hair after all the damage caused by the harsh ingredients in common shampoos. Your beautiful locks might look a bit dull, sleek, and lifeless at first, so be patient and follow our tips that will help you overcome this transition period!

Give up shampoo washing hair with rye flour

  • Don’t comb your hair too hard and aggressively after applying the rye flour mixture.
  • A bit of dandruff may develop after the first few uses, but you shouldn’t worry about it. In this way, your scalp gets rid of dead cells and the residues of active chemical substances.
  • You should wash your hair with rye flour a maximum of 2 times a week.
  • After about 5 applications you will notice the difference – your hair has become lighter, shinier and has completely regenerated.
  • Regularly add new ingredients to your rye flour shampoo because our hair quickly gets used to certain ingredients. For example an egg, lemon juice, herbs, etc..

Washing hair with rye flour for healthy hairev

Many of you may be wondering if you could use regular shampoo every now and then. We will advise against it during the adjustment phase – your scalp must learn that washing your hair with rye flour is not a one-off exception, but that it will stay that way from now on. Once your head and hair are properly adjusted, you could exceptionally use shampoo or hair soap. However, we want to warn you that dandruff can sometimes be a side effect! We advise against constantly switching back and forth, especially if you have problems with dandruff. In doing so, you are basically sabotaging yourself and your hair cannot completely and permanently adjust to either one or the other.

Washing hair with rye flour – for whom it is not suitable

Washing hair with rye flour tips and tricks

Unfortunately, despite the enormous amount of positive properties, washing your hair with rye flour is not suitable for everyone. 

  •  People, the one Gluten intolerance should definitely avoid using rye flour as a shampoo. It is believed that when used externally, a negative reaction can be caused as the flour is absorbed by the scalp.
  • Washing dyed hair with rye flour is also not a good idea. The granules have an abrasive effect on the hair by washing away the pigment and fading the artificial color.
  • For dry seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis Flour residues could remain under the scalp, which can lead to micro-irritations and increase itching. Before switching to rye flour shampoo, you should first consult your doctor

Washing hair with rye flour advantages and disadvantages

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Braided hairstyles for men – men’s braids are all the rage for 2016

Braided hairstyles for men-sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-top-head-undercut-man-braid-side profile

the Braided hairstyles for men let’s get into conversation today. Many fashion-conscious men tied their men’s bun loosely to the back of their heads in the summer of 2015. The man bun tendency doesn’t seem to be enough for the city boys who are looking for new ideas for their hairstyles. And so the man’s braid appeared on the red carpet at the last few events – worn on the heads of Hollywood stars like Jared Leto and Cary Fukunaga. As a result, the actors with the Men Braid screwed up the grand entrance of many celebrities. Is the trend really set in motion and is pure braid no longer enough for machos? The percent of women who would never date a man with a braid is after one Study in America determined to be over 70. Instead of the men with long, braided hair losing their attractiveness, they consciously chose this hair style, as our picture collection clearly shows.

The braided hairstyles for men on the red carpet

Braided hairstyles for men jared-leto-long-hair-plait-back of the head-hair-man-braid-beard-mustache

At the 2015 Golden Globes, Jared Letto stepped on stage with a combed-back mane and man’s pigtail, which pushed the trend high. Whether it was a self-made wickerwork remained a secret. This hairstyle caused a stir, which made it clear: the man braid is definitely in.

Braided hairstyles for men are very popular – Cary Fukunaga with French braids at the Emmys

Braided hairstyles for men cary-fukunaga-man-braid-emmys-pippi-hairstyle-side parting

Regardless of the trend – braided hairstyles for men manifest themselves on Instagram, tweeters, in the clubs and on the street with dignity and pride, although opinions have already diverged. And while the palm tree on the back of the head does not look nice for everyone, we try to summarize a few tips for the right way to make a man’s braid.

Men’s hairstyles 2017/2018 – what is and will remain in trend, what will be added?

Haircuts and children’s hairstyles for little boys – summer trends 2015

Bob Hairstyles 2016/2017 – 20 Ideas for the Popular Haircut

The male braided hairstyles come close to the whole thing?

