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Hipster beard – the manliest, confident and uncompromising beard hairstyle

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There are almost as many beard types as there are hairstyles. Beards express individuality and self-confidence and underline the personality of the man. The beard is trendy and for many men it is the ultimate fashion accessory. In this article, we’re going to show you the Hipster beard imagine, which underlines masculinity as a full beard and is absolutely trendy.

What is a hipster beard?

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A hipster beard is a full beard that is often combined with a chic hairstyle. Hipsters are not only characterized by their own lifestyle and attitude, but also by their full, but well-groomed facial hair. This popular beard type is usually long and carefully styled, and represents trend awareness. No matter how you style your full beard, it is considered the most manly hairstyle among beard trends.

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The beard in hipster look looks very masculine and serious and is absolutely suitable for business. The hipster beard looks particularly good on men with a heart-shaped or triangular face, but is also very suitable for elongated and narrow faces because the beard gives them more fullness. The rounder the face, the longer the hipster beard can be.

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The hipster beard can look both casual and rustic. The men who choose this beard type also appear reserved and, in a certain sense, mysterious. The hipster beard expresses honesty and a down-to-earth attitude. These beards are considered to be very attractive and educated.

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Only the hipster can make the full beard socially acceptable and a fashion trend again. Full beards had a bad reputation in the western world and were an accessory of political movements for a long time. For most supporters of the peace movement they were a fashion statement against the politics of the Cold War.


Later on, the hipster became a fad. The modern hipster with his tight jeans, checked shirts, rolled-up sleeves and his hipster beard invests a lot of time in the care of his beard and wears it because it is individual and cool.

Growing hipster beard

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In order to grow a beautiful beard, you must have the right beard growth so that the beard looks well-groomed, even and dense. Growing your hipster beard will take at least four weeks of patience, and hair growth will depend on your genes. This time is actually necessary for your facial hair to become evenly thick and for you to decide whether this style is actually right for you.


The beard hair grows between 0.3 and 0.5 mm per day, which results in about one centimeter more beard length per month. It is worth noting that frequent shaving does not promote beard growth. Just hold on, because once you’ve decided on a full beard and just shave it off, the time will increase again.


The thickness of facial hair increases with age. If the beard is not thick enough at a young age, it cannot be ruled out that you will still be able to grow a magnificent full beard a few years later.


The growth phase of the beard can be associated with itching and scratching, which of course can be perceived as unpleasant. If this is the case for you, you should try to keep your skin moist. After a very short time, the skin gets used to the hair and the uncomfortable feeling disappears. After these four weeks, you can already start shaping and trimming your beard.

The trendy beard needs regular grooming


In order for your full beard to turn into the ultimate eye-catcher, it must be well cared for. Long beards can look unkempt very quickly, so a hipster beard needs to be washed properly. Wash your beard with a high-quality beard shampoo by lathering the shampoo and washing it off properly. Then dry your beard well with a towel without rubbing it. Let the beard air dry or blow dry it.

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If your beard is already clean and dry, you can bring it into shape. The whiskers should be trimmed to the same length so that the beard looks well-groomed. Give your facial hair the desired contour with the trimmer or special beard scissors and shave a clean line in the neck area. You can trim your beard with scissors and a beard comb as a trimmer protection, or you can use a beard trimmer.


The scissors are ideal for shortening the whiskers. Most beard trimmers have attachments that allow you to get the length you want. When trimming, you need to start in the same direction that the whiskers grow. Start on the jaw line and repeat the same thing on the other side of your face.


The right hipster beard undoubtedly includes a mustache, which you can shape with a beard comb or a mustache wax. If it hangs over your lips and disturbs you while you are eating, you will have to trim it to the right length with scissors. The length and thickness of the mustache should match the rest of the beard and must not be too short.


Once the hair on the sides of your mouth is long enough, you can try twirling your mustache. If your hair curls, you can style it with a mustache wax. In order for you to have a well-groomed hipster beard, you have to wash it regularly with shampoo, comb and brush it, as well as maintain it with beard oil. From a certain length, the whiskers tend to curl and stand in all directions.


If you want to do without a beard pomade, you can try using water to keep your beard in the shape you want. Wet your hands several times a day and stroke your beard from top to bottom. If you don’t get good results, you can use beard pomade.

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In terms of shape and beard care, the beard pomade in combination with beard oil is simply unbeatable. The beard pomade gives your beard a good hold.

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Massage beard oil into the washed and dried beard, rub some beard pomade in your hands and rub your beard from top to bottom. Beard oil gives your full beard suppleness and shine and gives the skin the necessary moisture. If you don’t dare to shape your beard yourself at home, you will surely get a fashionable and perfectly shaped beard at the barber’s.

Hipsters convince with a sense of trends and are alternative


This men’s beard trend is an important part of the hipster style, as well as the fashionable clothing, accessories and hairstyles. Most men wear an undercut. This haircut is characterized by the fact that the top hair is longer, while the sides are shaved off or trimmed very short and lead to a full beard. The relatively long top hair is combed back with wax or gel.


The hipster beard also goes perfectly with the man bun hairstyle. This look works best on straight hair. You can tie the bun casually at the bottom of the head or just make the top half of the hair into a bun.


In addition to the beard style and hairstyle, the right clothes are required for the perfect hipster look. In a hipster’s wardrobe, jackets, vests, army parkas as well as skinny jeans and checked shirts should not be missing. In the hipster style, patterns and colors are combined, and several layers of clothing are worn on top of each other.

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Large glasses with a plastic frame are clearly part of the hipster style, as are scarves and shawls, and leather accessories such as bags and belts round off the cool look. Visible piercings and tattoos underline the individual styling and decorate the skin.


If you feel like styling your beard in the morning and have a full beard, this beard trend is just right for you. The shape of your face is one of the deciding factors in whether you have a short or long beard. Full beards are too dominant on small faces. If you have a rather large head, the hipster beard must not be too short, as this makes the head appear even larger.


A small beard makes the face look longer and is a great choice for round faces. If your face is more square, keep the beard shorter on the chin and thicker facial hair on the sides. If the sides look tight enough, an elongated face will also look wider as a result. An oval head shape allows several beard styles.


To create a harmonious overall impression, you can adjust the length of the beard to the length of your head hair. With a hipster beard, the most important thing is that the beard makes a well-groomed impression and that you feel comfortable with it.

Trendy hairstyles to match the full beard beard


The hipster beard is preferably worn with the popular trend hairstyle for men, namely the undercut. It goes perfectly with men’s hairstyles with side parting. This style can be varied in many ways and either be combed straight back or worn casually to the side.


Long, slightly wavy hair that is blown back, casually falls down or is tied into a loose bun also goes well with the modern beard. Whether you have blonde or dark hair, the beautifully manicured facial hair will enhance your cool appearance.


A full beard is also a perfect choice for a short hairstyle. The only requirement for this is that your hair is trimmed short. Slightly longer hair that has been casually styled to one side goes perfectly with a carefully trimmed full beard.


Many celebrities have already decided on this beard trend or are still wearing the hipster beard. Justin O’Shea, for example, is known for his full beard, the many tattoos, sunglasses, classic suits and his modern look.


Oscar bearer Matthew McConaughey looks just as good with his red-blonde facial hair. Actors Shia LaBeouf and Jason Momoa also have a thick full beard and look just stunningly masculine.