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Growing a beard – duration, care tips and styling ideas

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These days, not only women, but men too, commit to looking neat and well-groomed. Chic clothes, a trendy hairstyle and of course a beard that is all the rage – it won’t work in 2016 anyway. Sometimes it takes a long time to achieve the desired result. In this article, you will find several important grooming tips and styling ideas for your Let the beard grow want.

Let the beard grow – the decision when?

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It is no wonder that a beard, for example, makes a special impression and catches the gaze of women. Men express their personality and masculinity with their beards. Unfortunately, maintenance can be very tedious, but it’s worth it. First of all, you need to find the right time to start with a beard: it can be in autumn or winter, but also when you are on vacation, having a wonderful time and not busy with work. It is up to you to decide when to stop shaving.

Let the beard grow – the full beard

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It is essential that you patiently let the beard grow into a full beard for the first 4 to 6 weeks and not trim it too early. Shaving will in no way accelerate the process of beard growth, on the contrary – it only harms and the new beard will even grow sparse and patchy. That’s why you have to give your beard a little time to develop.

Hipster hairstyle – ideas and styling tips for men and women

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Shape and care for the beard

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How and in what form you style your beard is best determined after the first month. It is imperative that you focus on two areas: the neck and cheeks. The more you try to shave the contours, the more well-groomed the beard will look. Keep the following in mind: to avoid itching, you’ll need to access a moisturizer, beard oil, or olive oil.

Important tips to get the beard in shape

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With the help of a beard comb or brush, you can shape the stubborn whiskers. After that, we point out the cheeks – they need to be shaved so that this area has straight or slight curves and the line continues over your beard to the chin.

 Shave and properly groom your 3-day beard


To create a certain symmetry on the neck, shave along the jawbone and use a shaving gel instead. You could allow several whiskers on the chin, so that a somewhat thicker beard growth is allowed here. The shave in this area can still be either “U” or “V” shaped.

Hipster look to imitate: the long beard


A hipster beard trend has become more and more evident recently. This beard style is closely related to the full beard – it’s practically the same, only it’s styled in an interesting way. If you have a hipster beard, you need to wash it regularly in the shower with specially developed care products and shampoos. Daily combing is also essential and this way you and your beard look well-groomed and tidy.

The beard style should suit you 

beard-grow-henriquatre-old-style-determine-mustache-goatee-face shape

It is logical that the beard should also fit your face shape. If you have a narrow face, a full beard is perfectly fine as this style adds volume and majesty. The Henriquatre is more suitable for a round face. This beard style is characterized by a combination of upper lip and chin beard and was so named because it was worn by the French King Henry IV.

The Henriquatre at a glance


An essential feature of this beard hairstyle is that both the neck and the cheeks are to be shaved completely smooth. Furthermore, the royal beard can be difficult to style. You must always keep an eye on proper care – for example, wash with a hair conditioner in the shower so that it becomes softer and does not scratch.

Mustache suits men with a long face


If you have a long face, a mustache (also known as a mustache) can look good and look particularly attractive to women. Grooming and trimming is not as easy as you think because, first of all, the beard needs to reach a proper density.

Cut, care and style your mustache


How you cut the mustache hair mainly depends on your personal preferences. However, there are two options to choose from – either shorten the hair with scissors or a beard trimmer. In addition, you only have to trim the beard dry and only use a beard wax if the hair is stubborn. The styling variants are numerous, choose what you like the most.

Fu Manchu beard is available


The Fu-Manchu beard is an alternative to the mustache. The main difference is that with this style, two lines of beard run down next to the mouth. In order for this look to look beautiful, you need to grow the beard longer. If your beard is rather thin and not thick enough, it would be better to opt for a different beard hairstyle.

Thin beard: promote beard growth with home remedies


To stimulate beard growth, some home remedies can be much more helpful than drugstore products. In addition, there are no side effects, i.e. you just have to try it out. According to the theory, the beard grows faster when there are many male hormones – like testosterone – in your body. The rule of thumb consists of a healthy diet, exercise, and love.

Silica and minoxidil accelerate beard growth


In addition, vitamins such as biotin and minerals such as silica contribute to faster hair growth. Herbal oils can be viewed as additional aids as they increase blood flow to skin. Minoxidil is more commonly used as a medicine for hair loss. Through its use, skin vessels are expanded and the beard hair is supplied with nutrients.

A goatee is attractive and creates masculinity

Beard-grow-chin-beard-upper lip-shave-maintain-beard-style-determine-hair-bushy

We firmly believe that when you grow your beard, you will instantly become a woman magnet. A cool goatee also arouses the interest of women and you can theoretically achieve the same result as with a full beard in a few weeks without any effort. After it has grown, you need to determine the style of the beard.

Let the beard grow – the goatee


Again, you can choose a bar style that suits your face shape and temperament. For example, if you’ve decided on the goatee because your face is oval, you need to shape it in the first step. In second place is trimming, which only takes place once a week and is best done with an electric beard trimmer.

Imitating Jack Sparrow’s beard


The Sparrow beard type was named after the famous Captain Jack Sparrow from the film series “Pirates of the Caribbean”. This beard style occurs as a combination of a mustache and goatee and seems very similar to the goatee because of its length. In comparison, the sparrow beard is worn braided or twisted.

Hollywood stars love the sparrow beard


Not only does the Sparrow beard add charm to you, it also adds ferocity and because of this, it has been loved and often worn by some Hollywood actors. However, beard grooming is not that easy as washing itself takes time.

More professional tips on the subject of trimming


You can trim the beard with scissors or a trimmer. If you use scissors, you should comb your beard with a beard comb or brush. This will make it impossible for you to cut off too much whiskers. It only removes hair that looks beyond the comb.

Let the beard grow: the bottom line


Two thirds of all men in Germany have a beard. Ultimately, you decide for yourself according to your taste and your face shape whether you want to wear a trendy full, cool upper lip, wild goat or rather a classic sideburn beard. If you consider our tricks and tips for grooming and trimming, the mission for a perfect looking beard will be completely fulfilled.