Braided hairstyles-men-blond-hair-wattle-man-braid-top-beard

In our opinion, the latest hairstyle trend in the world is particularly suitable for men with an undercut and a certain length of hair, so that a lush braid is created. Psychologically speaking, the girls’ habit of plaiting the long hair of their dolls has grown tall like these girls and has been carried over to their cuddly toys today. The good news, however, is that men accept the trend as something that takes a lot of getting used to.

Short on the sides and as long as possible on top so that you can braid your hair properly

Braided hairstyles-men-boy-undercut-french-man-braid-top-of-head-dark-hair

Undercut with French braids – the style for rebels is further adorned

Braided hairstyles for men sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-auffaelig-beard-moustasche-dark-hair

A trend hairstyle inspired by the Vikings – Ragnar Lothbrok and his typical male braid

Braided hairstyles for men undercut-smooth-shaved-maennerzoepfe-the-vikings-man-braid-inspiration-travis-fimmel

Combination of two buns on the back of the head and men’s braids on the side

Braided hairstyles-men-sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-buns-back-of-the-head-beard-moustasche-straehnen

The man’s braid needs colors – contrasting wickerwork with an ash-blonde tint and dark roots

Braided hairstyles-men-bleached-ash-blonde-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-man-braid-back of the head-hair tie

Heidi braid as a men’s hairstyle – Elden Henson at a film premiere

Braided hairstyles-men-elden-henson-rotten-carpet-french-maennerzoepf-sideways

Man’s braids can be worn well under the hat

Braided hairstyles-men-french-maennerzoepfe-top-of-the-head-blonde-hair-green-hat

 Men with shorter hair can fix the fishbones by fixing them with hairspray

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-smooth-shaved-french-man-braid-idea-top-hair-tie-dark-hair

The current man’s braid is attached to the back of the head with a hair tie

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-men’s braid-top-head-hair tie

A few braids are braided on the top of the head and tied in a braided bun

Braided hairstyles-men-boy-undercut-french-maennerzoepfe-top-head-braided bun-hair tie

The men’s braid worn on the side is one of the most practical braided hairstyles for men

Braided hairstyles-men-long-blond-hair-pigtail-man-braid-back of the head

Two ideas for men with long hair – Pippi Longstocking braids or an updo

Braided hairstyles-men-long-dark-curly-hair-men’s hairstyle-side-middle-part updo

Catwalk men’s hairstyle with two men’s braids on the side and parting in the middle

Braided hairstyles-men-long-hair-red-haired-men-szoepfe-sideways-middle-parted-beard-sunglasses

Complicated wickerwork of a few Dutch men’s braids for long hair

Braided hairstyles-men-man-long-hair-hipster-man-braid-beard-mustache

The city boys become romantic – open hair with little flowers and man’s braids

Braided hairstyles-men-sideways-fleschte-hiterkopf-hair-length-open-hair-flowers-beard-moustasche-straehen

The braided hairstyles of the celebrities on the pop scene – Harry from One Direction

Braided hairstyles-men-sideways-french-maennerzoepfe-flechtdutt-hiterkopf-one-direction-harry-man-braid

 Braid hairstyle ideas for men with different hair color and length

Braided hairstyles-men-trend-hairstyles-man-braid-french-men-szoepfe-top of the head

Combination of undercut, side pigtail and man bun

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-bun-back of the head-trendfrisur-man-braid-blond-hair

An intricate wickerwork, attached to the top of the head with bobby pins

Braided hairstyles-men-undercut-braiding-top-head-hair clips-straights-green-eyes-dark-hair

Idea for an undercut with highly fixed hair on the top of the head and side pigtails

Braided hairstyles-men-idea-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-men’s braid-side

Variant of braided hairstyle for blonde men with more volume on the top of the head

Braided hairstyles-men-idea-undercut-man-braid-franzoesicher-man-braid-sideways-blonde-hair

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Short bob hairstyle is the most beautiful trend of the year – 40+ ideas!

Short bob haircut blonde hair style sunglasses earrings fashion trends

Summer offers all women the perfect opportunity for a little makeover. Do you also really feel like changing your hairstyle? Well then we have good news for you – the short haircuts are all the rage this year. The bob hairstyle is one of the timeless classics and has been indispensable for many years. Short bob hairstyle not only looks particularly elegant and beautiful, but is also suitable for both fine and thick hair. Does the haircut suit your face shape? And how can you style it? You can find this and many wonderful inspirations in our article!

Short bob hairstyle for thin and fine hair?

Bob hairstyles short face shape fine hair style quick hairstyles

The short bob defines your face perfectly and makes for a refreshing and interesting look. Do you have fine and thin hair and would like a little more volume? Then the trendy hairstyle is just right for you – the chin-length cut instantly gives your hair more fullness! And a little styling tip from us – with light, casual curls you can add even more texture.

Thick hair and short bob hairstyle?

Sleek bob haircut hair trends women dress backless

A short bob is an excellent way to accentuate the benefits of your thick hair. Slightly tiered at the front and cut to chin length – the hair gently surrounds your face and gives you a neat and stylish look. The sleek bob hairstyle also looks particularly cool. The hair is always very smooth and cut in a straight edge.

Baby Bob for the brave of you

Short bob french cut haircut face shape short hair style knitted sweater red

The baby bob is the shortest version of the classic haircut and is totally hip this year! Regardless of whether it is very short or chin-length – it always has to be graded strongly at the back of the head. The best thing about the haircut is that it fits absolutely every woman and face shape and looks great on both straight hair and curls! Plus, this short bob hairstyle is the perfect transition for anyone who is fed up with your cute pixie cut and wants to let it grow out.

Short bob hairstyle with a baby bangs

Short bob with bangs. Hairstyle trends. Blue hair. Fashion trends

The bangs are the quickest and easiest solution for anyone who wants a small change in their haircut. The baby pony always has to be very short and has become more and more popular in recent years. Since it visually creates more top hair, it is also suitable for women with thin hair. But pay attention: if you have a round face, it has to be cut more like a crescent shape, and if you have an elongated face shape – straight. A short bob with baby bangs looks very fashionable and cheeky and is therefore only something for the very brave of you.

Nice short bob with long bangs

Very short bob trend hairstyles care for blonde hair Remove yellow tint

More and more women are opting for a short bob hairstyle with a long fringe – a very beautiful look that is also very easy to style. The hairstyle comes out best on women with an oval or elongated face.

Asymmetrical short bob

Women bob short with curls Brown hair with blond strands

Very stylish, confident and modern – the short, asymmetrical bob is something for the daring women. There are no limits to your imagination with this hairstyle. It doesn’t matter whether it’s long at the front and short at the back, one side longer than the other or even with an undercut – it just looks breathtaking! The only downside is that it takes a little more time to grow out.

The classic with a difference – Pixie Bob haircut

short bob asymmetrical side parting style ideas blonde hair with strands

Just like the short bob, the pixie haircut is one of the favorite hairstyles of many women. The Pixie Bob optically provides more volume and is therefore perfect for women with fine and thin hair. Since the cut is very daring and extravagant, a good deal of courage is necessary.

Short bob hairstyle with Side parting

Hairstyle trends blond hair color leather jacket purple lipstick matte

Would you like an extra portion of volume for your hair? We also have a little styling tip for you – a deep side parting makes your short bob look super voluminous!

Elegant blunt cut bob

French bob haircut style hair trends hairstyles honey blonde hair color

With the so-called blunt cut bob, your hair is cut straight and blunt. If you have very fine hair, then you are very well advised with this hairstyle – the cutting technique ensures even more fullness and volume! This short bob looks particularly classy and elegant on all women. For this haircut, we recommend either the sleek look, where the hair is straightened, or casual curls.

Short A-line bob hairstyle is all the rage

Bob Hairstyles Short Hair Trends 2019 Red Hair Grooming Tips

Unlike the classic bob hairstyle, this variant has a much more pronounced shape that creates a natural volume. The smooth transition from a very short hair on the back of the neck to the longer front section looks unique and exciting!

How can you style your short bob??

Sleek bob haircut short hair style easy quick hairstyles light blonde hair

If you think that short hair cannot be styled, then you are completely mistaken! In the following we will show you how flexible and different a short bob can be. How about, for example, an elegant sleek look that turns every haircut into a real eye-catcher? For it to look really good, your hair has to be shiny and supple – that’s why we recommend using a hair conditioner or conditioner at least twice a week.

And this is how you achieve the trendy sleek look:

  • The most important detail in this hairstyle is the hair straightening – separate the individual hair sections and straighten them in strands.
  • Work hair gel into the roots and comb the hair backwards.
  • For an elegant and even transition, add a little gel to the ends and lengths of the hair.

Playful short bob with curls

Kiera Knightley Hairstyles Eye Make-Up Smokey Eyes short hair with curls

Beautiful, casual curls create a unique, playful look and luckily not only look good on long hair. A curly short bob can be achieved with either a curling iron or a straightening iron. If you have naturally wavy hair, all you have to do is treat it with a little mousse and then blow-dry it with a diffuser.

Braided hairstyles look very chic even on short hair!

Hair style easy quick hairstyle instructions blond hair color

And who says beautiful braided hairstyles are only for long hair? Whether a beautiful braided wreath or a romantic waterfall braid – the styling variations for a short bob hairstyle are endless. Would you like a change? A side mini braid, for example, is a real eye-catcher and ensures a cute and playful look.


  • Part a small strand over the ear and braid it backwards. Then fix it with bobby pins.
  • The remaining hair can either be styled backwards and fixed with a little hairspray or you can make small curls with the straightening iron.

Fast half bun for short bob

Are you in a hurry in the morning and don’t have enough time to style your hair? Then a half bun is your salvation! It goes fast, looks very stylish and also goes very well with short hair.

A short bob hairstyle will suit your face shape?

Curly bob haircut short hair style quick hairstyles ideas

The bob hairstyle has so many variations that there is a suitable cut for every face shape. But what about the short bob??

  • If you have a oval face shape then you can count yourself very lucky – you can wear the trendy hairstyle in all its forms and variants! It is best to choose a length just below your chin – this way your face will be very gently rounded.
  • To get the angular shapes in a angular face shape To conceal successfully, you should resort to an asymmetrical short bob.
  • For the women with one round face it is advisable to forego bangs because they only shorten the face even more.
  • All the one have heart-shaped face shape, it is best to choose a haircut that reaches just below the chin. Side bangs not only look beautiful, but also make the broad forehead appear smaller.

Short bob hairstyle among the stars

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles Haircut Short Undercutt Women

Fashion icon Victoria Beckham has tried all sorts of hair lengths by now, but the bob has become her own brand. It is the clear proof that short hair can look very elegant and classy if you style it right.

Lucy Hale Hairstyles Eye Make-Up Simple Evening Dress Off Shoulder

The actress from the cult series “Pretty little liars” Lucy Hale is another style role model. The short bob emphasizes her face in a beautiful way and the dark brown hair comes into its own!

Beyonce Hairstyles Haircut Trend 2019 Eye Make Up

It doesn’t matter whether you have short or long hair – the pop diva Beyonce simply suits every hairstyle!

More inspiration for a nice short bob

French bob haircut short hair style simply eyeshadow red

Bob hairstyles short blonde hair hair trends evening dress dark blue

Bob hairstyles short style hair trends short hair blonde hair color

Bob Short Haircut Short Hair Style Ideas Quick Hairstyles Ash Blonde Hair Color Neck Tattoo

Bob Short Nape Undercut Haircut Women Hair Trends

Bob Short Neck Haircut Hairstyle Trends Purple Ash Blonde Hair Color

Hairstyle trends women short hair style ideas bob short

Hair trends 2019 hair colors pink strands short bob back of the head

Copper hair color hair trends women short hair styles curls

Short hair styles women bob short pink hair color strands fashion trends 2019

Haircut Asymmetrical Hair Trends Blonde hair with brown strands

Hair asymmetrical pastel hair colors ash blonde hairstyle trends tattoo on the back

Short bob french cut haircut face shape short hair style knitted sweater red

Short Bob With Baby Bangs Hair Trends Hairstyles Chestnut Hair Color

Short bob style curls yourself Make brown hair with highlights

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Keratin Treatment For Hair – Everything You Need To Know At A Glance!

Keratin Treatment Thin Hair Benefits Hair Care Summer Brown Hair

What woman would not like to have beautiful and healthy hair? But the condition of your hair depends on many factors – diet, hormones, health problems, stress, weather conditions, etc. Proper care can turn into a real nightmare, especially in summer, because heat, salt water and chlorine have catastrophic effects on the hair structure. The keratin treatment originally comes from Brazil and promises permanently smooth and shiny hair. What exactly is behind the miracle cure and for whom is the hair treatment suitable? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in our article!

Keratin – what exactly is it?

Keratin treatment experiences blonde hair care summer

While the term is very common these days, many people still don’t know what exactly keratin is. It is a natural protein that is responsible for the formation of the skin, nails, and hair. It builds up the so-called fiber layer and fills the area between the hair skin and the cuticle layer. Each hair actually consists of 90% of these special protein molecules and the rest is made up of pigments, water and natural fats. Many external influences, such as too frequent dyeing, rough brushing, perming, blow drying that is too hot or the sun’s rays can weaken the keratins, which leads to brittle and dry hair.

Is it worth a keratin treatment for your hair?

Keratin Treatment Benefits Blonde Hair Summer Hair Care Removing Yellow Tone

Many different hair problems such as split ends or frizz could occur as a result of a keratin deficiency. In the case of high air pollution, cold or heat, or an unbalanced diet with a lack of nutrients, the result is usually brittle, dull and dry hair. In order to repair your mane and make it look shiny and smooth again, the keratins must be replenished and that is exactly what a keratin treatment promises. The protein penetrates the outer cuticle, wraps itself around the hair like a protective film and smooths its structure. Thanks to the treatment, your hair is much easier to style and the blow-drying time is reduced by 60%, which is a big plus, especially for the warm summer months! In addition, your hair should even be able to withstand moisture – so you no longer have to constantly check the weather forecast!

How does a keratin treatment work?

Keratin treatment blonde hair avoid hair breakage hair care in summer

If you have already decided on a keratin treatment, you should plan between 3 and 5 hours at the hairdresser’s.

  • First of all, your hair is washed thoroughly several times to remove residues from care products such as silicone. A special keratin shampoo is used for this and the hair is then blow-dried.
  • In the second step, the hairdresser applies the product to the hair strand by strand with a fine brush and combs it through with a special comb so that everything is evenly distributed. Then he lets the product act for exactly 20 minutes.
  • The third and final step takes the longest. Your hair is first straightened with a blow dryer and brush and carefully combed through – this activates the treatment solution.

Keratin treatment thin hair aftercare keratin treatment summer hair care long hair

  • The hair is then straightened strand by strand with a special straightening iron. The right temperature is extremely important for a successful keratin treatment. Too high a temperature is quite a burden on the hair and if it is too low the effect is much weaker. Depending on the condition of the hair, a temperature between 210-230 degrees is recommended. An exception applies to dyed or severely damaged hair – you should never exceed 200 degrees.
  • After straightening, take a 15 minute break and then the hair is washed thoroughly with a keratin shampoo.
  • Blow dry again and you’re done! The result is immediately visible because your hair has that long-awaited shine!

For which hair types is a keratin treatment suitable??

Keratin treatment care for blonde hair removing yellow tint Summer hair care

The best news is that keratin treatment is suitable for all hair types. However, since the pH changes and messes up with the heat, the hair treatment is not recommended for people with hair that is too thin and for people with dry or oily scalps. Although the treatment itself contains a lot of care substances, the hair structure is damaged even more by the straightening iron and the high temperatures. Switch to keratin-based care products and use them for around 1 month – this is how you successfully prepare your mane for the treatment. Because the more well-groomed the strands, the less damage is.

Keratin treatment for colored hair

Keratin Treatment for Blonde Hair Summer Keratin Products Benefits

The hair treatment closes the cuticle of the hair that was opened by bleaching and dyeing and ensures that it looks healthy and shiny again. It very often happens that the roots are still relatively healthy, but the lengths are already broken due to the frequent styling and dyeing. Here, too, the keratin treatment can be incorporated in such a way that your hair structure becomes uniform again.

The treatment is also worthwhile for curly hair?

Keratin Treatment Curly Hair Benefits Summer Hair Care Brown Hair

The keratin treatment is also ideal for women with curly hair! Here you have two options to choose from – either just nicely defined curls or slightly smoother hair – everything is possible. Either way, your hair will gain softness, lightness and shine and create a WOW effect.

How long does the effect last and how much does keratin smoothing cost?

Keratin treatment hair washing summer hair care brown hair

How long the effect of the keratin treatment lasts depends on how you care for your hair and how often you wash it. The product washes out a little with each hair wash. It usually lasts between 3 and 6 months, provided you follow a few golden rules. Wash your hair a maximum of 2 times a week with shampoo (absolutely sulfate-free and preferably based on keratin). In order to be able to enjoy the result longer, it is recommended to simply wash your mane with lukewarm water and then only use a conditioner. If you want to keep your hair supple and smooth after this period, you will need to repeat the conditioner. Unfortunately, the keratin treatment is not particularly cheap – depending on the length of the hair, you have to reckon with a price between 200 and 450 euros. In addition, there are also the costs for the special care products that you are supposed to use.

Proper care after a keratin treatment

Keratin Treatment Benefits Experiences Hair Smoothing Summer Hair Care

Without a doubt, a keratin treatment works wonders. However, a visit to the hairdressing salon is far from being all. Proper care at home is also of great importance for long-lasting results. Even if the hair treatment is really great, it is also very sensitive and the wrong care can wash out the product very quickly. The keratin works for the first 72 hours and has to stay in the hair. For this reason, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • In the first 3 days you are not allowed to wash your hair, do not wet it and very important – do not tie it together! In other words – you have to make sure that your hair stays the same for this period as it did immediately after the treatment.
  • As already mentioned, in order to enjoy it for a long time, you have to reduce the amount of hair washing.

Keratin treatment procedure benefits hair washing summer

  • It is recommended to top up the hair with a little bit of keratin over and over again. There are many shampoos and deep-acting hair masks on the market that are specifically designed for this.
  • Style your hair with the flat iron once a week to reactivate the keratin from the heat.
  • We do not advise you to go swimming for the first week. After that, before every bath, you should first dampen your hair slightly and treat it with a conditioner and only rinse it out shortly before jumping into the water.
  • At least two weeks must pass after a keratin treatment before you can dye or tint your hair again.

Keratin treatment is harmful?

Keratin Treatment Curly Hair Advantages Disadvantages Hair Care Keratin Care Products

While keratin treatment has many benefits for damaged hair, the products fell into disrepute a few years ago. And rightly so, because in the keratin series from Brazil and the USA, formaldehyde or methylene glycol were found in large quantities. These gases were released during straightening and inhaled by people. Since formaldehyde is highly carcinogenic and irritates the skin and eyes, it can be very harmful to health. Fortunately, these days keratin products do not contain these substances and do not harm your hair.

Difference Between Keratin Treatment and Brazilian Blowout?

Keratin Treatment Curly Hair Advantages Disadvantages Hair Care Summer Keratin Hair Mask

In contrast to a keratin treatment, with the so-called Brazilian Blowout, the product is washed out immediately and the whole procedure takes a maximum of 90 minutes. Another plus point is that you can return to your usual styling routine immediately after a Brazilian blowout, which is not the case with keratin. While the treatment is particularly popular in America, it is banned in many European countries because the formaldehyde limit is exceeded.

Vegan alternative to keratin treatment

Keratin Treatment Brasilian Blowout Difference Hair Care Summer Long Hair

To obtain keratin, the hooves, horns, hair and feathers of various animals are ground up and for this reason this hair treatment is not suitable for a vegan lifestyle. Fortunately, there is an alternative that you can resort to. What is meant is an organic smoothing with tannin. Tannins are vegetable tanning agents that stretch and straighten the hair when exposed to heat. In nature they are found in the bark of oaks, birches and chestnuts or in the fruit shell of walnuts.

You can do the keratin treatment yourself at home?

Keratin treatment disadvantages to maintain thin hair summer

For those of you for whom the treatment is not an option because of the price, there is also the option of doing it yourself at home. You can find many different keratin kits on the Internet that contain everything you need for it. However, we have to warn you that it is not that easy and that there is a risk of using the heat on the straightening iron. The right temperature for your hair structure can sometimes be a real challenge and this is exactly why many people have damaged their hair from overheating! Hence, you need to be extremely careful and do everything best with someone who is knowledgeable about hair straighteners.

Keratin treatment procedure hair straighten summer hair care brown hair color

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Blonde hair with dark strands – the most beautiful nuances and the latest trends!

Blonde hair dark strands hairstyle ideas long hair blonde

Neither blonde nor brown. Do you love your blonde hair, but also want a little change to match the season change? Then blonde hair with dark strands would be just the thing for you! A few dark highlights will give your hair a vibrant look and an illusion of depth and volume. It’s a great style for both long and short hair. In this article we have put together many ideas for the latest hair trend this year.

Blonde hair with dark strands – nuances

blond with strands of dark brown hairstyles hairstyle trends women

How dark do you want to get? – If you want a more subtle and natural look, you should go about 1 – 2 levels darker. For a more dramatic effect, it’s better to dye your hair 4 -5 levels darker.

Blonde hair with brown streaks, those with a touch of honey or gold make for a beautiful sun-kissed look. The added warmth of the brown color can help balance out neutral skin tones and create an overall glowing look.

Blonde hair with light brown strands long hair women's hairstyles hairstyle trends

Blonde hair with very dark strands – by incorporating many different strong colors in your hair, you could create the illusion of fuller hair.

Or how about platinum blonde and a few gray strands? – There’s only one reason a lot of women choose gray highlights these days – it just looks gorgeous! Silver is chic, sexy and currently very trendy! This is a great option if you have thin hair – the gray highlights add dimension.

Strands – hood or foil?

Blonde hair with dark strands ideas hairstyles long hair

Strands of film are probably the most common method because it is cheap and easy to use. A wide variety of techniques have been developed over the years and the foils can be cut or arranged in many ways. With the foil, your hair can be woven or cut to get exactly the strands you want.

Blonde hair brown strands long hair hairstyle trends womens hairstyles

The method of Strands of hood has been in use for a long time, which is particularly used for thin and numerous highlights. Since the coloration does not come into contact with the skin with this method, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Blonde hair with dark strands – care tips

Blonde hair with strands long hair hair trends hairstyles women

Protect your hair from the heat – that’s right – away from the hair dryer! The less heat styling the better. But if that is not an option for you – always use a heat protection spray.

Keep away from the sun – yes, each of us loves the sun. Unfortunately, exposure to the sun is harmful not only to your skin but also to your hair. The UV rays can dry out your beautiful blonde hair and turn the beautiful color into a brass-colored orange. So if you are planning a great day in the sun don’t forget your hat!

Blonde hair with dark strands. Hairstyle trends. Hair trends. Women's hairstyles

Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner – You definitely need to take really good care of your blonde hair with dark strands if you want the color to hold on for a long time and not fade. It’s best to go for sulfate-free products and look for purple or silver shampoos that don’t come out too clear. We recommend that you apply a hair treatment at least once a week.

Celebrities with blonde hair and streaked black

Avril Lavigne's trademark blonde hair with dark highlights

Avril Lavignes Pretty style was sure to be a source of fashion inspiration for many of you back then – from your ability to style a regular hoodie to your flawless hair. We’ve seen the singer with practically every possible hair color, but her trademark is her blonde hair with black streaks. This style was really hot in the late 90s and Avril rocked it!

Avril Lavigne blonde hair with black streaks

Christina Aguilera beguiles us not only with her beautiful voice, but also with all the different hairstyles that she has tried over the years. 2001 also showed with striking black streaks.

Christina Aguilera Blonde hair with black streaks

The Australian guitarist and singer Orianthi is the other talented woman who likes to experiment with her hair. She has straight, long blonde hair with black streaks and straight bangs.

Orianthi singer blonde hair with black streak hair trends

The three singers are just proof that the blonde hair trend is returning with dark strands, and for this very reason we have put together many interesting nuances and color combinations for you!

Platinum blond hair with strands. Long hair. Women's hairstyles. Hair trends

Platinum blonde hair with dark strands

dark blonde hair with strands hairstyles ladies

Blonde hair with strands of long hair womens hairstyles

Blonde hair with highlights short hair hair trends women

Blonde hair with dark strands of brown hairstyle trends women's hairstyles

Blonde hair with brown strands. Hair trends. Women's hairstyles. Blonde hair

Blonde hair dark strands hairstyle trends hairstyle ideas

Blonde hair dark strands hairstyles

Blonde hair with dark strands

Blonde hair with gray strands

Blonde hair with strands short hair hairstyle ideas women hairstyle

Blonde hair dark blonde strands hairstyle ideas women hair coloring

Blonde hair, dark strands, hairstyle trends, hair trends, women

Blonde hair dark strands long hair hairstyle trends women

Blonde hair dark brown strands hair trends hairstyle ideas women

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